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Thursday, March 25, 2004



Okay..compromise. I'll voice my dissent in a different way though.

Gosh, you'll have me waving placards next.

Steve Sullivan


You have my post already up.

"China Letter" blog




Drat, linky no worky. I meant

Black - http://blogs.salon.com/0003138/


Did you see this?



I'm pissed (as I've written on my site). Does this also affect HK?

Hope not - I'm mad enough as it is. China ruined my day :(


Yan, I'm posting you at FGAQ now.


I've posted on my own blog about this. The really sad thing is, I might never have known about this except for you. Such is the tunnel vision of the news media...


Every why has a wherefore. What are the possibilities for this?

Is the CCP doing this for a policy? Hmmm, they are not as stupid and they know this is not gonna tick.

So, the best I can fathom is that they are either doing this as an occasional blanket warning (which is less worse) or to completment another bigger goal they are heading towards (probably a short-term one).

Either of them is not going to put the Mainland Chinese in the worst of times. So, this may battle your will, but let's clutch our inviolable free will against the ills. We shall see, we shall.

Steve Sullivan

I Have just put a "black" scrolling bmarquee on my site linking back to "Glutters Campaign Headquarters" There are millions of Bloggers!! Go for it Girl! Show "em that we have had enough and won't put up with anymore!

Joi Ito

My border just went black. I'm trying find out what's going on as well. Will blog if I find out anything.


What can I say? I dunno. Just a small idea, grew to make notice of more people than I thought it would or could.

Thank you.



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