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Monday, June 06, 2005


Jacob George

Hi Yan, thanx for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I'm glad you liked my blog. I was very impressed with yours when I first saw it and added it as a link on my blog under "world of blogs" category. Cheers, jacob :-))


Thanks for the link! I don't think you linked to me before, but you had commented on my blog a long time ago.

Also, thanks for your blog, I am always so inspired by it -- whether it be your art, or your political work.




I received your email and I've posted your request to my blog.




Well I cann't get access to the site of the petition.
I don't know whether the Great Firewall has blocked it or it is a technical problem.


I can access it from here. You shouldn't sign it anyway. It could get you in trouble. No need to take such big risks.



I'm somewhat optimistic that petitions may actually help prisoners in China, even if it's not their release.

If there is a lot of international spotlight on a certain prisoner the Chinese government will make sure they are not treated as harshly as they would be if no one is paying attention. China doesn't want to make themselves look too bad in the international spotlight, especially with Beijing 2008.

So, I urge everyone to petition hard! I don't think Mr Ching will receive the death penalty now that everyone in the world is watching. Let's keep the media spotlight on him. His wife knows what she is doing by keeping the media spotlight on him.

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