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Open Letter to Conrad, Richard and their Friends.

Falling into the Wan Chai Trap: The Spiral into the Asian Sex Trade

(Excerpt From Above Post)

The below two paragraphs are reposted from Conrad's site

spotted Sxxxxx, a [nationailty withheld] "working girl" who claims to be in love with me [Note to male readers -- should you be approached my this girl, I'd suggest giving it a miss. (this is linked to the photo of this woman) She's crap in bed . . . unless the prospect of being paid increases her enthusiasm significantly. It might, given she claims to charge HK$3,000 a go, which only proves there actually is a sucker born every minute]. Bad sex or not, it was three o'clock in the morning and I'm newly girlfriendless, so I permitted myself to be persuaded to take her home with me

Sunday, September 7, 2003
I awoke this morning with a poisonous hangover and an unspeakably ugly girl in my bed. I know, I know, 'looks aren't everything,' you say. 'Maybe she has a wonderful personality'. Perhaps she does. I'll never know, as she didn't speak a word of English.


It’s like these guys like to pretend it’s all in fun, all good natured, except all those women who are there, were either tricked into coming to HK as “dancers” then forced to work. Or came here to work as maids and had a second career because their lives are so dead end and they have a huge family to support back at home that doing this with a chance for “Lucky Love,” someone who might actually fall in love with them, marry them and take them out of their lives, is worth the chance.

It’s not good natured at all. It’s a sex trade of the rich and poor countries, it’s a sex trade between the high earning men and women who had no opportunities. If you’re a woman, and sometimes a young boy, it’s one way out.

These girls might pretend they enjoy in front of their customers, these men might like to lie to themselves, but all it takes is an hour talking to these women, which I have once or twice to know how much they hate their lives, and their work and what’s going on. They will always say, “What can you do? That’s what happens if you are poor, and we all need money.” Sometimes the really smart ones will tell you, “My country is poor, this part of the world is poor, this is what we do.”

Yes, most of Asia is poor, it’s easy to forget that when you live in Hong Kong, when you think of Japan, Singapore, even Shanghai as Asia. But how many people think of Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, the rest of China and all those places and what’s the realities of these places so what happens in Wan Chai can happen.

The Asian Sex Trade is alive and happening. Due to the unequal distribution of wealth in this part of the world it's so much more obvious and wide spread and people like me, normal people who just live our normal lifes or just go about blogging have to rub shoulders with it and rather than have it just part of the background, and have to deal with it where it's front and center and must pretend to go along otherwise my site get attacked, just shows how every day and what a problem this is.

It's such a sad fact about Asia.

To read the whole article Falling into the Wan Chai Trap: The Spiral into the Asian Sex Trade


This is my response to Down with the Over Forty Cheek Touchers! Links are Removed. Coz I was linked by a bunch of bloggers for the explicit reason so they can tell me how I am wrong in an insulting way, and let all their "friends" come here and attack me on this blog.


Dear William, Richard and Friends. (Conrad since you are so fearless, I figure why not use your real name?)

I was thinking how the other week Big White Guy wrote a rant about how he would never put photos of women up on his blog because of various reasons. It seems from what I read, he’s talked about it before. As far as I know, no one attacked him like they attacked me. They didn’t link to his blog and put crap photos up saying, “This is for Randall of Big White Guy.”

Coz they can’t. Coz those images are not similar to what he looks like, but they are of me. They know that, the readers know that. So they don’t. They don’t pick on him because he is a big white guy.

They pick on me, which is so obvious to me and everyone around me is because I am an Asian Woman. Because I look like those girls they put the photos up of.

But instead of smiling coyly back, I am sitting behind my computer saying I don’t like watching my Asian sisters paraded around on the internet in a community they decided I was part of, with no intention of my own. I made it quite clear in November I didn’t want to be and wasn’t part of their crew. I don’t like how they talk about China and Chinese people a lot of the times, I don’t find it particularly interesting anyway, and those pictures and stories of Asia girls ten to 15 years younger than me, girls younger than my real sister makes it impossible for me to even read so I get to know what the interest is. I never will do it, so the only times I learn about these people is when they don’t like what I said, and come over here to say rude things about me. And this time they got pissed off because I was removing LINKS. Little pieces of HTML code because it was a pretty clear action against what I thought is unacceptable. It’s beyond comprehension how ridiculous it's turned out.

I am pretty sure they are freaking out because that’s the last thing they want to hear from someone like me. For that’s why some (for those who can't read, I said SOME) non Asian men are in Asia. The rules are different here, they still get to be old fashioned men while existing in a city environment. You can probably still be that way in the more backwaters places of western countries, but not in the cities. The women in western countries who want to take more and more control over their lives, move to the cities, and the ones who grew up there are already that way. However that’s not the case in Asia as this place generally still has a way to go, both societal and economically. Some of these guys move to Asia as an escape of what’s going on in the west.

And they get the added bonus of lording over the “locals” they feel extra special just like Chris wanted to point out that western men gets the “best of YOUR women.” If that’s not colonial, racist and a whole lot of words we can all think of, I don’t know what is. We're not "the" men's women in the first place. We're our own persons, individuals who can choose our own lives and we're definitely not his.

And the truth is a lot Asian people cannot compete with an expat salary with all their perks, most Asian people haven’t had the opportunities to the education their western counter parts have had the luxury to have. Some of us do. Some of us can speak for ourselves. Some of us lived in other places and know what’s it like, and why they are here. How good Asia can be as a place to live, not only because of the reasons I mentioned but because of a whole lot of other ones.

But on the topic at hand, here Conrad from Gweilo diaries (where is the plural from? Does he have more than one?) can have sex with women who are underage, (if what was left on the comment box is true, because I have never read it myself) while if he was in the US he would be arrested for sleeping with a 17 or however old girl. He knows that, he knows he can put pictures up of teenagers and not have all his political credibility taken away. I have never seen a site like that based in the US because if you’re talking politics and then posting pictures from soft porn sites, people are going to balk.

And part of his popularity is not only there are lots of men here as well as women who think it's okay, there are also people in the US gets likes to get a view that life from afar, get to live vicariously through him, as they could never in a million years do so in real life, because most people in the western world are also in a normal position in life. Average. Normal. Living like everyone else. I know why he’s popular. People like to explain it to me for some reason, as if I can't see and that makes it okay but it doesn’t make him credible either way.

And then there is Richard from Peking Duck who I so adored, going on about human rights, turning around and attacking me. Someone who I totally trusted and wrote long emails to, telling him my thoughts and feelings, when I was still deeply depressed, very sick and was rambling away not completely clear headed. He acted like he cared, and he goes and does whatever he did (I didn’t read it but people wrote me about it). Over what? Over pictures of women.

The last time I looked women made up 52% of the human race. Human rights included them. And human rights meant treating everyone regardless of race, creed, culture and gender with equal respect.

Cheris Kramerae Said, “Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings.”

That’s right, Human Beings.

And now everything he ever said about what he believes in I so respect, just got trashed. Coz it’s easy to say those words without living it fully.

Not that it matters at all. The truth is Internet “friends” aren’t real friends. They are like people you bump into in life who you may or may not see again. Who you may or may not have a lasting impression and a good conversation. And sometimes it adds up to something and sometimes it doesn’t.

Say what you want about my thoughts and about this piece because they are mine, and you can say what you want about me because I didn’t start off pretending I am something I am not, I let my flaws, sadness, joy, silliness show.

While I think a lot of these people hide behind the screen to present a different version of themselves. It’s so easy pick words carefully, choose what to write about, and then can truly present the image of oneself modified to perfection.

There are no flaws, they are perfect. Just like they aren’t in real life.

But you can’t hide forever, things show through just like now. Because what it did was show me and many others how immature, two faced, and how fragile their egos are. The façade crumbles just for a moment, because people can see, people can read.

Just because you get a lot of click throughs doesn’t mean the readers agree with everything you do or say. Doesn’t mean they love you in any personal way. This is entertainment, something to do to pass time. Just because they read, and you can make them think doesn’t mean you can influence them to have no thoughts of their own. Some of the emails I got, just proved to me that there are plenty of thinking people out there. I always knew that, much like I always knew there were plenty of racist, sexist people out there too. And those people who freak out the most are the most threatenned by what I say. Plenty of people read and just go, “okay,” and click away.

Many many Hong Kong bloggers have made snide comments about me through the last two months, I always manage to hear about it through someone else who read their blogs, and people feel the need to tell me.

Each time I don’t read and I never link back. There is no need to defend myself because that’s their problem. I don’t need a bunch of my cronies to go there and tell them how wrong they are about me or the issue. I don’t owe them the attention. I don’t owe them an explanation. They are just some strangers who don’t like what I have to say.

Which is what they will remain. No matter how many insulting comments they want to put up all over the Internet. Unless they are crazy and actually come up to me in person and does anything, say pick up the phone and call me, it doesn’t affect me. If it happens to spill into real life, I just call the cops if I feel I am in danger. Nothing to do about that.

Well, that’s about it.

But I am so sure this is how I feel and know I won't be intimidated by whatever they choose to do next. I am not even going to update Glutter for a week, maybe more. So everyone who comes gets to read this. I am going to leave it on, even if it’s Chinese New Year. :)

This is the last post of the year of the sheep.

I will be back when we are in the year of the Monkey.


-- few days later--

Hmmm. Heard they were writing rude purile things about me on their blogs. Coz as usual they don't have anything to write about other than what someone else said.

Elenor Roosevelt once wrote:

"Small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, great minds talk about ideas."

No need to say more.

Falling into the Wan Chai Trap: The Spiral into the Asian Sex Trade



Right on Yan!


I haven't any clue where the lusty accoutns that I mentioned have gone in Conrad's dairies. But the following from his archive are no less revealing in telling the long and short about how this Conrad may become an aficionada of (living in)Asia...n women. Applause to the observant Yan for not keeping mum about those not getting enough their fill for racist and sexist libidos + verbal attacks:

Saturday, March 1, 2003
I(NOTE: Conrad, that is. And where he mentions the girls/women he met he even links pictures/nude photos of them to their names) spotted Sxxxxx, a [nationailty withheld] "working girl" who claims to be in love with me [Note to male readers -- should you be approached my this girl, I'd suggest giving it a miss. She's crap in bed . . . unless the prospect of being paid increases her enthusiasm significantly. It might, given she claims to charge HK$3,000 a go, which only proves there actually is a sucker born every minute]. Bad sex or not, it was three o'clock in the morning and I'm newly girlfriendless, so I permitted myself to be persuaded to take her home with me

Saturday, March 15, 2003
If you've never lived in Asia, you cannot comprehend the surreal things that pass for normal out here. For instance, I was out in Lan Kwai Fong last night, where met a pair of cute Japanese girls, one of whom, within 10 minutes of our meeting, began to show me semi-nude, "cheese-cake" photos of herself stored on her mobile phone. Not bad either.

Saturday, March 22, 2003
There is no way I can ever return to the West. Living here has rendered me unfit for polite society. Last night I spent several hours trying to convince two Chinese sisters that they should both come home with me. That they didn't slap me, much less give a definitive no, speaks volumes.

Saturday, September 13, 2003
In a rare display of public spiritedness, I'm taking Lxxxx (a [nationality withheld] girl with the most astonishing breast implants) on a visa run to Macau this afternoon, thereby ensuring her continued contribution to Hong Kong's service industry.

Sunday, September 7, 2003
I awoke this morning with a poisonous hangover and an unspeakably ugly girl in my bed. I know, I know, 'looks aren't everything,' you say. 'Maybe she has a wonderful personality'. Perhaps she does. I'll never know, as she didn't speak a word of English.

Saturday, May 17, 2003
I went dancing with Pxxxxx and Mxxxx last night, then, when they petered out, ran into Lxxxxx and Vxxxx at Dusk 'till Dawn. finally stumbled in at around 8:00 AM and awoke this afternoon feeling smug and self-satisfied . . . until I realized I spent HK$7,000 last night without the remotest possibility of getting laid.
ADDENDUM: I also stopped by Laguna last night -- no, Jack, I'm not sure of the time -- where I noticed an Indonesian girl with an absolutely extraordinary body. Slender, hard, perfectly proportioned and with the most spectacular legs. I could not take my eyes off her. She was dancing, gracefully and eroticly, without being lewd, and moved as if she were floating on air, as if her feet weren't touching the floor. Then she stepped into the light and I saw she had a face like a lemur.
Monkey face or not,if I see her out again, I'm going for it.

Disgusting. Oxygen in the planet can be put to better use. Yan, you have supporters behind you and consider me an ex-reader of his diaries.


big hand for YAN


These guys are probably virgins with weeners. That's the vibe I get.


I just can't get over the fact that Conrad spent $7,000 HK in one night at Lan Kwai Fong. That's nearly a month's income for me. Nevin says oxygen can be put to a better use, and I agree, but surely money can also be put to a better use than in an attempt to get Conrad laid.

Then again, I too would probably require $7,000 worth of drinks to find a night in Lan Kwai Fong remotely tolerable or interesting.


I would like to clarify that I used the word YOUR women because in your posting you had quite clearly made a racial divide between Oriental and Caucasian people. I am in no way a racist and I resent the fact you can be pettulant enough to give me that label. There are plenty of sites in the west like Conrads. Yes while in Beijing I have been particularly promiscuous but I have never slept with underage women or prostitutes I have more self respect than to do that. I have never mistreated women i anyway while in China unlike 99% of Chinese men.

Personally I think your site is well done but on this issue I think you are overstepping your bounds and not even presented an intelligent argument.

Oh and I earn alot because I work my arse off all week trying to educate Chinese people.


"Educate Chinese people"? You? Ha ha ha!!! S-H-A-M-E O-N Y-O-U!

Oh, you are always the only one who can put forward intelligent arguements. I know how you banned those from commenting on your website that you couldn't agree with. At least Yan doesn't ban someone like you, and she should.

BY Nevin a Chinese who does earn much more than you can even match, and educates cheeky gweilos on the net in spare time.


Nobody can comment on my site for the simple reason I haven't set up a comment box yet you dozy bugger. I teach english so that people like you can actually respond to it. However I see with you it was a waste of time for whatever poor sod had to teach you.

You wanna see who can piss higher up the wall on salaries? I'm flying too Daqing tommorow via private jet so I think its your shitty little ass that cant match. I try to put forward a vaguely intelligent arguement and this is the best response the readership of this site can return???

I think you all should realise that Conrad's site is somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Half of what he writes is probably highly exaggerated.

For reference I'm an Under 25 cheek toucher.

People coming here merely to insult you is wrong as was Conrad in directing people to do such but hell you've got yourself a new reader in me.


Oh wow, Chris, you are truly God's gift to the East. What would the Chinese do if you weren't around to educate them and date their women? Oh, sorry, I misread that on your post-- "TRY" to educate them?

Look, Chris, I honestly don't think you're a bad guy. I just think for someone who teaches English you're rather careless with what words you choose and you don't stop to think how they might come across to different people. Like "I work... trying to educate Chinese people." and "I teach English so that people like you can actually respond to it." Or implying that Nevin doesn't know proper English just because he disagrees with you? Now don't you think that might be construed as a little bit condescending not just to Nevin but to the Chinese in general?

Let me just reiterate what I said before, in that 99% of *ALL* men, not just Chinese men, are dicks. I personally can't stand 99% of the men in my culture, it doesn't mean I'm waiting for a foreigner-in-shining-armour to come along and hop in bed with me, because I can't stand 99% of the men in most other cultures as well! Not just the Chinese, but 99% of all men mistreat women- and by mistreat I don't mean beat senseless. You don't have to be physically abusive to mistreat a woman. You're completely entitled to date Chinese or other Asian women, Chris, just don't go fooling yourself that you're so much better than Asian men solely on the virtue that you're Western.

Oh, and about your private jet... that's pretty puerile. We don't care. We're not impressed. In fact, it's best not to mention stuff like that in the future, Chris, as it's really contradictory to your constant assertions that you are not a dick.


Erika, I think I must have subconciously did this whole thing so you can as you said, "rant against those idiots with asian fetish in your site." :)

Atta Girl.

And everyone else who left a comment or sent an email. It's real nice.



PS. Nevin thanks for the post. It reminded me why I have not set foot in Laguana or Dusk Til Dawn since 1999.



Oh and Chris you're welcome to come read any time you want. However unlike Erika, I don't think you're not really a bad guy. I think you're lacking in your interllectual capabilities while trying to come off smart and all the time hanging yourself more minute by minute. My comments of your racism stands. I don't even believe the jet or the women. I think Fin is probably right about you.



Chris, he who boasts often has the least to boast about :)

You said "...I'm flying too Daqing tommorow via private jet".

It's to, not too, you prat. And you also spelt another word wrong in the mere fragment quoted above. Guess which one it is. Some teacher you're turning out to be, eh?

Giz a job...


Heh heh Fin, I noticed that too. Whoever's learning English from him is entitled to a refund. Unless his class is called "China's next generation of AOLers".

I find this necessary to say: Nobody cares about salaries (or hey, at least I don't- obviously). I mentioned my income to make a point in one of my earlier posts, not to start a contest. I would very obviously lose such a contest. To think that someone felt so insecure that they had to one-up *my* income... well, it's pretty sad. Not to mention pretty irrelevant. I mean, yeah he makes more than me, but he's still an asshole ;)


Okay.. let's stop the bash Chris game, although I honestly believe he deserves it. If he wants to come back and say his piece and if it's as bad as before, well we can continue. Although to be honest, he doesn't visit pros now coz he's 25. He of all the people I have ever seen around this part is a potential C in the making. Which means we should just let him turn out that way. It's not a happy or healthy life. I actually have faith in him that in five years his blog will deterioate (sp) into one where he talks about his conquests, his money and his adventures. He's already doing it now.



I'll just say this. I never attacked you. I urged you to "get off your moral high horse." I wasn't angry in the slightest at your removing the links -- it was your theatrical announcement of the deletions that bothered me because it seemed to be a way of drawing attention to yourself. You talk about the women as though they are naked, exploited, raped and tortured. I hate to tell you this, but a lot of men (all men?) enjoy looking at pictures of beautiful women (or, in some cases, cute guys). If they are all to be demonized, you're going to live a very lonely life indeed. I know women who love to look at photos of cute guys skimpily clad. Are they anti-human rights? (By your own logic, 48 percent of humanity is men; do these women hate men?) Who are we to impose our values on them if no one os being hurt or exploited?

As you said in the post, you trusted me and told me deeply personal things (and visa versa). And know what? I never betrayed that trust. I was a true friend. But the fact that you could launch into a tirade like this, deleting not only the "offenders" but anyone who links to them -- truly guilt by association -- makes me quite wary. Don't worry. I have always respected your confidence and would never betray your trust. But if you want to go into assault mode, going at everybody with both fists swinging, don't be surprised if you lose a lot of friends and supporters along the way.


Last comments. You write "They pick on me, which is so obvious to me and everyone around me is because I am an Asian Woman. Because I look like those girls they put the photos up of."

I believe you are completely wrong here. I have never met you and I don't have any idea whether you are Asian or not, nor do I care. This underscores the deeper issue behind this very troubling post, a sense of victimization and martyrdom. Just think about it.

You then blast us for "picking" on you and not Big White Guy. Have you ever considered this: I don't read BWG, at least not regularly. I never saw his post. But I suspect even if I had, I would have said nothing unless he made a big deal out of how he was deleting all those on his blogroll who disagreed with him. Did he do that? If so, maybe I'll comment on it.


To respond to Erika's comment above, where she said that 99% of men are dicks: maybe, but that figure seems a little bit high. Can you quote a study on that? =)


Uh, yes, the study of Erika living amongst members of the opposite sex in a variety of environments and societies. No, I know there's plenty of wonderful guys out there, and I am not a man hater by any stretch of the imagination! It's just that the good ones are few and far between. But I guess you can say the same about women!

Oh, and right now I live in the United States, and 99% of the men there really are dicks. Really.


eww! a patchy pink man proclaming to be THE person to educate chinese ppl on proper english - i didnt need one of those overpaid ppl in my land. though there's one who lords over the entire college because the principal (like most old skool school marm) seems to like licking his boots. he professes to know the queen's english whilst looking down into the girls' cleavages. Sometimes i feel as if his nose is already in there. I wanna teach english in china! if it means flying around in a private jet (probably a ratty two seater cessna), getting expatriate paycheques and lord over ppl who can't speak like me - why dont learn the local language? It'd be fun. The gweilos who make no attempt to learn the local language are always the ones with the biggest attitude.


Firstly to marilyn I actually am trying to learn the local language and its bloody difficult.

I have no interest in becoming like Conrad I have a steady Girlfriend and We're happy together.

I dont care if my english is lousy in my spare time I spend all day teaching it so in MY time I really cant be fucked.

Im not the one who raised the salary point. You lay down a blatant challenge Im going to respond. You wanna see a pic of the jet? give me an e-mail address.

Lastly foreigners play around for a few reasons number one is here in the mainland women are throwing themselves at us. Any guy who claims he can ignore that is simply a liar. The second reason is that Asian Women are the most beautiful in the world especially chinese women. Thats a compliment but take it how you like.

Im trying to be mature here but if you wanna rip this apart like a bunch of ten year olds go ahead.


Good for you glutter!
Methinks Conrad can't get laid unless he forks out $7,000. Pathetic really...


I live in the mainland so we use RMB. Whats 7000 HK dollars in Brit pounds?


No one answer him. Chris is big enough and old enough to go into google and look up a currency converter himself.

I don't know who you are asking and why you think anyone will answer your question to them. You manage to offend a lot of my long terms readers, get into snippy fights with them, and then ask them to do maths for you? Come on.

I said you can come play. I didn't say you can ask people here to do menial jobs for you.


*claps hands* encore yan! i got a big bad reader jumping in my page too - yr right! talk abt getting more readers *LOL*

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