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Thursday, March 25, 2004



Hey....I added this to my site too. Thanks for the update!


I've linked to the story from vigilant.tv:


Tennessee Ruck

I wrote about this a long time ago so add me to the list if you could. Great idea with the blackout Yan.

Tennessee Ruck

I\'ll send a group e-mail to my buddies at The Rocky Top Brigade and ask them to help us out.


Yan, seems like even glutter.org can't be accessed at this moment. I'm using anonymouse proxy... don't know why


Hailey and to all other chinese users: The best solution I've seen comes from Brainysmurf. Use www.unipeak.com , type in the site that's blocked and Voila! It makes me feel better that there are at least some easy ways to get around this - a little bit better anyways.

btw, yan, I'm glad you made this list - save me a hell of a lot of time :)


Pketh, I can access your blog using anonymouse or unipeak. But kinda afraid someday even these proxies may be banned...


I hear little more in the media here than China is opening it's markets, it's agreed to strategic requests, etc. Mostly positive.

Shows that American media is more interested in open markets than in basic freedoms of Chinese.

Really sorry to hear about this.



That's great that you reported this, I will link this info to your site too..

It's really sad to hear that... :(


Oh please, it\'s just a fucking website not the abolishment of human rights. Get off your freaking high horse Nutter. Are you disappointed because the few people in China are no longer able to use Typepad, or do you honestly believe people in China are interested (or capable) of reading the crap you blurt out on this site? Or are you just doing this for hits and attention. Because we all know how much you like hits and attention. You\'re a whore for them and that\'s a fact.

Maybe the Chinese government is doing us a favour by restricting our access to crap!


Have noted and linked from my (UK/Japan) site.


Fight the power, gluttergirl......


The following needs minor correction:
\\\"This is the first time in two years that China has blocked access to foreign servers that host personal sites.\\\"

This is actually the second time in two years that China has blocked access to foreign servers that host personal sites. The first time was in January 2003 when authorities blocked Blogspot hosted sites.


wsy, this girl here is doing her part in defending human rights, and all you can do is making ignorant and attacking remark. Just why the hell are you wasting your time reading this blog and leaving unfriendly comment if you don't like what you see? This is Yan's blog afterall. If you don't like what she writes, just fuck off!


I have linked and mentioned this story on my site, and thought I'd also let you know that I first saw mention of the story at http://au.geocities.com/anthony_yager/blog/
Keep the faith.


I reckon the best policy is to ignore comments like that. He/She might have an opinion but using insulting profanity just means that the person using them can't bring their point across strongly enough with sound logical arguments.


Hi Guys!

-FIRST TIME IN TWO YEARS. The last time was TWO years ago.

-No matter what I get wierdos.. :)

-I will add the new sites.



Hailey. I am confused. Can you get on? I know my site is banned in China. You can leave message tho... good luck with the proxies!!



Wait. 2003. SECOND TIME.. Gotcha!

Phil Sen

Love us or hate us Yan, livinginchina.com is also aware. Peace out.


I would hope so... this comment kinda shows you care far more about ego than cause. Which is my problem with the whole thing to start of with.


Phil Sen

OK, hate us then. End of argument, not the time or place to have a fight about it.


I didn't expect Typepad sites to get banned. Some people pay money to use these sites simply because China bans some other free blogging services such as Blogger.
Sadly, it's only a false sense of assurance to many. Paying doesn't mean that they're free from China's censorship.
What happen to those people who paid good money to use Typepad? They're going to be so pissed. Hopefully China can one day free their people from the internet censorship. It's ridiculous.


thanks for the info and idea. i\'ve linked and changed my background to black too.


hey yan, i posted about it on my page--sorry i took so long! but i see it's been posted all over the place now. i went off on a completely different tangent, though, so don't get confused. it's been a long week. :P

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