China defends human rights record
Possible of Banning of in China

Is also banned?

UPDATE: (March 30th) Is Slashdot now banned in China also? Last night it linked to this story, a friend of mine said he saw it in Shenzen, (but couldn't get into Glutter) but I got a comment from someone in China who can nolonger get into the, when she could yesterday. Can anyone check? If you are experiencing such a problem, please tell me your exact location in China, as well as the time of this event. Would like to collaborate the story as much as possible and make sure this is true before I file this. (I know there are people coming through on proxies at the moment)

All Typepad Sites Banned in China (All Updates Collected on this page)



I live near Jiangsu Wuxi and at 7:30P Tuesday night I was not able to access I was able to access it through unipeak, so it would seem to be blocked in this location.

Adam Morris

Read the comment on my site.

I\'m really amazed at how much attention my reader gives to details.

Slashdot can be accessed via DNS -- which means it is NOT blocked. It\'s some other kind of problem. If it was blocked then you could not access it via direct dns.


It can't be accessed in Shenzen either, from the SAME person who saw my story (he doesn't read the blog so he had no idea what was going on).

So we have three reports on not being able to access, and okay on DNS. To be honest I am not too sure what that means, but I will learn.


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