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Slashdot Unavailable After 24 Hours

Possible of Banning of in China

UPDATE: Possible Ban of in China (March 31st)

Internet magazine and forum filed the story on typepad being banned in China on March 29, @05:01PM (US Time)

Last recorded viewing of the site in China was before 30 Mar 2004 07:09:02 +0800 (Southern China) in Shenzen (Guangdong), as my friend chanced upon the story and wrote me an email but by 07:30:55 -0800 the site was no longer available through his service.

The first report of Slashdot not being able to be viewed in China came from Jiangyan, (Jiangsu) 4:37 PM, followed by Beijing (Capital) 5:10pm, Wuxi (Jiangsu) at 7:30pm, Tianjin (Jiangsu) (Tianjin is an independent municipality) at 9:32pm, and again from Beijing (time unavailable) as well as three reports on the Slashdot website from those outside China whose friends within China can no longer view the site.

It seems that Slashdot may be experiencing a national ban similar to typepad. However we do have one report (area unknown) says they are able to view Slashdot via DNS. And the contact said that the DNS lookup is timing out rather than the host request. This has happened before, and it occurs concurrently with several other US based sites getting DNS timeouts.

(I also just got another email from someone who CAN access the site in China, however I don't know the exact location nor whether she is on DSN.) @ 3:04am (Correction: The contact was in Canada at the time)

Update: March 31st. 4:40pm All reports from China is still saying the site in not available in China. Looks like a possible ban.

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