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Typepad Admits to Banning in China

Typepad blocked in China: an update Guardian We Blog

March 29: I've just heard from Typepad (Mena Trott, via a Sixapart PR) that, as was suspected, Typepad sites in China are being blocked by the government (see March 26), ruling out a technical problem at the provider end. Typepad is 'working to get the blocks removed', Jane Anderson told me this afternoon.

Meanwhile many Chinese sites are turning black to protest (thats Glutter) at the censorship. For more, check out Philip Sen's blogzine Living in China and some interesting thoughts on the censorship issue from Sinosplice's John March.

All Typepad Sites Banned in China (All Updates Collected on this page)



One almost imagines the early days of TV when a presenter or someone said something that wasn't inline with official policy and them putting up that test screen stating "Technical Difficulties".


Ha Ha. Everything is "Technical difficulties" The fact they haven't gotten a blanket ban on all sites in the world within China is "technical difficulties" too. Boy. I get more cynical by the second.


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