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Confirmation Glutter is Banned in China for Six Apart Corporation

Six Apart (Typepad Owners) have said that they are not sure what's going on in China, although they have ruled out any technical problems from their end. I think it's fair as the company cannot be 100% sure of what is going on in a different country.

However, for the record Glutter (http://glutter.TYPEPAD.com) is unavailable in China. People in Shenzen, Wu Xi, Xiamen, Beijing, Tian Jin, Shanghai, have been unable to see my site without a proxy starting March 26th 2004, I have received other reports but I do not know their exact locations. We have yet to hear from ONE person who is able access typepad hosted blogs in China. And I would say the China blogging community in English does reach a widely geographically spread environment, if Six Apart would tell us the exact areas the sites are available, I would be very pleased to hear of the news.

Phil Sen is encouraging bloggers who are banned or know they are experiencing problems to trackback to this story to let Six Apart Know of their exact locations.



I left this comment for Phil on Disorientated but I feel I should at least post it here.


I said this privately and I know you agreed but I feel that I should at least say this publicly for others who are reading all our correspondence. I don't think we should pursue this matter too much with Six Apart as they are a new company, and that they are in need of investors for the future, and this piece of news may cause problems for them. Six Apart can not actually admit to the banning because they will NEVER get a confirmation from the government, and therefore as a corporation it’s very difficult for them to confirm this news, especially if they do not have the China contacts like we do. As well it won't make any changes to the cause.

Therefore we should concentrate on working with John and Adopt a blog instead and help those of us who are banned. We as a community should work through this ourselves. That's a more powerful statement to China, and those who are watching, it shows in a real way, there are those of us who believe in free speech and freedom of information and will work towards it in our spare time for no reason but belief.

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