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The other day I was in a book shop, I picked up a book called post colonial theories. I looked at it. I read through some of the ideas and put it back.

This is one thing I know, which I never really mention and I guess it's such a academic concept that people often do not think of my city as such. Everything that is happenning right now in Hong Kong is a movement of post-colonialism. Recreating an identity, seeking to gain political power for oneself, to establish a new govermental structure along with fighting the left over structural inequalities. And in this city we are far more poised to achieve it than nearly if not all the other countries that went through this stage. The reason being we are a first world country with all the infrastructure in place, we have a highly educated population and an economy that works well along with a legal system. We are what most other post-colonial countries are still trying to achieve in order to come out from under the shadow of their masters rule. At this time, Hong Kong is redefining what post colonial means, and the process in which a people and a country sheds the rule of others with the added twist that we are at the same time trying to establish a separate identity of who we used to be owned by. It's about creating a brand new governmental structure outside of what was and what is.

I know this, it's always in the back of my mind. That Glutter is a piece of post colonial work. It's breathing piece, it is the process of me and my city moving into a post colonial era and trying to work out what it all means. That's from the context that I write, exist and be. It makes what is happenning here, tied to many other countries, in fact a huge part of the world outside of Europe and Japan. What is happenning here happenned and is happenning in Africa, South East Asia, India, Sri Lanka, and also even Iraq as we speak.

I wonder why we don't talk about that more, how it's not acknowledged more. Like we don't want to talk about Britain and how it ruled us for 99 years, and what it did or didn't do. We want to concentrate on China because they are our immediate reality. But the truth is, without the British, Hong Kong would not exist, we would not be a separate culture and identity, a different people. We can't talk about now, without refering to that. I guess it's also part of the post colonial experience, denying and wiping away the past as if it did not happen because it's a shameful past in all aspects politically, historically, culturally and subverting the sexual dynamics of a people. But as unpleasent it is for everyone to admit, look at, think about the whole historical aspects of it. We need to acknowledge it's existence otherwise we will always be missing part of the picture and cannot see the whole. We do not sit in the framework of the world history, the reasons the globe is structured the way it is, how the world economy works, etc. etc.

I was thinking how somehow I need to weave that aspect of my history and place into Glutter. I don't know how. But it needs to be in here.


Jay Smooth

That is fascinating stuff.

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