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Regurgitator Show: Hong Kong

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Mvc00003I am currently in Sydney right now. So i decided to get with the city and publish some photos of Regurgitator. An Australian band who headlined Rock it Festival this year. They are really nice. I didn't even know they were the band until they got up on stage, so normal they were in the days previous. It's seldom bands let you get close, and they let me on stage to film. It was crazy to see all these people just going mad from that vantage point. It was quite an experience. And the photos came out good, I love the colors...










Awesome pics. The colours are brilliant and remind me of lomographs.


Yan, what exactly is your profession?

I get these interesting insights into snapshots of your life via Glutter here, and you seem to be involved with all sort of cool stuff. Everything from setting up soundstages to being on stage.

Just curious.


Stuggling Digital Artist.

It took me a long time to realise it wasn't a joke.

That no matter what I do, all I want to do is make my own art in whatever form that is, and they all converge into some sort of media arts. Even Glutter. It's all digital.

But its not a profession. It's a state you happen to be in until you either give up, admit you failed or actually make a name for yourself.



I think you'll make a name for yourself. You seem to know everyone who's anyone in HK! And I suspect that's half the battle, won.


Sweet. Thank you. But VERY NOT true. I am just starting out really. It just seems like I have a lot of contacts because I only talk about the people I know. There are so so so so so many people I don't. Who are bigger, more important, and better than me. But.. I am working on it. I suppose there is some truth in the idea of what this space?? :)


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