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I just got back to HK, and the first thing I have to do is take back what I said about Australians, making fun of them for being so "proud" of their country for the money they donated. The headline in today's SCMP is "Hong Kong Leads the World in Tsunami Relief," and instead of cringing, I had an unexpected reaction: which is to feel proud for my people and place.

Of course that's people per captia and not from my (surprise!) government. We've always been hugely generous donators of charity, but still HK is characterized as a place were only money counts. Well it still is, as this is still to do with the mighty dollar but it's where it's going that is important. I really do feel as one of the richest (are we second?) economy per capita in Asia, we do have the responsibility of helping out our neighbours, and I think the amount of USD$48,600,000 reflects others here do too.

Other people have different responses, much similar to mine when I wasn't home. Maybe it all has to do with whether you're included in the accolades.. I suppose each person's allegience brings pride or shame for good and bad.

(Oh, and I want to say.. as this thing grows "exponetially." It's not a competition, and lets not deviate from the fact, people really will die if we don't help, regardless if it's one cent or seven dollars. it all counts.)

Also, I suggested to Simon the organizer of the ABA (voting has closed), maybe we as Asian Bloggers should try and raise money as a collective, and he's enthusiastically, said he is interested. That’s really great, with him on board (and hopefully) others, we can raise even more money.

And here is my new charity of Choice. Please check out the Hong Kong based Cross Roads International. They are asking people to create relief packages, donate money and voleenteer.




Sure, it's all right to feel personal pride in having given.

It's another to trumpet it on the front page.

My 2 cents.


As i said, lets not deviate from the fact people are about to die if people don't give no matter what, whether it's one cent or seven dollars and how they feel about it is besides the fact. But feel free to continue to bitch about what other people feel, say or do in regards to this matter. If it's important to you that's fine.


You left a FAKE email? Fantastic.


Nope. It's a real e-mail address that I never use. Keeps spambots from harvesting my current address.

Moreover, I wasn't "bitching" as you put it. Had you taken the time to read the piece I wrote on my site, you'd have noticed I mentioned my concern that donations do not dry up.

By "front page", I meant the SCMP, not your blog.


I meant bitching at MY front page. Anyway, moreover, I was kidding about my breaking an arm comment. Noticed the big smiley face?


Nah, I wasn't bitching at your front page. I agree with you that every penny counts.

I just hope people will continue to give and not think it's all over a month from now.


me too.... :)

Mr. Dew

I'm quite sure these countries donated more than that. SIngapore donated more than that amount I believe. Maybe it's pledging only though. I can't really recall. But pledging is only a donation half done

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