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Hong Kong

They Rocked! If you missed ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK at Rock It and Friday night at Amnesia. You missed out. The best Indie Band in Hong Kong for I don't know how long, this J-Metal Outfit rocked my world and the whole audience. I always wanted to see one of these bands, coz they are legendary even in the States for their total devotion to a damn good performance. They stole the show on Saturday. On Sunday, that's all everyone talked about (Did you SEE EES??). The drummer also got arrested at Rock It for only wearing a sock on stage. (Very funny)

They are the only Asian band I have ever seen who were not afraid to go crazy and throw attitude worth stadiums right in our faces even if it was a club of 150 - and respect from both sides were shown.

The drummer juggles, pretends to swallow his drum sticks and occasionally hits his temple with the back of them. The bassist plays over his head, below his knees, and his sweat sprayed in the audience with him shaking so much. And as the lead singer howls "SOS," "Japanese Meets Chinese in USA" and "Suicide Rock 'n' Roll," his afro never stops bouncing especially when he jumps on the amp.

"Sex, Drugs and EMAIL!"

Thank you for reminding us that “Rock and Roll Can Save the World.” Because when you are that good. It can.

Thank You.

This was the best show I have seen for a long long time.


Bob Slayer (EES)

Cool - Glutter just became website of the month on the EES website...


if you like ees - you might like the roolettes from london

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