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Buy Art To Support Rape Crisis.

Here is an auction at UCLA on May 14th. 
The auction funds will be donated to Casa Amiga, a rape-crisis center in
Juarez, Mexico. 400 Portraits.


Since 1993, approximately 400 girls and women
have been killed in Juarez and Chihuahua City,
Mexico. Many of the serial victims were sexually
assaulted and mutilated. Although Mexican
authorities have numerous suspects in custody,
the suspicious slayings and disappearances
continue. Serial killers, official corruption, drug
cartels, and sex offenders living in the United
States are possible contributing factors. Juarez is
a city of 1.3 million, across the border from El
Paso, Texas, rated sixth-safest city in the United
States. Chihuahua City, the capital of the state of
Chihuahua, has a population nearing 700,000.

The U.S. government has not gotten involved with
the issue, claiming that it is Mexico's problem
since the crimes have occurred within Mexico's
borders. The Mexican government also refused to
directly face these atrocities, asserting that this is
a U.S. issue because the factories where many of
these women work are owned by U.S. companies,
which perpetuate the opportunity for the attacks to

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) have
stepped in to address the crisis and put pressure
on the U.S. and Mexican governments to take

400 Portraits: The Women of Juarez and
Chihuahua City is an art auction and awareness-
raising event centered on the brutalization, murder,
and disappearances of over 400 women in Ciudad
Juarez and Chihuahua City, Mexico.

Our goals are to inform the public about the
atrocities that have impacted the lives of the
people of Juarez and Chihuahua City and the roles
of the non-government organizations, the U.S. and
Mexican governments in addressing the issue, and
to motivate people to take action through a night of
eloquent speakers, inspiring music, and an auction
of up to 400 artworks that represent each of the
women who have died in both cities, or are in
response to the crisis and relief efforts. The
proceeds will go toward Casa Amiga, the sole rape
crisis center in Ciudad Juarez, in hopes to
construct a shelter for women and children that
have survived, to provide them a safe haven.

This event is a focused part of a broader struggle
to prevent violence against women and foster
compassion and well-being between men and
women of all colors, nationalities, ethnicities,
religions, ages, abilities, and personal identities.

Artists from across the U.S. have contributed works of art that represent the women who have died in Juarez and Chihuahua City, and deliver a message of hope. By attending the event, you will have the opportunity to view and bid on these works in a silent auction. Proceeds from auctioned art will be donated to Casa Amiga, currently the only rape crisis center in Juarez, in hopes of constructing a women and children's shelter for survivors of abuse and other forms of violence. Images of the works can be seen below, along with information about the works and the artists. Prices are minimum bids. For winning bids, we accept cash and credit card payments only.

400 Portraits.



I heard about these killings when I worked for the B order P atrol in AZ. Believe me when I say the border areas b/w Mexico and the US are lawless, dangerous places, where violence and crime are rife.

The border's lawless in a way that Detroit isn't.

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