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Glutter Feature Artists for Thumb Sucking Monkey.


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If you're in Hong Kong and interested in a T-shirt and Monkey Doll design competition, I suggest you look at this. It's a joint promotion between dada girl shop and Monchichi, the thumb sucking monkey. Mainly you design a t-shirt or a doll under the themes of Sparkle, Fame, and Ethic Designs and you may win something.

If you're not interested in doing any design work. You should check the final products out anyway because I am one of the "feature," artists along with five others. You know the usual suspects of KS, Start From Zero, Bigmad, C#, and Kato.  We will be presenting four t-shirt designs and four dolls each. You see them on the streets, you see them on my blog, and you can see them on Japanese Company T-shirt designs now.



COOL! I love Monchhichi!! Can't wait to see your designs.

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