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da music issue

I only got back online today properly at my new home.

It's fantastic. I am so so so happy with my new place. It's got a balcony. It's got a spare room. It's got enough room for me to do my art and have friends over. And with all the changes I have left a lot of work undone and disorganized. I must get on with it.

In the meantime I want to present to you some fantastic, talented and really hard working individuals.

one is Wilson Tai, who has launched his limited edition CD. 050505

Wilson works his own business, takes photos, and generally just manages to be a cool individual and still finds time to do what other people find impossible which is to make a full length record. It's great and you should check it out. The site allows for quick preview. 050505

The other is of course Tszpun and his crew. Their music is always floating on the net and in my apartment.



Hey Yan! I'm so sorry! I forgot you were MOVING!

Glad to hear you've settled in and best wishes for you in your new home! :)

Great to hear you've got a spare room, but now that you've told everyone... ;)


hi yan!
glad you're getting settled into your new place. i was just wondering the other day if you had finished moving...figured you were busy b/c i haven't seen you online much. well i should get back to studying for finals.


I am so excited to hear that you finally got all moved in! I know what a pain it is to move, but generally once you get semi-settled you realize it was all worth it.

Thanks for the great music links too. I am always looking for new music. =)

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