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Leung Kwok Hung calls Donald Tsang a Shoe Shine Boy

I am watching the re-run of yesterdays (Actually it's not a re-run. Its live. This is number two press con ) press conference of Donald Tsang "campaigning" for his "election" of Chief Executive. Leung Kwok Hung aka Cheung Mao aka Long Hair just offered Tsang some shoe shine and then kept talking, accusing Tsang for already lying, as he said he would respect and take into account of Hong Kong's feelings when very obiously he doesn't because 70% of the voters in the 2004 elections supported democratic reform in 2007 and 2008, but Tsang doesn't feel the same.  Then the organizers took CM's mike away but he continued  anyway and the committee members started heckling him! Not to mention all the time CM is wearing a yellow T-shirt with a line of tanks on it. 

But I just want to say, I think I get it. I think I get why Leung Kwok Hung might be the most important legislator ever in this city. Because in the face of this charade where hk's leader is being  'elected" by an 800 person committee with NO other candidates with any real chance. Mr. Leung is the ONLY one who calls a spade a spade... more later...



because it's live, not a re-run. it will be tomorrow, i assume.


Yeah I just worked that out!! I was always a little confused. .... I just didn't know he had two press cons back to back, I figured it must be a rerun. Wish i got to see yesterdays as well. But I am working from home today.


It didn't make an appearence in the ATV 24 channel recap... but they tend to be very pro-china coz they have a china licience.


I come from flickr. You've commented on my photo.
In fact I have already subscribed your blog before that. Those pictures are from NanJing, a mojor city of eastern China.
I am really interested in your discussion about HongKong.


Power to the People!

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Good work. Keep it going.


That was hilarious.

Did you catch the stony "Look-of-Death" Tsang gave Long Hair during that stunt?


I love Long Hair! He's like a more functional version of all the radicals I used to hang out with in the mountains of West Virginia and the deserts of New Mexico when I was a kid. I wrote him telling him I'd like to take him out for a meal, but he never wrote back. I think he's too busy. I wish we could get more like him in the Senate and House... or heck, even just ONE like him in the House and Senate. McCain and Kennedy are the closest we've got.


Yeah. I never really liked him before. i thought he was annoying but then when you start seeing what a farce the system is, then a heckler makes sense. I actually sent him a collection of the Democracy Hardcore Shirts as well, he never wrote back. And I KNOW they got to him, coz I got is delivered to HIS office through a contact in legco. I heard him in the memorial. I thought to go up to him and say, "Hey, did you get them?" But then I thought he had other things to do.



This is the article that sold me:

The guy is a true proponent of democracy. he does it grassroots style, and in person. It all seems to come from his heart. I really respect that. I hope he can last for a while.

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