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It was time to learn how to use itunes. I only had awful stuff I never listenned to. So I went and borrowed some music from some friends online...

What I did was deleted everything I had and got brand new stuff I had never heard before to expand my horizons.

Fleetwood Mac:
I  only know the sordid stories, but I really love their music!!! I didn't know they were that good. I thought they were infamous only.

David Bowie: I really feel I should get to know his stuff better. I think he needs time to sink in.

American Idiot: Green Day.
It's got really good reviews but I just can't get into it. But I didn't like them the first time around, although I love their old songs now. But really for nostagia value. So I might be getting rid of them real soon.

I have no idea how to define them. I called them "Easy Listenning" for a while, then in the end I called it "good pop," they remind me of fleetwood mac, and probably U2. Loud, stadium pop, anthems, just catchy and fun... easy listenning stuff, but not easy listenning. I think they are supposed to be the biggest band in the world right now except I never heard of them until REALLY recently.

Pixies: I can never remember what they sound like and whether I like them. But I do... some of their songs.

DJ: Shadow... He's so great, I am going to buy his new album. He's like amazing in every way. A real artist.

DJ Krush, I loved him live,. So I am exploring his recorded stuff

The Vines: Way more rock than I envisioned. I dunno. but it's practically revival they don't sound individual to me.

The Libertines: Good band. There is a rambling quality to them that's so honest and unpretencious. Like puppies.

Beck: I am never sure what to make of him although I have all his albums. I think he's challenging, that's why I listen to him.

Jazzanova: This is absolutley the thing I love most. Except I can't buy their album in HK or couldn't. I should check them out because it's really new jazz, not trip hop, not house, not anything but new jazz...

Kruder and dorfmeister:
I bought their album about seven or eight years ago, and just thought it was this slow stuff, and couldn't understand what the big fuss was about. In fact. I slept through pretty much their six hours set. But now I am older, I realize what great talent they are. Chilld out stuff. Very similar to jazzanova. It's err. adult drum and bass!!

The Offspring: It's like a best of B sides thing. Got to listen to it. They invoke extreme emotions in me. I either love their songs or I really don't.

This has been hailed as their "Come Back" album in the UK, although other countries like it less. When I first heard it I thought it was probably the most awful thing I had ever heard, but it caught up on me. I just had it play in the background and then suddenly thought, "Whao, who is THIS?" and it was Oasis.. I think I am going to really give it a good try and listen to it a few times.

Good Charlotte: I borrowed some kid's ipod while we were wakeboarding, and I discovered them. I wouldn't say they are original, but just fun.

The Stokes:
I downloaded two of their songs. I don't get them. I am going to try and see if I do again.

The Killers: It's say they are the "new" duran duran. Gotta check that out!

So, this should keep me very engaged for a long while. I hope I will sit and listen to this and get to know this stuff. I was just thinking how it's a bit of a shame that we have so much access coz once upon a time you bought an album and you listenned to it over and over again until you knew every bit of it, and now there is so much stuff to try out one never truly listens... that or I am older and I have too much other things to do and don't have the time anymore...



Interesting selection. I've got over one terabyte of MP3s if you ever need any help expanding it.


Yes! But what do I need to do?


Have you discovered The Kaiser Chiefs yet? Or The Arcade Fire? Or Tom Vek?


Just did! What do they play??

Hi Harald. How is life treating ya??


Did DJ Krush play in Hong Kong?

If I had the money I would have flown to Tokyo to see him play New Years 04/05 - if he plays HK every so often I can save myself a lot of money :)


Send me an email, let me know what you're looking for, I'll be happy to help you out if I can. Some tunes in exchange for a beer or two seems fair?

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