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never one for moderation, I went and download even more songs. I am now up to 2.8 days worth of it. Shameful. The RIAA should bust through my house and take my harddrive away just about now. You go to sleep, you go have dinner, you work and you come back and your computer is briming with great tunes... wow... once upon a time I said, "Unless I even own 40 gigs worth of mp3s, there really isn't a reason to own an ipod right?" Now I had the oppotunity of playing with one, I realized their greatness. Soooo...

Bloc Party: They remind me of the libertines (Both Britpop) because there is an honest quality to their ramblings, they have one or two experiemental tracks thrown in for good measure. Don't know if I "like" the non-wierd songs, but i think they are worthy of respect. A bit like Linkin' park. Don't know why I wouldn't really listen to them, but I feel affection towards them. In that little brother kinda of way.

Charlie Parker: This man used to sit for days and play the note "G" on his clarinet until he got the perfect note. He's still playing the perfect note to this day... thank god for recording technology.

Miles Davis: I thought if I was going to spend a lot of time listenning to chill out music and ambient hip-hop and drum and bass. I should at the very least understand why Miles Davis was first. I can see why it should all be attributed to him, but I don't always get it. His older stuff is easier to understand.

DJ Cam: Mad Blunted Jazz. It's supposed to be one of those defining acid jazz albums.. I never heard it but I had heard it a million times as well. Either it's his stuff or he influenced the things I have subsequently listenned to. Doesnt' seem like he made another album after this one. But it's worth testing out.

Foo Fighters: They have a double album. People say they are good. I thought I should understand. Dave Gorhl just seems cool to me.

DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo:
Ki-Oku Oh my.. A young up and coming trumpeter teams up with world's premier chill out DJ. This is good and perfect. This is acid Jazz. This album needs to be bought, to show support.

Herbie Hancock... He did this amazing album with Wayne Shorter that I once owned. it's so incredible. Really sparce and creates a sound scape of the mind. I lost it and I can't find it again. So his other stuff will do. He has a piano of Nirvana's All Apologise. Madness. Herbie has a new box set out. I should own that.

Mu-Ziq Mu-Ziq Mu-Ziq Mu-Ziq Mu-Ziq Mu-Ziq Mu-Ziq From In Pine Effect until now. I will always love them. They will always be chill out experimental and sometimes I  want to describe what I like  but really it's not a "sound" I like, I like them.

Radiohead: I busted out Kid A from my CD collection because I realized, although i didn't really apreciate it then, I think I am old enough to understand this album now.

Nina Simone and Billie Holiday: Both challenging lead singing ladies of the Jazz age. Prefering Ella and Sarah, these two women were too frightenning for me early on. Then one day i "got" it. Like Ella and Sarah are marble pillars, beautiful and nice to touch these Nina is like the rasping concrete poured, Billie is the foundation. She will always give it the weight to keep jazz from floating into light pop. You might get elevator jazz but it can never go that far. Eventually everyone will arrive at her feet and realize what the music is about. I would have so much like to have been in her pressence. I once sat on "her" booth in the Lennox Lounge, the place she drank at and had a whiskey in her honor. But it's not the same.

A trickle of other artist as well.

Moby, Tricky, Lemon Jell, Roni Size,



Nice. You've cited some very good music.

Have you ever sampled Susumu Yokota? My favorite is his release Baroque. It's mellow downtempo - I find it sort of cerebral. Yet simple.


will check out! Thanks!!


I 2nd on the Jazzanova lovin'

In a different style than jazz, but still worth recommending is Ryuchi Sakamoto's stuff - my fav album is 'Sweet Revenge'. Also pretty mellow downtempo kinda stuff.


Check out


Top DJ mixes free to download. They've got massive amounts of music from the top deep house dj's. Some DJ mixes going back to the early 80's. It's like a digital history of House and DJ culture. Check the flyers too. Hot Shite!



The conventional wisdom with Miles was that for 40 years he played the same notes, just what was going on behind him changed. I saw him live twice, knew some people who were close to him but never got to meet him. It helps to read about his life, his background to try to understand why he did what he did, why he played the way he did, why he revolutionized music at least twice, maybe three times.


Yeah.. I really should read about him. He seems interesting...

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