I watch: Rockstar Inxs Week 3 (Episode 8)
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I watch: inxs Rockstar: Episode 6 and 7

Da music issue

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I am really enjoying watching the show, and i am really enjoy reviewing it to the most tedious details. I know it's "24hourbullshit," as the boys like to call absolutely nothing conversations that is really enjoyable, and a terrible waste of time. But honestly, its so much fun, i can't help it. It's like I am so far away from any very vibrant rock music scene... A bit sad that watching live shows of new performers have been marginalized to pulpy mass market reality tv. Bit it's all I can get over here, so it's a bit special.


I do want to say I discovered a joy in recording the show and watching it later, that way you can not only fast forward the advertizing, you can skip the existence of Brooke Burke along with any singers you cannot bear to witness.

Jordis: She was a bit boring this week. She was good and got everyone to sing. She can work a crowd and seems to enjoy her experience. Jordon needs to ditch the band, the show, and get her own record deal. (Did I say that already? Yes, but it just gets reinforced week by week.)

Susie: Oh my. She was soooooo great tonight. She sang well, her stage performance was great. (What crazy eyes and shoulder movements!!!) I loved her and her outfit. If I voted, I would have voted for her. She was my absolute favorite this week. She played the harmonica, and just rocked. If she keeps doing what she is doing she and Jordis will surely be a tough competition.

Jessica: I just forwarded through the whole thing pretty much. She bugs me with her voice, she bugs me with her pressence, she bugs me with her answers.

He was perfect for singing the Kinks. He sang "lola," which I so love. He actually looked like the lead singer of the Kinks when he did this song. I liked it, the band said he needed to "let go," or "relax" or something like that. So he took his millitary jacket off and threw it into the crowd of screaming women. I would be screaming too. I couldn't believe it. I had no idea. But Mig.. is hot... in capital letters. Actually in my scribbles while watching. I just wrote HOT HOT Whao!! Which was obviously the only words that was connecting brain to paper.

Brandon: People like him. Dave Navarro says he sings with "Heart, Power blah blah." He does. I think that's why I don't really like him. He's too wholesome for me. And i don't think he's right for INXS.

Ty: Continues to be plastic black Ken. But this week I realized he's actually got a great voice, and it's the first time I have been able to watch his whole gig. he's good when he's not prancing around. INXS said he was too "Theatrical, and they are not a Theatrical band." Good point. I also thought is Ty gay? That means he's a black, likes rock, homosexual. Oh my god. The producers would have had to invent him if he didn't exist, and what's also amazing is he can sing rock songs as well... there we go. How many steryotypes can one man break? I wonder what growing up was like for him. But really, for all my dissing previously, he did a great great job with REM's everybody's hurt.

Heather: She looked drunk. Like an aging drunk singer in the last scene of some bio-pic. The once beautiful rock goddess reduced playing small clubs. She's not ageing tho. i don't know what happenned. It was a bit freaky to watch but I couldn't keep my eyes of her. This is the first performance I have watched all through. It's just very strange. I felt bad.

JD: I said last week JD is stupid for dissing everyone. He spent the whole episode 6 sulking as people ignored him. he chose "We are the champions." and this all this annoying thing about trying to get what he wants, and then changing his mind. He is very annoying and manipulative. He's also very very arrogant. But he has some interesting ideas, like making the song "We are the Champions" into a triphop feel. The house band said the version was terrible. But I only wished to hear how terrible it was coz at least its interesting.

On his performance. Dave navarro said, "Inxs told you to not be so cocky, and I question your choice of song. You chose, "We are the champions." That made me laugh. JD The boy has problems. He was once homeless and i think you can tell why that happenned, he has difficulties expressing himself and thinking straight. But even if he's not the "best" singer, for whatever reason, I really can see him as the lead singer of INXS, he's the most poppy of the lot in that clean cut, 80s rock band kinda way.  Don't know if he has a chance, as the band has to also pick someone they like as a human being to work with. And JD doesn't get that and continues to act like a bit of a dick. I have a soft spot for him. I think it might be as shallow as he looks cute in the way i like boys to look "cute." He's also intriguing, after his song, he goe to the audience and kisses and hugs this woman who he says, "It's my sister and I haven't seen her for two years." It makes me want to know more about that story. If he doesnt' win (which he won't, due to his personality) I am sure he has the potential to be a TV personality, a bit like Puck from Real World 2, San Francisco.

What's up with the hair? Did she do that herself? I forwarded most of it as it was boring.

Daphna: She's just such an awful singer. But she's such a beautiful woman. Model gorgeous. She had this amazing white flowing dress and big funky earrings on. Both times in the last week I see her, i just think. "God, i wish I could be that beautiful and look that good in (piece of clothing) she has." But I would have to look at her on mute for long periods of time if she happens to be singing. They kicked her out. I am a little sad that I will not be able to peruse virtually in her warddrope anymore.

What's her name: That one singer who I didn't like last week. i found she's got a great voice if I don't look at her. I just don't like her moves. She sticks her tongue out, she shakes herself a lot. She's very aggressivly sexual. I am thinking am I being descriminatory because she's an older, not skinny thin woman doing this? I mean Mick Jagger does it and it's cool. Is it because of all the other factors or is it because she's just not very good at it? I don't know. I will look into myself and search (hmmmm).

Marty: I know I said something about floppy hair blond guys shouldn't sing Nirvana songs. For the first bit was very much like that. I wanted to hear the notes of the songs but not his voice, and then starting in the second verse where it goes, "I am so lonely, but that's okay as I shaved my head." He blew me away. I was so impressed. I understand why they got him to do a encore although it wasn't so good that time.

But what I really didn't understand was when he said to Dave, "I know you have an affinity to Nirvana, (that the songs are sacred and no one should do them) and that's why I wanted to sing this to kick your ass."

Like what was that about? I am sure Kurt Cobain and Dave Navarro were friends or at least contemporaries who knew each other. Why would you say something like that, to the person who lost their friend to suicide? Dave dissed marty's vocals and got booed. I think it would have been fair if he got up and punched him.

And two new things that I realized what makes me really enjoy the show.

Dave and Tattoos.

I am starting like Dave Navarro a lot. Even if he cries when contestents are kicked out. Even if he sometimes gets into little spats with contestents like with Marty. I am starting to look forward to watch the show just so I can see him. I listenned to his Camp Freddy Radio after visiting his blog 6767, and he made me crack up so much I found myself really liking him as a human being. I had an amusing impulse that maybe one day I will call up the show, so that he can call me "sweetheart."

Tattoo spotting. Suzie turns out to have some crazy crazy tattoos on her arm. I didn't see much of them, but they made her look crazy. Living in Hong Kong, it's such a sad thing not to get to tattoo spot anymore. I love tattoos. And actually since i have been watching this show, i started dressing a lot more rock chiq. It felt good actually to dress like I have a bit of personality, I forget to do that in HK all the time, it's so white washed here all the time. You become bland by default. It reminded me part of why i derive a level of happiness in being in LA that I don't get here. Personal style counts for a lot and LA has a deep rock aestetic that i used to be very much part of.

The show ends with a lot of crying. I think it's nice everyone got along so well and like each other a lot. It's so much more emotional than the other reality shows where people are just soooooo hateful towards each other.

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