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I watch: inxs Rockstar: Episode 6 and 7

I watch: Rockstar Inxs Week 3 (Episode 8)

Da Music Issue.

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Watching the third kick out show on live telecast... It's 9am in the morning. I am ashamed to say, that on Wed and Thursday, I wake up with a certain level of excitement thinking hmmm. "Something decent on TV first thing in the morning." Usually it's Oprah, which I am also ashamed to say, I occasionally do get a certain level of "happy" hormones while watching it. Working from home allows you to watch crap TV 24/7.

Last week they got rid of Neal. No kidding, you can't have a man who fronts your band if you can't talk to them. "Melodic" in not a hard word, especially if you're supposed to be a musician. What would he do with the song mediate? Not know what that means either? Bring a dictionary with him on stage?  Bye Bye Neal. I will miss his pressence of Jagger in da body of Richards tho. It's weird to watch but fascinating.

Martin got to do the encore. Short blond guys with floppy hair should not do Cobain. Unless you're David Bowie (singing his own song that Nirvana covered), a jazz musician, or Courtney Love one shouldn't do Nirvana covers. I don't even think Dave Gorhl does it either and he was in the band. I once went to see a Nirvana "tribute" gig with lots of different bands doing their songs. I came out of there thinking, "I never knew how truly great musicians nirvana members were because the songs sounded so bad today, and they were the very same notes being played. Every time I see covers I just think Cobain is very talented and I am very very sorry I never saw him live.

I am amazed at the (general) good taste of the audience voters. This week they voted down, Heather, Daphna, and Jessica. Of these three the order of booting should go as such: Jessica, followed by Daphna, then Heather. Heather may be boring but she's the only one I can bare to watch her sing again.

I am thinking Thursday show might not be worth watching. Why would I want to see three people who suck sing again, all the while mangling my (first-grown-up)-summer songs?

I think the band is going to want a hot chick to front their band. Why? Coz they are old, the women are hot and they can stare at her ass. They just seem like that kind of guys. They are Michael Hutchence's buddies after all. He would approve.

I am cutting down on cigarettes. Heather is so boring that I went out this morning and had my first cigarette of the day. Jessica is now singing, and I am thinking of having another one. Then again, a glass of bailey's on the rocks is feeling increasingly like a good idea. It feels right, they are partying it  in LA at the mo. This reminds me of an alcoholic mantra, "It's 9pm somewhere."

Nooooo. The band's not getting rid of Jessica!! Noooo Nooo Nooooo. And they've got rid of both the bottom two! I am suprized. I thought they would keep the pretty girls.

Now it's "Friends," when are they going to play the "behind the scenes" show on Star? That's the bit I want to watch coz I think they are going to kick, that guy's ass for saying "I don't mean to diss these people over there but..." (I just did by saying they are not fans of INXS.)

So another week passes, and we're no closer to having a "Competition," because it's so obvious how many people need to go before we're even close to any kind of intrigue. Next week they should get rid of three contestants instead of two. It would improve the show a great deal.

I just realized the TV show tagline is "These people are looking to get the most prestigious position in the world of rock and roll."

Most prestigious??

I don't think so.

You know they won't make big bucks doing this. They only get performer fees. All the royalities still go to the band and that's where all the money is.

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