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Pre Fuse 73 and Lemon Jelly

da music issue

Sometimes you just find a gem of an album and a great band. These are my favorite three I discovered through the years one is Lemon Jelly's , followed by Mu-Sic and Pre Fuse 73's vocal studies and uprock narratives. Both were quirky albums that I fell in love with instantly. And like all great secrets, they spread slowly and through the word of mouth, until you discover quite a number of people you know have bought it because somehow they found it too.

Last week, I met someone who had one of them when I played it to him. Then told another friend about it. I transfered both into my computer so I can listen to them more often. Just thought I would share.



Lemon Jelly's a rare find. I discovered them recently, and I can't stop myself from playing and replaying '64 - '95. Over and over and over ...


exactly!! You just find it and then there is an "Ah!" moment.

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