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U2 In Milan...

Da Music Issue

This is so awfully cool. I must share...

My friend Gio went to see U2 last night in Milan Italy. He sent me a photo and a sound file from his mobile phone. That just might be one of the coolest "presents,"  I have ever gotten. Because I love u2, I love u2 live even more, I totally love Italy, and I love mobile technology. This guy rocks about as much as Bono at this moment.

(Starting from now Glutter is openly soliciting concert photos from your mobile!! haha).


Listen: 21LUG-02.AMR



Very cool


Isn't it just. I mean, I KNOW we can do this. but every so often I am still excited by it. And anyway, sharing U2 concert sound bites is the RIGHT way of using it!! :)


I'm not the world's biggest U2 fan, but I have to admit that's really great. Really, really great.


We like U2 very, very....


That is very cool! The sound was great. A friend showed me this site; if you go to and scroll down the page there's a link where someone has a clip of the band playing "Miss Sarajevo" in Amsterdam, complete with Bono singing pavarotti's opera sounding bit.
Your friend is very lucky!


Very cool.

The sound did come out didn't it. When I play it on my steryo. Feels like I was there. Ha ha.

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