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Young Man in a Train Station

Backpacking Addict Young Man in a Train Station

In all the years I traveled. Nico stood out as one of the most tragic and lonely people I met on my way. After a long night of being lost outside the ruins of Pompei Italy, we found a family who very kindly drove us back to the station. As I walked up the stairs, Nico was sitting there. He had amazing legs which made me think he was a woman, but as I walked up the stairs, I realized he did not have breasts.

I thought he was on his way to Naples to go clubbing. I asked him what train he was going to be on. He laughed, and I think his eyes were glazed.

He asked me where I was from (Hong Kong), where my friend Jim was from (New York). His eyes betrayed a sense of wonder and jealousy, I said "You should go one day." He nodded.

I asked him if I could take a photograph. He took out a lipstick and compact from a white plastic bag. It confused me. Why would anyone go into town with plastic bags?

I snapped the shot. The train arrived. Nico did not come along. I watched as he faded, then understood he will stay there, all night, until he pulls a trick. Until some dirty old man pays him to do what he wants. Then he will return to the station.

I wanted to go back and say, "Nico, go to Rome, Milan, New York. For as unknown and degrading a life that it might be. You will meet others like you. There will be joy in finding others who share your story. Who live your life. Cursed are those who are different in a small dark train station in the middle of nowhere. Nico you must go. There you will not be alone."



heard in a movie recently: better to be nobody somewhere than somebody nowhere


Harald, you always have the best comments!!


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