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I watch: Rockstar Inxs Week 4 Episode 12

I watch: Rockstar Inxs Week 4 Episode 10, 11

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Watching this show is making it clearer and clearer how much I miss live shows. I know this because I recorded it and then watched it on tape, then when I finished, it was replaying on Star and i watched it again. It was a bit silly but I actually wanted to watch the performances again because I had so much fun.

I feel inspired to go back to LA to hang out with my friends and my brother, go to a few shows and go shopping. I can't stand the fantastic outfits the women in this show wears and I want some. I want Jordis's top, like right now. It feels somewhat depressing to be in Hong Kong at the mo in terms of that. Everyone is asking me if I am going to see "The Tears," which seems to be suede reunited. I am very unexcited, probably less to do with it's suede but that I don't have choices.

This week, I love Susie. Actually I think Suzie just rocks. She rocked last week as well. I think she's my favorite. I love Susie. Next week I might even have to vote for her if she is that good. Jordis again  was beautiful and talented. I thought that if she had her own album with her own songs, I would surely buy it. She has a great Pacific Island Turtle on her back. It was a fantastic tattoo. I liked where it was, and I love turtles. And JD was amazing. From the minute he started, I thought he was very electrifying, by the time he was on his knees he seemed to embody a sex god, and i thought, yeah, if I was standing at his feet I too probably would be screaming like the women at the show, if he performed like that. I did wonder if that performance would go over well with men or was it just women, so when the band and Dave cooed praises I felt justified in my estimation.

Actually, it's very very late. I am going to bed. Will write it up tomorrow.

But I noticed Dave Navarro called Susie "Sister," such a dissapointment, he seemed to have curbed his use of "sweet heart," but maybe coz she was crying over her family and said something like, "I will be your sister, until we go home," to Mig.. so that was also sweet in itself.


Oh, here is my prediction.

Bottom 3. Jessica, Brandon, and Ty.

There is no way there was anyone else coz everyone preformed amazing. Even Tara and Deanna whom I have never liked but really enjoyed tonight. Marty blew me away. And Jessica at her usual (although improved). I was amazed at restraint the editors in the control room did with the angle choices. She just kept shaking her butt over and over again, and the producer kept switching cameras away from that. They could have zoomed in.

Dave said something about, "Let me see more of your personality," and she said, "Well that's it. I don't know what you want from me." And I thought boy she's a) rude, b) bland. That's really what it has been and I think Dave hit it on the head. She's boring, bland and has nothing. And it seems from what she says, it's not a lack of performance practice of skills, it's a lack of personality.


By the time I write in here tom. We would know who goes home.

For all INXS ROCKSTAR REVIEWS. Go Inxs index



nice weblog , greetz from holland...The Netherlands...


2 out of 3 not too bad, but is the one you miss go home, i.e. Tara


I know.... that is so WRONG! She surely performed better than Jessica, and I really just don't like Brandon. However. She knows she can't win, so she gracefully withdrew.

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