I watch: Rockstar Inxs Week 4 Episode 10, 11
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I watch: Rockstar Inxs Week 4 Episode 12

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Tara went home. Horrible. She was really great in episode 11, the best ever. Her tongue remained in her mouth at all times, and she didn't open her legs too much. She just sang well. Plus it seemed she may have had a really good haircut. Garry asked her if she liked to do covers, and she couldn't answer it really without stuttering. "I think I am getting used to it." She said. Garry's face drop. Unlike Simon Cowell the INXS guys and Dave doesn't say what they think, but they let it be known with their expressions very clearly. I think it's hard because really, in effect the person who is taking over the band is a cover singer.

He also said, "After having your own successful career," so curious I checked out her bio. It seems she was quite famous in her own right, but maybe she just had two indie album and didn't quite break through. But I had a listen to the band joydrop. I didn't take to it much either.

It seems to be that's with a lot of the people on the show, they actually all quite successful in their own right. With a few hits, and few indie albums, some has toured with really quite important people as the opening bands. Obvious talent, but didn't get signed again, or they are just doing it to bring up the profile of their band. Here are all their Bios.

Jordis was asked to do the encore. People keep searching for that performance onto this site. This is the INXS ROCKSTAR site. You can download all the performances there. She was asked to do the encore. I was thinking that I had only seen another person perform "The Man Who Sold the World," and that's David Bowie, and not to be too dramatic, I think I may have liked Jordis's rendition better. Possibly because it's closer to the Nirvana version which is the first time I heard it. This is my review of Bowie's show. The odd thing is, she's so good, we don't actually know if she sings INXS songs well, but she sings everything well. I thought it's so cute that the band, and especially Garry, looks on at her like proud parents or big brothers whenever she sings.

When they called the bottom three, I was shocked. Jessica was not among them. She wore an ultra tiny top for this show. Last show Tim Farris said, "It's not true, people don't hate you." I disagree. People really do hate her. I do anyway. She's the kind of woman who hopes sex appeal will save her from elmination, you can tell that by her choice of clothes this episode. Does Suzie or Jordis resort to that? No, they are great performers. I keep thinking the guys keep her on because she is easy on their eyes, I hope that's the case coz there is no other reason to. Then again, if so, daphna is far more beautiful. Scrap that. Maybe she really does sing INXS songs well.. Blah.

The other two were as predicted, Ty and Brandon. No suprize there, although the band seemed to be.

Brandon is really arrogant, and I don't like that, but my friend pointed out that rockstars are supposed to have attitude which is why the show is somewhat disappointing as everyone is nice and no one is misbehaving, and that's why he's rooting for JD. Maybe that's why although I cannot stand how evil he is, I still grudgingly respect him for doing everything it takes. But really will INXS want to tour with something like that?

But the band and Dave are all rock stars, they really are, but they aren't assholes. My friend toured with INXS many a yonks ago as part of the crew as a camera assistant, and he said that it was total rock a roll a party every night and Hutchence was never sober, and that jar-of-pills story was true. Or was he the one who told me that story in the first place? Don't remember. Anyway, Dave also had his days, but they are grown now. And they honestly seem like very nice people.

Back to Brandon. I was thinking he really is far too "AMERICAN" for me, and thus should also be for the band. I mean those cheesy lines like "Yeah, I have a Devil inside!! Growlll" When he is told which song to sing, and his repeated thumping of his chest just makes my eyes roll.

But I also thought that it's the states which is the biggest market so therefore the voters are from there.. but he was in the bottom three today.. Oh scrap that as well. He just seems to be from another time or a different genre. Maybe like Bruce Springsteen type. I don't get that guy either. But he got to stay because potentially he has the biggest voice. But who cares, he said that he is happy with what he has, and therefore he doesn't need to change it. No comment on the performance. it didn't do anything for me.. oh wait... sorry what I should say is: I didn't feel it.

Ty... oh what an emotional man. When they said he was fine and could go back, he nearly cried. That's the thing, on the other show no one wants to critque him because his feelings are so on the surface. Even when I don't like his performance, I want them to like it so he doesn't look so crushed. And the band doesn't either. It's like, how can one have the heart to do that to him.

he was good tonight. Way funky, and I prefered his outfit, his stage performance, his voice, his rhythm to any other performance. I think it's coz he did not have a mowhawk. It's a lot less stage and fake. he just seemed like a normal singer and not "putting on" the "Punk," look. Ty do better in INXS songs than punk songs. he's really far more poppy that I think he would like to admit. Ty Embrace yourself! Stop trying to be hardcore! In the end he staged dived. good call and cool. "This might be my last chance to be here, damn it, I am going to stage dive!" Props to that.

And of course there was Tara. She finally gave up. She just sang "Beautiful Girl," without much aplomp or umphoomph. The band pointed it out to her, and she said, "My Ticker can't take much more of this." I suppose she means her heart? Yeah, I think she very gracefully withdrew realizing and knowing that she probably would never win even if she passed another week or weeks. So she decided to go home. She was terribly graceful in her "acceptance" speech. If she showed as much stage pressen ce, charm and likability she did at that point in her performances, she would be a shoo in. Sadly, she was pretending to be a rockstar, when really she probably is one without trying.

They are slowly getting rid of the people who don't have a chance in hell and then we start watching who improves and grows. My prediction of the top five as we are right now.

JD, Jordis, Susie, Marty,

The fifth position will be duelled out by Ty and Mig. Depends of Ty can keep performing consistently, and if Mig sheds his stage performance "theatre" feel and break lose into rockstardom.


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