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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Democracy Hardcore T-shirts On Sale Again...

I am currently fulfilling some orders of the Hardcore Democracy T-shirt Line and I thought I would post it up again in case anyone else is interested. That way I can do it all at once. :)

Tribute: Democracy Wall  WF7Q2349

WF7Q2259   zhaoninetshirt_web

WF7Q2239   zhao_lightblueweb-01

WF7Q2358 Zhao_stamp2-01

WF7Q2344   Zhao Ziyang Zhao zi yang


WF7Q2236 Sarsmao
                                          Artwork: T-Square

Memorial 05 (Color) Memorial 05 (Yellow)

This is a Series of art work paying tribute to Premier Zhao Zi Yang in support of the democractic movement in Hong Kong.

I translated the images onto T-shirts and the goal was to make fashionable political T-shirts where one could wear everyday rather than leave these ideals in the closet and brought out only in days of protests.

Here is the blurb we had in a news paper earlier this year.

"[Glutter's] current attempt to bring democratic awareness to the SAR centers around an art project using a spin-off of the iconic 1960 Alberto Korda photo of late Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara found on the T-shirts of radical legislator ``Long Hair'' Leung Kwok-hung and elsewhere. ``It's now a symbol of freedom and the end of oppression for many,'' she said.

Spurred on by the January death of former Communist Party premier Zhao Ziyang, she has added a ``Democracy Hardcore'' art series to her blog, taking images of Zhao, who helped renew much of China's agricultural and industrial sectors before he was marginalized for trying to warn off students in the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, and converting them into T-shirt designs and pop art a la the Guevara image."  Bloggers Post For Change


As I said before this is non-profit, and just to cover cost for the installations I did in Tiananmen Square Memorial this year in Victoria Park: Photos of Installations and if there is anything left over then it will go towards my next project.

The price I decided on is for outside of Hong Kong is:

US$24 for the first T-shirt and US$18 for any additional ones.

Shipping and Handling is US$5 for one and $8 for two.

Hong Kong Rens get them at a discount of $160 plus $30 shipping.

And if you're interested in the images as an A4 print out in a photo printer quality archival paper as someone just inquired. How about US$15 including S&H? And $10 if you want it for lesser quality paper.


If you're interested: email me at mooncaketees@gmail.com
Subject: mooncaketees plus (your name)

All T-shirts are Hand Made Individually as a Limited Edition by Computer Iron Ons
*T-shirts will be in white.

Pro-Bono Studio Shots: Reddog Studios HK.
Hair and Make Up: PuiPui.
The Blurry T-shirt images: My Camera Phone.


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