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Rockstar Inxs: Episode 27

Da Music Issue'

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To start of is good to know that although the public has no taste, the band does. JD got the encore because he did rock, and as last time, I started humming to his song "Sweet Vegas," in the kitchen while making breakfast. I wish he wasn't so intense tho, but maybe that works well in large venues...

Onwards to the bottom three:

First off, Jordis. She looked like a mess. Like a deer in headlights. I felt sorry for her, so scared she looked. And when she openned with the first lyrics of "Never Tear Us Apart," I cringed. I don't know if it's her or just that I didn't expect a woman's voice with that high a register to come through after the first bars.

Susie was also in the bottom three, okay. Fair as I thought Marty's Trees and JD's Sweet Vegas was much better than her song. So even tho I think she's still the best singer... I can deal. When she sang the first bit of the song, instead of thinking that I didn't like a woman's voice, I thought it improved the song. Her voice is really powerful and she again hit it on the nail.

But as I feared, the nice girls in Asia, Canada and god knows where or just the Australian contingent deciding to support their own else voted Mig to be in the top two and hence JD in the bottom three.

Now that sucked.

It's really pathetic coz the JD really rocked it and had a damn good song.

And JD did fantastic on Mystify. Really good. He totally does stand up to Hutchence when he's on top of his game...

So who was to go home? Would the band pick the better singers?

They did.

As I predicted Jordis went home.

So next week I guess it's Suzie or JD depending on who the band favors or who screws up badly.

Even if the two of them are probably the best fit and best candidate for the band.

So will the band pick whose popular? Or who really is "Right for the Band?"

I am now off to (hopefully) download that "Sweet Vegas," song, coz I am still humming it.. along with Trees coz it's just great as well.

For all INXS ROCKSTAR REVIEWS. Go Inxs index



JD's song did rock, when he is good he's got a great sounding voice, got no idea how he ended up in the bottom three, thought Mig would. It was funny, my parents watched the show and Mum thought JD was cool, my Dad thinks Mig is, to quote him, "a bit of a poof" (that's my dad for you - he has issues, :P)



Your dad is emm... touched on something there.. although it's not exactly how I would have phrased it!!!!

But I get a general sense he's too nice for rock and roll as well.



From RockStar:INXS viewer

This show is rigged. Mig has never been in the Bottom 3, even when his performances were the weakest. It has been rumored that MIG has already signed on with INXS, but that they created this show for advertising purposes.

However, the voting process is also fraudulent. Australia viewers are ahead of the U.S. & Canada, so they watch the show before them. They also have an opportunity to vote more hours, as they are changing the time zones on their computers to get in thousands of votes. The Voting Process is NOT accurate, and the fans of Marty have been informed of the trick and they miraculously pulled him out of the Bottom 3 last week because of it.

There are some contestants that are being cheated out! This show is a HOAX, and there is "one" contestant in particular that is clearly the "BEST" fit for INXS. Unfortunately, the deceitful fans of the others are taking this voting process too far. The fans of the "RIGHT" choice have REAL LIVES, and feel that 1 vote should be adequate. Being allowed to put in thousands of votes per fan, makes it unfair for the fans that do not have the time to type on their computers all day, and change the time zones on their computer to make it a whole day thing. This show is a SCAM!


U.S. & Canada must vote between the hours of 11pm-3am. Most of us cannot do that. Australia & Asia can vote in the mornings. Australia also has the opportunity to vote during U.S. & Canada's "voting time" by changing their computer clocks to our time zone. The Voting Rules allow it. See for yourself:

Why can I not see a link to vote on the home page?
The voting system will be open for voters depending on their time zone. It is possible that voting is not yet open or has already closed for your time zone. You can vote after the show for four hours per time zone except in some parts of Australia. Please make sure that the date, time and time zone settings on your computer are set correctly.

Who can vote / Can I vote if I am outside the United States?
Voting for "Rock Star:INXS" is available to residents of the United States (including the District of Columbia), Canada, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia.


hahahahaa. You make is seem like there is a conspiracy of rockstar watchers sitting around planning who to vote for and how to beat the system.

I don't think so....

No one is Asia is sitting around going, Whooo Hooo let's all vote because of the extra hours we can vote!

I don't even know anyone who watches the show.

The "best" person I would suppose is Ty, coz he thinks he's the best and deserved it.


At least JD thought it was a competition who he needed to win. Ty felt he was "entitled" to the job. It was kinda creepy... and this is proof of it right now.



Guys can I just say as an Australian viewer of rock star INXS, that no we do not get the show before the States as I can find out via the internet who got voted off before the voting off show airs in Australia.

Also we only get a 4 hour window to vote, Wed nights between 8-midnight eastern time.

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