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Reason I am not in Jail like other Chinese Dissidents..

News: CHINA : Imprisoned cyber-dissident hospitalised after going on hunger strike

CHINA : Imprisoned cyber-dissident hospitalised after going on hunger strike (

Sep 9: The Internet under surveillance

Imprisoned cyber-dissident hospitalised after going on hunger strike Reporters Without Borders voiced deep concern today about the condition of cyber-dissident Zhang Lin, who has been rushed to hospital after beginning a hunger strike at the start of September to protest against his five-year prison sentence and to demand to be allowed to see his lawyer, Mo Shaoping. Detained since 29 January, Zhang was convicted by a court in Benghu, in Anhui  province, on 28 July of "jeopardising national security" by posting reports and essays on the Internet that were "contrary to the bases of the constitution." At the end of the trial, Zhang and his lawyer indicated they intended to appeal.


Troy Worman

So, Zhang has basically been in detainment all year? What did he do so different from you?


One very thin border, a concept called SAR (Special Adminstrative Region) and a mini constition called "The Basic Law" that rules it, which states that Hong Kong and China is "One Country Two Systems."

Which means, although we are in the same country, Hong Kong Rens remains protected with free speech, rule of law and the right to due process for 50 years after the handover from Britain (2046)..


As a citizen, everyone ought to love his country, never commiting any crime that may result in harmful results. So, due to his crime, he deserved to be prisioned.


But it's okay to obey laws which "may result in harmful results"? Countries are defined by imaginary lines on a map, political constructs which deserve neither love nor hate. No-one has ever asked me whether I want to be governed. Because the answer would be "no".

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