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Quiz: So who Shouted "Long Live Democracy!" in public in China?

Awaiting a democratic Hong Kong

For the first time since 1989, Martin Lee and other veteran Democratic Activists are allowed into China. Our elected legislator, resident trouble maker, Leung Kwok Hung, as usual causes a bit of ruckus and pushes the boundaries. 

Like him or hate him, he says and does what no other dares and often makes his point loud and clear. By shouting that one banned sentence, he highlights the difference between my city and the one in China.  He may the the first guy not to go to jail in China for chanting "Long Live Democracy!" in the PRC in public for quite a while.

Veteran activist Leung Kwok-hung who predictably had a message of defiance for a nation he has only been allowed to visit once in 16 years.

"I will voice out for democracy," Leung said. "I will voice the feelings of the people"

Leung controversially sported a T-shirt bearing a slogan critical of Beijing's brutal crackdown on the Tiananmen pro-democracy movement in 1989.

  "Long live democracy, long live the people," he chanted as public security officials looked on nervously.

Leung, known as "Long Hair" for his waist-length tresses, said he had been asked by a government official to change his shirt. "I told him to take it easy," Leung said.

Hong Kong lawmakers in China on ice-breaking tour


dont turn me in

haha, "take it easy"


Like him or hate him, he's an idiot.

Because what many people don't realize, or don't seem to show, is that China will use this trip to bite the pro-democracy camp in the ass when they return.

This was an information gathering session, not an information sharing session.


Oh and the only person who "realizes" is you.

You are so smart.

He's no less an idiot as you. At least he has something to say.

People love to say that pro-democracy camp will be "bitten in the ass" over this and over that.

Thing is they are doing real work, Critics just sit on their ass and talk.

You're the second person to do that this week.

I am really bored with arm chair people who has a lot to say and dont' really do anything.


Watch. And learn.


From you of course!!

Thank you.

I am so amazed and touched by your views.

I don't know if I even disagree with your views in fact. Except you didn't really say it in a way I could understand, nor in a way that had any support or a way that i would want to learn.

Only from a point of view that only you knew something the rest of the world didn't. From a point of superiority, except you haven't proven yourself to me one bit.

You see. Glutter is in the news a lot recently. It means all these people want to come in and tell me what they think coz they are so smart. But they don't really know who I am, what I think and they assume certain things of me. But more over, I don't know who they are, and if I want to learn. I prefer to do it from people who has my respect and not random strangers.

That's how I feel anyway. It always happens when this is in the press.

I put money Baswizzie is a middle age white guy whose spent a few years in asia who doesn't speak the language know not much about the history and have a lot of say?

Am I not correct?



baswizzle is a person living in Hong Kong who heard the same thing being said to him by politicians that do not serve in Legco but have more grassroots organizations.

from politicoes who understand that Hong KOng is not organized politically, that politicians here, who do serve in Legco, are not very keen on marketing democracy for their constituents.

they speak out of turn. they embarass the populace.

and, my fellow hong konger, they say things that they have to retract in the hong kong chinese press, because they speak out of turn and don't understand that democracy is not liberalism wrapped up in a pretty little bow.

they speak, they get spoken to.

ching cheong?

albert chang?

in hong kong politics, beijing lays the trap. hong kong legislators move. they get stuck.

this has nothing to do with you, glutter. i t has nothing to do with you being in the news. this is about democracy.

and long hair is not going to bring democracy to hong kong. he's going to get laughed at, spit on and slapped up.

if you want democracy, you better learn the game.

and the game ain't language.

it's technology, statistics, marketing and power.

you got power?

didn't think so.

keep talking, glutter.


Now that is better.

I see what you mean.

I am no fan of the Hong Kong legistlators in much the same way you feel in fact. I don't see why they have to go to China and complain that the government is not "open" to their views of democracy. What did they expect.

Personally I think Cheung Mao is a manifestation of powerless. People vote him because many people want to go into China and scream "long live democracy." but know the consequences is great and do not feel like they push the line.

He's pretty much given the fact he's going to cause trouble because he realizes the legislator is as powerless as you say.

That man has my respect.

I don't believe that every "political" move has to be strategic. There are those who do that, and there are those who work symbolically for the populous. Mr. Leung does that and is very much supported by the "normal" person on the street.

Because they are powerless.

The other thing I really hate about the Hong Kong democratic moment is the snobbery. The belief people on the streets do not understand the tennents.

The need for freedom is something that should be captilized on and education and public opinion says for a lot.

I am not sure how "techonolgy, statistic, marketing and power" has to do with democracy. Four words in a sentence without any kind of relationship leaves me confused. If you can I would like you to expand on that.

I don't have a lot of particular political power. I have the vote of a skewed legislator which can have 60% of democratic votes but not the majority of seats that only has a minority in the legislator.

I have a blog that's well respected in the activist circles, the acedemic circles in Hong Kong and abroad. That speaks often on the Democratic Movement and Human Rights Violations in China since July 1st 2003. The first july 1st march.

Together it's one of the more well documentented records of the movement on the net.

I have a history of activism and a good knowledge on the topics I talk about.

I helped break a huge story about Chinese Censorship and Free speech, and I am others made a really symbolic photo to go with censorship that caught some news editor's imagination.

I don't know if that's the kind of "power" you speak of. But it's "work" that is done.

I will keep speaking. And continue you to have something to say, long after you have left this blog and forgotten all about me and taken your condecending attitude towards me, my cause, and my believes elsewhere.


Tom - Daai Tou Laam

and the game ain't language.

it's technology, statistics, marketing and power.

Ummm... no it isn't. It's about power and being willing to lie through your teeth to maintain that power at any and all costs.

No amount of technology, statistics and marketing will bring "democracy to Hong Kong" until the CCP decides that they can win all elections.

That's the party line from the DAB.

There will be those mainstream journalists, especially ones from papers that are heavily reliant on advertising money from Beijing-connected tycoons, who will spit on Cheung Mou for being a "troublemaker", but the reason they want to try and trap Cheung Mou is that he shows that "the game" as set up by the CCP and their cronies in Hong Kong is a sham put on for public consumption.


>but the reason they want to try and trap >Cheung Mou is that he shows that "the game" as >set up by the CCP and their cronies in Hong >Kong is a sham put on for public consumption.

Applause. Standing Ovation.


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