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Inxs: Pretty Vegas Video (plus JD without a shirt)

Da Music Issue

Inxs1Ohhh.. the new InXs album is out and therefore the video for the single Pretty Vegas is also on rotation. As some of you may know, I watched Rockstar: InXs religiously, spent hours of my life musing on who was to win, only to my relief the band picked the one contestent I was hoping for (I think I would have set fire to old InXs cassette tapes or something like that if anyone but JD won.)

Inxs4 I have a huge crush on the new lead singer already, I think he rocks, and when I see him without a shirt, I realise why sometimes on TV you would see these middle age women squealing at the sight of some male celebrity past 40. Because they are hot, and you never really get over that no matter what age you are. It's been a long while since I have gone silly over a lead singer of a band, this one's got me head over heels, hot and bothered and everything else. I finally realized bad boys are a waste of time in real life, but sure as hell can enjoy them on TV (unless of course I get to meet him, and then one can always make an exception).

Anyway watch the video: Pretty Vegas. Not to forget to mention. The song is real catchy and I really like it too.


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