March For Universal Suffrage: Quick Report
News: Journalist does forced labour while Prime Minister Wen Jiabao signs contracts in France

Flickr Photographers Do the December 4th 2005 Protest

Awaiting a Democratic Hong Kong.

It's pretty amazing, I just did a few searches and came out with ten other people who were at the protests as well... :)

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  at the end 
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  Woman being arrested 
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      A young protestor 
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  Demand for democracy 
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  Banner 1 
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Powerful pictures ...


my album:

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Some photos at my Photoblog:


Has anyone got, or seen, a photo that shows the banner that the protesters dressed in white playing drums and cymbals (as shown here: marching behind? I'd be interested to know what it says. Someone said that it was anti-CCP...was it?


hi sam, it was me who left a comment on your flickr photo =)

in chinese, their slogan says "消滅中共" which means "eliminate the CCP"...

and here are examples of the banners i mentioned:

the white banner says:

which basically means:
CCP does not equal to China
CCP equals to anti-China

more here (this time in blue):

the flags say:

which means:
CCP be eliminated by "the sky" = God

but as i said, 99% of the marchers cried for universal suffrage, which was the original theme of the demonstration.


Thanks Ryanne.

I noticed the number of anti-CCP banners too. And the Taiwanese flags. I talked to some of the people holding the Taiwanese flags (they were a youth group (China Youth Service and Recreation Centre), and they were..well..not mild.

Your comment was interesting. I had thought that the anti-CCP signs weren't entirely helping the cause.

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