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Listen: Ming and Ping

Da Music Issue

A while back I was sent two albums by Hong Kong born twins from San Francisco who had to indie albums out, their 2002 release Ming and Ping and their recent one Mp2. I listenned to them both once over and thought they were pretty good, but a few days ago I put them into my itunes, and all I have done is listen to the albums on high rotation along with Good Charlotte. Their heavy synthesised sounds seem really eighties at first. but after a few listens one can hear the more 90s electronic influences coming through, making them a more complex interesting and musical than their eighties counterparts fitting them with my other favorites such as mu-siq, lemon jelly and the new Warp Records Release Boards of Canada.

With the WTO starting, where there are barriers filled with water, wire mesh over buildings, meter from streets being removed, along with all sorts of road changes so very near to where I live with the added possible threats of violence, something that makes me smile and sway is exactly what I need. I hope to see them live next time I am back in California.

Check them out and send then a few bucks to support their musical endevors and dreams. (The T-shirt is pretty cool too.)




Well, it is actually close to the kind of music I like to listen to but they seem to be singing so casually that it ends up out of tune and that annoys me.
I'm not sure if their vocals sound like they are in harmony to east asians. They might. In my Scandinavian ears they don't.
Thanks for the tip though.


It grew on me.


Yan - I'm sold. I like it alot.

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