My Son the Mandarin Speaker, but I am a #HK person with HK Dreams . #occupyhk #umbrellamovement #occupycentral #689 #926
Ask Your Heart, Have No Shame. The Generations That Failed This One. #occupycentral #umbrellamovement

Becoming a Chinese Mother

"Then after he was born, something even odder happened. I fell in love with floral patterns and wanted to decorate my home similarly to my mother’s and other older ladies’. I was inexplicably attracted to ugly, furry, dust attracting plush rabbits in supermarket aisles. Every time I saw one, I wanted to hug and buy it, and sometimes I did both. I also started to involuntarily smile at babies and small children for no apparent reason. These behavior confused me, but if I were being honest with myself, I would have had to admit that floral decor, stuffed bunnies, and little people made me happy.”

Most of all, motherhood made me want the best for my baby. My values, my ideas of “the best”, changed. Previously, I wanted my child to be brave, follow his impossible dream, and succeed. However, once he was born, I knew my job was to protect him and as much I could. To make his life as smooth as painless as possible."


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