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Interior of a Working Kitchen: Grilled or Broiled Eggplant with Cheese

   Grilled eggplant Friday.

Still had the eggplants from three farmers market ago. I am always shocked how long fresh food lasts.

I also have a LOT of shredded Cheddar cheese that I am trying to use. I actually barely cook with cheese but I bought a bag a few weeks ago. It's a bit dull after a while.

I had wanted to make one of my favorites dishes, the middle eastern baba ganoush, but takes a number of ingredients and some time.

So for Friday night, I made something our Filipino helper taught us.

There are a number of variations of grilled eggplant in the Philippines.

It's the simple grilled eggplant with cheese. Put the eggplant in the grill/broiler for about 20 minutes and turn it over for another 20.


Open it up with a knife and put grilled cheese on top. Put it in for another few minutes.

Once it's melted -you can eat it. Can have it with pita bread, bread, rice, pilaf... etc.

Although my son eats most things, eggplant is not one of them, so I gave him an Indian chicken pie we bought last night at the farmers market.

We had Fuji Apples tonight.


*Usually you do not want to burn things, except eggplant if Grilled eggplant you want it to be soft, juicy, smokey and edible. It has to be blackened and burnt on the outside. Remember if it's not cooked through.. put it back in!



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