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Carrie Lam compares Hongkongers to children as a tactic to disenfranchise.

Fiction: Stop at Red

This is an excerpt of a novel that's set in LA, I've been working on as well. This is published by Great Weather For Media

"Wan Yi stood in a lack dress and stiletto heels, outside the Viper Room in Hollywood at the exact spot where the actor River Phoenix died of an overdose. As a teenager she had been heart broken, but it seemed silly in retrospect to be sad over an actor since had found out how complicated life actually was. She leaned against the black wall with the club's logo stenciled in white paint: a silhouette of a woman with perky breast wearing a top hat, smoking a cigarette, and from waist down having the body of a snake."

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Suitcase of Chrysanthemums. 


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