Fiction: Falling
My Moment of Political Awakening.

Hong Kong’s last stand? A gallant battle in the face of unspeakable sacrifice and overwhelming odds

Watching another press-conference with Chief Exec Carrie Lam, made me really frustrated and sad. It made me think we would not succeed, but I believed in our dignity. 

It seems more and more likely and Hong Kong people are increasingly aware of it. This Resistance is no longer about fighting the extradition bill, or for the Five Demands. What it is now, is an all-encompassing protest movement against simply not just encroachment but becoming fully a part of China. It is making people desperate, it’s pushing people to violence, as in many other moments in history.

There have always been groups of people who eventually lost but stood their ground in the meantime. The Lake of Blood in Ecuador against the Spanish, the Warsaw Uprising against the Nazis, the Battle of Shanghai against the Japanese, the Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia against the Soviets, and recently the Ukrainians against the Russians in Crimea.

Those people despite knowing that they were facing a superior military power, remained steadfast in their beliefs, in their identity and their dignity.

Hong Kong's Last Stand? 


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