What is White Terror? The slipping of norms in Hong Kong’s flawed democracy
What My Words Look Like In Dutch.

Acceptance or the Last Stand.

I found this in my 2015 notes. Whatever is going is a long time coming, and anyone who didn't know it was, wasn't paying enough attention.

"I am trying to figure out whether I prefer young people in HK to accept losing their freedoms quietly for the sake of stability, or just rip the streets apart because they deserve to vent their anger, frustrations, and distress and make a last stand against an overpowering totalitarian regime that cannot be defeated."

Four years later, I know what I think. I probably thought the same five years ago, but it seemed wrong to wish chaos on my own city. I think history will remember those who fought for their rights more positively than those who sat and watched it go away. 


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