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It’s #MeToo and all of us: Hongkongers will not accept oppression, subjugation or sexual violence

This op-ed contains descriptions of sexual violence.
Sexual violence in prisons around the world is commonplace and often not reported. Under these extreme conditions, women are particularly vulnerable. Cases of gang rape, sexual torture and humiliation in mainland Chinese jails have been well recorded by human rights groups. Amnesty has reported that sexual abuse has been practised against Uighur women in Xinjiang, nuns in Tibet, and Falun Gong practitioners, male and female, across the country. According to the NGO International Society for Human Rights, female detainees have been sexually abused either by police or prison guards, such as being stripped naked and thrown into cells with male inmates. Yin Liping testified before a US congressional committee in 2016, saying that after she was jailed for her religious beliefs, she and another woman were thrown in a cell with four to five male inmates who were told they could do whatever they wanted to them without consequences. Yin said she was beaten unconscious and gang-raped by the men.


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