Sexual Violence in China and My Emerging Hong Kong Identity.
It’s #MeToo and all of us: Hongkongers will not accept oppression, subjugation or sexual violence

Pointless Love Stories or Raison d'etre.

Updated Glutter. Something I do every few years and have done so for nearly 13 years.

It always remind me that I have something I need to carry on doing. 

Honestly, I do think that if the CCP left me alone and didn't hassle me in my 20s, the blog will be long gone, and I would spend my life writing pointless love stories set in clubs and parties, and going diving. 

Which was what I was doing at the time. 

Had the Chinese government had more confidence, then I would never radicalize. I would never believe what I believe and I wouldn't know oppression is so personal. I wouldn't have any reason to not forget those people who did go to jail when I didn't, thanks to a very thin border, written in the Basic Law. 

I wouldn't be a person with raison d'etre. 

They sent me away, but I wasn't quieted forever. 





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