It’s #MeToo and all of us: Hongkongers will not accept oppression, subjugation or sexual violence
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Shirley Kwan's "At All Costs" Video. [English Subtitles]

My old friend #MadeOfWaterHK created a beautiful video essay on the Hong Kong police and their loss of respect to Shirley Kwan's "At all Costs." He had hundreds of thousands of views in the first week, and asked me to translate the lyrics into English. I found this video emotional and thoughtful

Ms. Kwan jeopardized her career by endorsing this video. Her songs have been pulled from all music platforms in China. 

I find it interesting in all the years we hung out, #MadeOfWaterHK and I never once spoke of politics. We went to ballet instead of protests, and only now, more than a decade later, I found out we shared this passion for Hong Kong freedoms. 


Shirley Kwan's "At All Cost" Controversial Video. (ENGLISH Subtitles)

This is the English translation of, Hong Kong Pop Diva Shirley Kwan’s, controversial video; supporting the Hong Kong Democratic Movement. It garnered nearly 200K hits, across social media, in a week. This new video by Made Of Water for her newly rerecord 1991 hit “At All Costs,” expresses the betrayal many Hong Kong people feel about their—once respected—police force. By endorsing this video, Ms. Kwan jeopardised her future contacts and opportunities. She, once again, stayed true to her artistic vision and stuck by her beliefs.


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