Fave Pieces of Chinese Performace Art

ZhanghuanConceptual Art

The Macau Museum of Art a few months ago had a survey of Chinese Performance Art. It was an interesting exercises in seeing what other Chinese Artists were doing especially coz it's in my surrounding area. The show probably took a general 4 out of 10 rating. Most of the work was so-so, some slightly interesting and a few down right daft. There is no soft way of saying it really.

All the while my friend and I were looking at the pieces, I kept referring to two pieces of perform ace art I saw in another show in London, one by Zhang Huan, and the other by Ma Liu Ming 2. Both the strongest pieces in the China Between Past and Future Show.

In 1994 Zhaung Huan sat in a public toilet in Beijing covered in something sticky and sweet, so that his body was covered by flies as an exploration into endurance and most likely the unsaid (coz you can't criticize the government) statement against the state of public health and infrastructure. For me it always evoked the Yoko Ono (my favorite conceptual and performance artist) Film "Fly," where flies crawl on a woman's body in close up and wide shots but this is far more serious, difficult, and political.

The other was Ma Liu Ming where he walks on the great wall naked until his feet bleeds. The images of an effeminate male walking on China's most potent symbol of power, history and size, was thought provoking. Those to me were really important pieces of performance art rather than some of the other things that was in the exhibition.

Luckily, at the very end were three pieces that made the trip to Macau worth while, one of each by Ma Liu Ming and Zhang Huan, the other probably the best piece of "Handover" art I have ever seen by Song Dong called "Reclamation."


Place of creation  The common coastal boundary of Hong Kong and Shen Zhen in Shen Zhen side, China

Here are some more photos of the show


Again reminding me of Yoko Ono's
Cut Piece, where the artist provides the space for the audience to interact and the art is made by the decisions each participant makes.


12 Square Meters (1994)

Ma Liuming walks the Great Wall. 1988



China and Art

China strikes back as modern artists push boundaries

By Robert Marquand | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

BEIJING – Chinese modern art has been pushing the borders of the acceptable. But just as limits seemed to fall, the local culture police struck back, albeit politely. Three galleries at the chic Dashanzi art area were told to remove more than 20 paintings in recent weeks, all with political themes.

The move seems an important setback to many in the art world here, though not a dramatic one. It comes at a time when Chinese modern art sales overseas are booming, even doubling in value. The highest price ever paid for a single painting by a living Chinese artist came at Sotheby's in New York on March 31 - $975,000 for "Comrade No. 120," by Zhang Xiaogang. More

On the brink of rediscovery
Teng Chiu was China's first modernist, but he was barely known - until now.
| Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

China's first modern painter was born into a storybook world, and briefly lived a storybook life. The vibrant abstract landscapes of Teng Chiu were a sensation in London and New York in the late 1920s and '30s. But the artist Teng fell through the cracks of history: He was forgotten in the West for decades until a set of his canvases was discovered in a New Orleans auction catalogue. For political reasons he was never known in his native land. Only this year did the painter - a man once called "probably the most promising painter in [London's] Royal Academy" - get an official nod in China. More

China displays new tolerance for abrasive, urban art

By Robert Marquand | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor BEIJING - In the West, "Chinese art" has meant Ming vases and bamboo-laden landscape paintings. In recent years, however, a growing avant-garde movement has come into its own in this country. These artists' work crackles with sharp-edged social and personal commentary, and that is considered as original and mature as anything produced in the West. More

Street Art: Italy.

Street Art

One of the cool things about Europe is the traditions of mural painting. For the most part Milan is completely destroyed by the number of random and very ugly tags that cover every building, but every so often when you look it's punctuated with something really funny and beautiful.


Balogna: This is my favorite Piece. I think the artist is Spanish and he does "social center" squats all over Europe. The sheer scale is so impressive


Milan: Just a cool face near Da Vinci's Last Supper

Milan: This is another favorite of mine. It's behind a church on a side street.

Milan: This artist paints on paper and places it all over the place. Can't make out the name. It practically looks like a Japanese or Chinese Character but we didn't this so.

Italy Street Art Photos Set


I liked this one. It was outside the underground station by the apartment. i saw it every day. It made me smile.

N ew York: Skin is a Language


A long time ago, I made a documentary on tattoos as a healing mechanism. I have always been interested in the impact of body art on the psyche, the interaction of skin and air.

This looks like a really good exhibition.

Self Portrait/Cutting                                            Skin Is a Language
            on view January 12, 2006 - May 21, 2006
The largest organ of the human body, skin is also the one with which we are most intimate, even as it presents the exterior of our self to the world. Skin is a Language explores ways in which artists use skin, literally and metaphorically, to examine a diverse array of social, physical, and cultural phenomena. Featuring sculpture, drawing, photography, and prints from the permanent collection, the exhibition includes works by Bruce Conner, Ellen Gallagher, Félix González-Torres, Nancy Grossman, Eva Hesse, Roni Horn, Jasper Johns, Annette Lemieux, Glenn Ligon, Catherine Opie, and David Wojnarowicz.


            Catherine Opie, Self Portrait/Cutting, 1993
Chromogenic color print , 39 5/8 x 29 15/16 in. (100.7 x  76.1 cm). © Catherine Opie

"The Thirteen: Chinese Video Now (And a blurb on PS1 Museum in NY)

It's always a mystery to me how that we never had shows like this in HK, and people abroad sees more new Chinese artists than we do. However I do want to say that PS1 (public school one not play station one) might be the coolest comtemporary art museum ever, just because every Sunday afternoon they have a "Club" starting in the afternoon until evening. You pay 5 bucks, and then there is live bands, DJs, beer and you can walk around the converted school looking in all the different classrooms at contemporary art. Unlike in the biggest museums where they have "Friday Night Jazz," this museum has "Sunday Afternoon club day." It was surely one of those extra memorable places I have ever been, filled with hip-hop boys, manhattenites,  families just out for the day, drag queens, tourists, artists, wanna bes, williamburg's hipsters and just a nice creative cross section of people one might find in New York.

Next to the place is an art space, a pretty run down ex factory building that there are studios, public access TV rooms and general chaos. Then if you climb up to the top floor, you will find a view of Manhatten and a whole few thousand feet area covered from floor to walls, of graffitti art. Which is the spot that in swap of learning the basic "Six step" of breakdancing, I taught a bunch of guys from Queens to do the "Six steps of Ballet." Awesome....

PS1 (They have a online radio as well)

"The Thirteen: Chinese Video Now"
2006-02-26 until 2006-04-24

PS1 Contemporary Art Center
Long Island City, NY, USA United States of America

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center presents The Thirteen: Chinese Video Now, an exhibition featuring a young generation of Chinese artists working with new media and responding to the great socio-economic changes that are taking place in the country. The thirteen emerging artists and artist teams—most of them born in the 1960s and 1970s—will show twenty-three video works. The Thirteen: Chinese Video Now is on view from February 26 through April 24, 2006.

Their choice to work with video—a relatively cheap medium that produces rapid results—underscores the heady times they face. Unlike the earlier generation of Chinese artists who gained recognition in the 1990s, the majority of these young artists choose to remain in China, living and working in major urban centers like Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. In these cities they experience first-hand the growing consumer culture and rapid urban development.

Though most of these artists have presented their work internationally, many of them have not exhibited in the United States. This exhibition will present, and in many cases introduce, some of the most exciting work produced in China today. More

Artists in The Thirteen: Chinese Video Now are: 8gg (multimedia duo Jiang Haiqing and Fu Yu, based in Beijing); Cui Xiuwen (b. 1970 in Heilongjiang, lives and works in Beijing); Dong Wensheng (b. 1970 in Jiangsu province, lives in Changzhou); Cao Fei (b. 1978 in Guangzhou, lives in Guangzhou); Hu Jieming (b. 1957 in China, lives and works in Shanghai); Huang Xuaopeng (b. 1960 in Shanxi, lives and works in Guangzhou); Li Songhua (b. 1969 in Beijing, lives and works in Beijing); Liang Yue (b. 1979 in Shanghai, lives and works in Beijing and Shanghai); Lu Chunsheng (b. 1968 in Changchun, lives and works in Shanghai); Ma Yongfeng (b. 1971 in Shanxi, lives and works in Beijing); Meng Jin (b. 1973 in Chong Qing); Xu Tan (b. 1957 in Wuhan; lives and works in Shanghai and Guangzhou); and Xu Zhen (b. 1977 in Shanghai, lives and works in Shanghai).

The Thirteen: Chinese Video Now is co-curated by David Thorp and Sun Ning, Director of Platform China in Beijing.

Islamic Artists Despiction on Muhammad...

Muhammad on museum walls

*Curators take care in presenting Islamic art and manuscripts depicting the prophet.

By Christopher Reynolds, Times Staff Writer

While lethal riots persist in the Middle East and American cartoonists and editors wring their hands over what it means to publish pictures of Muhammad, the Western world's curators of Islamic art whisper and wonder.

As they understand it, the Koran does not forbid representations of Muhammad, though other revered texts have led millions of Muslims to scorn the idea. They know that many Islamic artists have taken on the subject. And they know that pictures of Muhammad — not caricatures, but respectful representations, executed by and for Muslims, sometimes with the prophet's face shrouded by a veil, sometimes not — can be found in museums throughout Europe and North America.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art's collection includes two portrayals of Muhammad and one "verbal portrait" full of ornate calligraphy and rich colors. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has three. The Smithsonian's Freer Gallery of Art has four. The largest collection of such images, experts say, is probably that of the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul....

One is "The Mi'raj of Muhammad," an ink-and-watercolor manuscript painting made by an unknown artist in Shiraz, Iran, in 1517 AD and intended for private use. It shows the prophet, his face mostly obscured, on his night journey to heaven with the angel Gabriel, a central event in the collection of Islamic texts known as the Hadith.

Then there's the "Hilye (Verbal Portrait of the Prophet Muhammad)," an intricate work of ink calligraphy, watercolor and gold, made by Turkish artist Niyazi Efendi in 1853-1854 and intended for display on a wall in private or public....

A spokeswoman said none of the Met's depictions of Muhammad — one from 15th century Afghanistan, one from 16th century Uzbekistan, one from 16th century Turkey — had been displayed for years. More

If I had 2600 Euros to Spare: Tracey Emin Travel Bag

Living_musthaves_tracyeminb_2 Art

This bag cost 2600 Euros. It's a special edition travel bag designed by Artist Tracey Emin and reproduced by Longchamp. One of the sides reads "I have been in love all over the world."

I really love it.

If I had 2600 Euros to spare I would grab it right now, and keep it with me forever, even if it's totally the wrong size to take on the plane as hand carry and far to fragile to check in. I couldn't think of a cooler bag for me to carry with words "International Woman Me Every time."

Fashion_news_4_lgSadly I don't. I actually got to touch one in Bologna Italy on the main street a month ago tomorrow. I was walking down the street and saw it on a really high shelf through the shop display. I just ran into the shop (it had a lock that the woman in the front has to press before she could let you in.) I just kept pointing at the bag, and she told G that it was "2600 Euros" and I said I don't care I just wanted to see it. She brought it down, I played with it for a bit, turned it over a few times, touched it for a bit and sadly had to return it to where it belongs which is to be sold to someone who can afford it.

Laplaca9152It was one of the biggest highlights of a trip especially because I read about it on the plane on the way to Milan and I looked so lovingly at the photo knowing I would never have a chance to see a real one.

I wonder who bought it and if they would like it as much as me, and whether they would use it or keep it as a collector's item and a piece of art. If I had that kind of money I would so use it. TraceyeminforlongchampsitsherbagbabyI would take it everywhere and bang it around just like any other bag, because this bag is about being a travelling chick and falling in love, and one should use it just for that.

My friend said I could make one exactly the same which I could put my own sayings on it. I could, but it would be a knock off. It would be an imitation of the Tracey Emin bag that I can't afford.

I think that's why she's cool. She thought of it first.

Tracey Emin Interview

Rockit Live Painting Artist Line Up

(Click onto the Photo to Find out Who is Who)

Mooncake Productions is an original art studio committed to organizing collaborative projects to encourage independent art. Yan is an artist, writer and activist and her “Bug Eyed Goldfish” mural is currently up at the Yumla Bar. Her next pieces include a video installation at the CWB store of GOD, a gothic inspired piece for Medium Rare and a children’s mural for a dance studio. She will be launching a T-shirt line with LA company “Over Dye USA” in 2006. (www.mooncakeproductions.com)

Graphic Airlines started in 2001. Tat Chan and Kathy Kuk specialize in urban designs and illustrations creating posters, figurines, T-shirts, websites and record sleeves. They were recently invited to design for the Helevtica Poster Exhibition, and wrote a tutorial for UK’s “Computer Arts Project Magazine.” Their graphic novel “Trash Talk” will but out December 2005. (www.graphicairlines.com mailATgraphicairlines.com)

ESP Crew’s Philsy and Selph have worked on projects in Barcelona and England, and organized the monthly “218 Live Art” events incorporating graffiti, painting, music and dance in East London’s Brick Lane clubs: club 93 and Café 101. Last year they were invited to showcase their work at the Sprite Urban Games. They specialize in poster, stickers and graffiti art. (philsybATyahoo.com, selphespcrewATgmail.com)

Start From Zero stickers and Stencil babies are everywhere. Dom is the head of “Sticker Revolution Tour on Hong Kong Volume: I,” and has appeared in showcases in for Art Statement Gallery and LKF group. Dom’s is currently designing and manufacturing his “Start From Zero” clothing line that will be launched in 2006. (DomstartfromzeroATyahoo.com.hk)

KS first gained attention with his anti-commercialism statement “Fxxk Comerical” posters on the electric boxes in HK. Since then he’s worked with 89268 to design limited edition T-shirts and done the same for sneakers. He and his little spokesman will appear in Hiphop Group “Ghost Style’s” new music video. He also paints and his pieces can be bought though commissions with the artist.  (kahsoneATgmail.com  http://kahsone.blogspot.com/)

BigMad is a graphics student who has worked with K-Sweet Sneakers, Art Statement and the LKF group. He’s an early member of ST/ART, and collaborated with the Monchhichi and Echo Figurines project. You have seen “his” face everywhere.  (onethreeonesevensevenATyahoo.com.hk)

C#: A man with a “real job” C# has participated in all the teams collaborative projects such as the ST/ART murals, Monchhichi projects and Echo’s Street Culture Figurine design. (Thehooligans2002ATyahoo.com.hk)

BSPAS: The webmaster of the cult Urban Messenger Website that brought most of Hong Kong’s street art community together, BSPAS is a respected web designer by trade. He’s been heavily involved in all the previous collaborative projects and some of his designs will appear in the Start From Zero Clothing line. (bspasATurbanmessenger.org)

Helpers and Assistants: Beatrice and Phoebe

Additional Artist: Alex

More Contemporary Art

Conceptual to Renaissance Art

I configured a new arts news feed on my computer. Oh so many new things to read... one click away.

The sixth British Art Show is on. Tate rehangs it's collection so it's no longer insufferable. I don't care that people think it's a good "idea," some thought putting art together by weight was a good "idea" as well. Once the point was made documentia doesn't last a few years at a time.

LA's Raid showcase Five Emerging Japanese Artists. They also did one for Young Italian Artists. (not so good)

Cool Mints Sposors some Cool Art in NYC

When I designed my mural I was still thinking that painting was dead but kinda not. But I just realized I am about nine months late for my attempt to be cool by picking up the brush again, Saatchi Gallery in London put on "The Triumph of Painting." Of all the painters. I like Marlene Dumas best and think Luc Tuyman's subjects and what he tries to convey fascinating, but the images are a bit dull, although I think that's what he's trying to do, to juxta position dull with lethal. No one Likes Stella Vines.. but Saatchi and me. What I find completely weird is people felt the portrait of Rachel Whitear was somewhat disturbing while the photo that inspired the headlines was of her dead (warning, it's graphic)  from a heroine overdose, which her parents released as an anti drug warning.

I am totally dissapointed really because I wanted to go to the gallery for ages to see the more well known stuff. Hirst, Emin, Lucas. but they have all been shelved. Argh...

Transition Gallery Jumps on the act with Fuck Art, Let's Paint to celebrate the "Grotesque love of painting" I think some of the stuff is cool.

Painted Lines that don't exist except under plaster has the value of 30000 pounds. Funny..

Contemporary Art: Sept - Oct

Conceptual to Renaissance Art



Not only do I love reading about huge projects that come to fruition decades after conception (coz that means some of my really big stuff has a chance!) This is such a cool project. I love New York.

Thirty years ago, artist Robert Smithson developed the concept of Floating Island, a barge landscaped as an island, complete with earth, rocks and trees, destined to travel around Manhattan Island. Finally the project has been realized and this is the last weekend to see the barge in action, towed by a tugboat. More


Tactile_sept_05_1James Patten and Mariliana Arvelo bring us Tactile Photography, a series of photographic prints laser etched onto maple, an effect which produces a photographic relief. Viewers are encouraged to touch the art, and as time goes on, the surface of the wood becomes worn. more

This is fantastic it's in effect creating a photographic sculpture and making a photo permanent.


Boiling water, making rain all inside an apartment Eric Deis's Apartment I love it!




Spellbound Judith Mackrell on ballet's enduring obsession with spooky, inaccessible and ultimately unreal women : Great article about the historical context and technological advances that created the most enduring images of women who dance in the air.

New Yorker Review: STAND BY YOUR MAN: The strange liaison of Sartre and Beauvoir.
* I have always been fascinated by the relationships of these two philosophers and writers. another book proves that they really weren't very healthy and the romance was far more beautiful in theory than practice.

US Dealers Fight China's Wish for an Import ban: China fights to put clothes into Europe but keep Chinese Antiques out of the US.

Gos on London: Why do Radical Muslim's get special treatment?: Tate Cancels Display For Fear Of Offending Muslims I have never liked the Tate..... I found it disappointing and now I find it cowardice. They put "offensive" art there all the time. Chris Ofili is The National's New Artist-In-Residence he's the one who Major Guliani did a bit of a flip over his elephant dung Madonna, the Tate would never not put that in because it offended catholics.  Professor Objects To Mandela Statue In Trafalgar Square because it's ugly... Note to Professor: ALL the art in Trafalgar square is ugly. And if not it gets covered by pigeon poo. (Glass box on a podium anyone? I don't get it either.) 

New T-shirt Designs

This is one of my throw away paintings for my mural. My little cousin Chung picked this one as the design for his T-shirt. I was a little suprized. But it turned out great. The kid has taste.



This is the one Justine Choose. mooncake007

Limited Edition T-shirts.
US$18 (Plus $5 shipping and Handling. If outside of Hong Kong)
email: mooncaketees(AT)@mooncakeproductions.com


Young Man in a Train Station

Backpacking Addict Young Man in a Train Station

In all the years I traveled. Nico stood out as one of the most tragic and lonely people I met on my way. After a long night of being lost outside the ruins of Pompei Italy, we found a family who very kindly drove us back to the station. As I walked up the stairs, Nico was sitting there. He had amazing legs which made me think he was a woman, but as I walked up the stairs, I realized he did not have breasts.

I thought he was on his way to Naples to go clubbing. I asked him what train he was going to be on. He laughed, and I think his eyes were glazed.

He asked me where I was from (Hong Kong), where my friend Jim was from (New York). His eyes betrayed a sense of wonder and jealousy, I said "You should go one day." He nodded.

I asked him if I could take a photograph. He took out a lipstick and compact from a white plastic bag. It confused me. Why would anyone go into town with plastic bags?

I snapped the shot. The train arrived. Nico did not come along. I watched as he faded, then understood he will stay there, all night, until he pulls a trick. Until some dirty old man pays him to do what he wants. Then he will return to the station.

I wanted to go back and say, "Nico, go to Rome, Milan, New York. For as unknown and degrading a life that it might be. You will meet others like you. There will be joy in finding others who share your story. Who live your life. Cursed are those who are different in a small dark train station in the middle of nowhere. Nico you must go. There you will not be alone."

ST/ART and Mooncake Mini Exhibition

(On top Until July 14th)

Moon Cake (ie me), along with KS, START FROM ZERO, KATOL, C#, JAY and BIG MAD were feature artists for a joint promotion for Monchhichi Monkey and dada fashion house.

Our work will be exhibited from 24th June til July 14th in two different locations in HK. For more information and press clippings, go here.

Photo: Apple Daily(蘋果日報)
副刊 - 生活潮流
DaDa × Monchhichi 潮 猩 襲 港
Date : 25 JUNE 05★ 同 場 亦 展 出 本 地 Street Art 團 體 為 今 次 展 覽 設 計 的 十 多 款 Monchhichi 作 品 。

Monchhichi Designs by Mooncake and ST/Art Exhibition and Press Clippings

Our Art

In a joint promotion Japanese Company Monchhichi with Hong Kong Fashion House dada Girl invited Seven ST/ART Street Artists to feature design T-shirts and models for the famed Thumb sucking monkey Monchhichi to accompany their open competition.

The Feature Artists include: Mr. C#, Mr. Big Mad, Mr. Katol, Mr. KS, Mr. Jay, Mr. Dom aka Start From Zero and Ms. Moon Cake as in me.

All the works are currently exhibited from: 24/6/05 - 3/7/05

@ Fashion Island, 19 Great George Street, Causeway Bay

即 日 起 至 7 月 3 日 地 點 : 銅 鑼 灣 Fashion Island F-13A 號 舖 時 間 : 12:30pm-10:00pm

Then From July 4th to 14th in Ocean Terminal, 3rd floor. LCX mall, shop 7B2

7 月 4 日 至 7 月 14 日 地 點 : 尖 沙 嘴 海 運 大 廈 3 樓 LCX 7B2 號 舖 時 間 : 11:00am-9:30pm


More photos of exhibition @  w o r K S 1 o w

These are the press clippings so far for our joint work.

Fashion and Beauty


Milk Magazine

vol. 205, playground-vol 78
hot item 02
Da IMPACT ON Monchhichi



East Touch V25, choco no.7
Monchhichi x dada Exhibition.
Date : 21 JUNE 2005


Sun Daily 24/06/05


Glutter Feature Artists for Thumb Sucking Monkey.


  Originally uploaded by glutter.

If you're in Hong Kong and interested in a T-shirt and Monkey Doll design competition, I suggest you look at this. It's a joint promotion between dada girl shop and Monchichi, the thumb sucking monkey. Mainly you design a t-shirt or a doll under the themes of Sparkle, Fame, and Ethic Designs and you may win something.

If you're not interested in doing any design work. You should check the final products out anyway because I am one of the "feature," artists along with five others. You know the usual suspects of KS, Start From Zero, Bigmad, C#, and Kato.  We will be presenting four t-shirt designs and four dolls each. You see them on the streets, you see them on my blog, and you can see them on Japanese Company T-shirt designs now.

Street Art is a Beautiful Crime

  Originally uploaded by kahsone.

Glutter's Hong Kong 

I can safely and with a straight face say, these guys are my favorite artists right now and the only visual artists of relevance I can think of to come out of this city. It just took me six years to see their work and a few months to find them.

Street Art: Hong Kong

KS1's Little Spokesman

Urban Messenger

China Stylus



Glutter's Every Day Art Collection

Hardcore Democracy T-shirts: Series One

  Originally uploaded by glutter.

Awaiting a Democractic Hong Kong

This is a Series of art work paying tribute to Premier Zhao Zi Yang in support of the democractic movement in Hong Kong.

I translated the images onto T-shirts and the goal was to make fashionable political T-shirts where one could wear everyday rather than leave these ideals in the closet and brought out only in days of protests.

There was a mention of the series in "The Standard," paper today. I only  finished them on Friday so this is a bit of an unforeseen early launch.

Here is the blurb:

"[Glutter's] current attempt to bring democratic awareness to the SAR centers around an art project using a spin-off of the iconic 1960 Alberto Korda photo of late Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara found on the T-shirts of radical legislator ``Long Hair'' Leung Kwok-hung and elsewhere. ``It's now a symbol of freedom and the end of oppression for many,'' she said.

Spurred on by the January death of former Communist Party premier Zhao Ziyang, she has added a ``Democracy Hardcore'' art series to her blog, taking images of Zhao, who helped renew much of China's agricultural and industrial sectors before he was marginalized for trying to warn off students in the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, and converting them into T-shirt designs and pop art a la the Guevara image."  Bloggers Post For Change


Since a few people have asked if they can get one. I am happy to make them available to the public. I am setting the price at HK$180 (US$ 24, Aus$ 30) plus shipping and handling and all proceeds (if there are any) will go into creating more democratic related art for Hong Kong. I hope that's not too expensive but each one is made individually by hand so currently the goal is to cover costs. This is a non-profit project.

If you're interested: email me at [email protected]
Subject: mooncaketees plus (your name)

WF7Q2259   zhaoninetshirt_web

WF7Q2239   zhao_lightblueweb-01

WF7Q2358 Zhao_stamp2-01

WF7Q2344   Zhao Ziyang Zhao zi yang

WF7Q2349  Democracy Wall Contribution

WF7Q2236 Sarsmao
                                          Artwork: T-Square

The Full Set'

All T-shirts are Hand Made Individually as a Limited Edition

Pro-Bono Studio Shots: Reddog Studios HK.
Hair and Make Up: PuiPui.
The Blurry T-shirt images: My Camera Phone.