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A while back I was sent two albums by Hong Kong born twins from San Francisco who had to indie albums out, their 2002 release Ming and Ping and their recent one Mp2. I listenned to them both once over and thought they were pretty good, but a few days ago I put them into my itunes, and all I have done is listen to the albums on high rotation along with Good Charlotte. Their heavy synthesised sounds seem really eighties at first. but after a few listens one can hear the more 90s electronic influences coming through, making them a more complex interesting and musical than their eighties counterparts fitting them with my other favorites such as mu-siq, lemon jelly and the new Warp Records Release Boards of Canada.

With the WTO starting, where there are barriers filled with water, wire mesh over buildings, meter from streets being removed, along with all sorts of road changes so very near to where I live with the added possible threats of violence, something that makes me smile and sway is exactly what I need. I hope to see them live next time I am back in California.

Check them out and send then a few bucks to support their musical endevors and dreams. (The T-shirt is pretty cool too.)


Inxs: Pretty Vegas Video (plus JD without a shirt)

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Inxs1Ohhh.. the new InXs album is out and therefore the video for the single Pretty Vegas is also on rotation. As some of you may know, I watched Rockstar: InXs religiously, spent hours of my life musing on who was to win, only to my relief the band picked the one contestent I was hoping for (I think I would have set fire to old InXs cassette tapes or something like that if anyone but JD won.)

Inxs4 I have a huge crush on the new lead singer already, I think he rocks, and when I see him without a shirt, I realise why sometimes on TV you would see these middle age women squealing at the sight of some male celebrity past 40. Because they are hot, and you never really get over that no matter what age you are. It's been a long while since I have gone silly over a lead singer of a band, this one's got me head over heels, hot and bothered and everything else. I finally realized bad boys are a waste of time in real life, but sure as hell can enjoy them on TV (unless of course I get to meet him, and then one can always make an exception).

Anyway watch the video: Pretty Vegas. Not to forget to mention. The song is real catchy and I really like it too.

Rockstar Inxs: Episode 27

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To start of is good to know that although the public has no taste, the band does. JD got the encore because he did rock, and as last time, I started humming to his song "Sweet Vegas," in the kitchen while making breakfast. I wish he wasn't so intense tho, but maybe that works well in large venues...

Onwards to the bottom three:

First off, Jordis. She looked like a mess. Like a deer in headlights. I felt sorry for her, so scared she looked. And when she openned with the first lyrics of "Never Tear Us Apart," I cringed. I don't know if it's her or just that I didn't expect a woman's voice with that high a register to come through after the first bars.

Susie was also in the bottom three, okay. Fair as I thought Marty's Trees and JD's Sweet Vegas was much better than her song. So even tho I think she's still the best singer... I can deal. When she sang the first bit of the song, instead of thinking that I didn't like a woman's voice, I thought it improved the song. Her voice is really powerful and she again hit it on the nail.

But as I feared, the nice girls in Asia, Canada and god knows where or just the Australian contingent deciding to support their own else voted Mig to be in the top two and hence JD in the bottom three.

Now that sucked.

It's really pathetic coz the JD really rocked it and had a damn good song.

And JD did fantastic on Mystify. Really good. He totally does stand up to Hutchence when he's on top of his game...

So who was to go home? Would the band pick the better singers?

They did.

As I predicted Jordis went home.

So next week I guess it's Suzie or JD depending on who the band favors or who screws up badly.

Even if the two of them are probably the best fit and best candidate for the band.

So will the band pick whose popular? Or who really is "Right for the Band?"

I am now off to (hopefully) download that "Sweet Vegas," song, coz I am still humming it.. along with Trees coz it's just great as well.

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The Last (and only) Time I saw Michael Hutchence

Glutter's Hong Kong

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I am really sick. I find it so hard to breathe at night. It's really quiet and I just woke up. 3:55am. I walked out to the balcony. Hong Kong is never so quiet. I looked down at the street and looked at a triangular "round-a-bout," where I last saw him, it is underneath my feet just a little further on eight floors down, and my mind casts back to the days when I was a teenager, and Michael Hutchence was alive, and "Kick" was on repeat in all our collective walkmans.

Those were the days when Hong Kong was glamourous in the way it is not now. That money was easy and business was booming. It was the late 80s and excess was norm, parties never ended, and our parents were too busy with their lives to pay that much attention to us. And Micheal was alive and he was the biggest baddest boy in the neighbourhood. We would know when he was in town. We would know when he was out. We would all gossip about which glamour girl he was seeing, and wonder if he would bring her back to town.

I don't really know how to say it. Haven't thought it through, but there really isn't a more mythical figure in my growing up than the former frontman of InXs. He seemed so close. He went to one of our schools not that many years before us. He was living in the mid-levels... somewhere...

I was wondering about my compulsion to write about the search for a lead singer of a band I hadn't thought of for years, and then I realized that's not the case. I think of Michael Hutchence always, nearly every day, (since I moved back to the street I grew up on not long ago). I think of him whenever I cross that street, it's like a habit. i see his curly brown hair flying out of his helmet, him roaring pass me on his Bike and that beautiful model on the back of it.

at 14 that instant just called.

"Have an interesting Life." I think it might have said.

Those 5 seconds were just about the most exciting and enticing thing to have happenned to me up until that date in my comfortable, middle-class (practically suburbian) mid-levels teenage years. I think probably lots of girls get that when they are growing up, that one boy who you had a crush on, passing you by in the most unintimate of ways while leaving the grandest of impressions that fueled every bit of your imagination, mine just happened to be Michael Hutchence (see what I mean he made that life seem so real?).

I think of how my friend Paul gets misty eyed when he talks of the time he met Michael at a bar and the lead singer bought him a drink when he was a teenager and how to this day, Paul still wants to work on his music. How Paul still hopes he can make it. I think of how the boys played in bands. You have to understand, InXs was one of the biggest band in the world at the time, and Michael was the lead singer of that band, and he was from the same little world as the bunch of us and we would see him around.

I know Michael made am impression in the most crazy of ways. I hope this makes him pleased to be remembered this way. He always talked of growing up in Hong Kong in his interviews and everytime he did, it felt like a nod to us.

I guess this is my nod back to him. From my little Hong Kong Blog. In my little apartment back in his old neighbourhood.

Goodnight Everyone, Goodnight Michael, Thanks for everything.

I watch: Rockstar Inxs Week 4 Episode 12

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Tara went home. Horrible. She was really great in episode 11, the best ever. Her tongue remained in her mouth at all times, and she didn't open her legs too much. She just sang well. Plus it seemed she may have had a really good haircut. Garry asked her if she liked to do covers, and she couldn't answer it really without stuttering. "I think I am getting used to it." She said. Garry's face drop. Unlike Simon Cowell the INXS guys and Dave doesn't say what they think, but they let it be known with their expressions very clearly. I think it's hard because really, in effect the person who is taking over the band is a cover singer.

He also said, "After having your own successful career," so curious I checked out her bio. It seems she was quite famous in her own right, but maybe she just had two indie album and didn't quite break through. But I had a listen to the band joydrop. I didn't take to it much either.

It seems to be that's with a lot of the people on the show, they actually all quite successful in their own right. With a few hits, and few indie albums, some has toured with really quite important people as the opening bands. Obvious talent, but didn't get signed again, or they are just doing it to bring up the profile of their band. Here are all their Bios.

Jordis was asked to do the encore. People keep searching for that performance onto this site. This is the INXS ROCKSTAR site. You can download all the performances there. She was asked to do the encore. I was thinking that I had only seen another person perform "The Man Who Sold the World," and that's David Bowie, and not to be too dramatic, I think I may have liked Jordis's rendition better. Possibly because it's closer to the Nirvana version which is the first time I heard it. This is my review of Bowie's show. The odd thing is, she's so good, we don't actually know if she sings INXS songs well, but she sings everything well. I thought it's so cute that the band, and especially Garry, looks on at her like proud parents or big brothers whenever she sings.

When they called the bottom three, I was shocked. Jessica was not among them. She wore an ultra tiny top for this show. Last show Tim Farris said, "It's not true, people don't hate you." I disagree. People really do hate her. I do anyway. She's the kind of woman who hopes sex appeal will save her from elmination, you can tell that by her choice of clothes this episode. Does Suzie or Jordis resort to that? No, they are great performers. I keep thinking the guys keep her on because she is easy on their eyes, I hope that's the case coz there is no other reason to. Then again, if so, daphna is far more beautiful. Scrap that. Maybe she really does sing INXS songs well.. Blah.

The other two were as predicted, Ty and Brandon. No suprize there, although the band seemed to be.

Brandon is really arrogant, and I don't like that, but my friend pointed out that rockstars are supposed to have attitude which is why the show is somewhat disappointing as everyone is nice and no one is misbehaving, and that's why he's rooting for JD. Maybe that's why although I cannot stand how evil he is, I still grudgingly respect him for doing everything it takes. But really will INXS want to tour with something like that?

But the band and Dave are all rock stars, they really are, but they aren't assholes. My friend toured with INXS many a yonks ago as part of the crew as a camera assistant, and he said that it was total rock a roll a party every night and Hutchence was never sober, and that jar-of-pills story was true. Or was he the one who told me that story in the first place? Don't remember. Anyway, Dave also had his days, but they are grown now. And they honestly seem like very nice people.

Back to Brandon. I was thinking he really is far too "AMERICAN" for me, and thus should also be for the band. I mean those cheesy lines like "Yeah, I have a Devil inside!! Growlll" When he is told which song to sing, and his repeated thumping of his chest just makes my eyes roll.

But I also thought that it's the states which is the biggest market so therefore the voters are from there.. but he was in the bottom three today.. Oh scrap that as well. He just seems to be from another time or a different genre. Maybe like Bruce Springsteen type. I don't get that guy either. But he got to stay because potentially he has the biggest voice. But who cares, he said that he is happy with what he has, and therefore he doesn't need to change it. No comment on the performance. it didn't do anything for me.. oh wait... sorry what I should say is: I didn't feel it.

Ty... oh what an emotional man. When they said he was fine and could go back, he nearly cried. That's the thing, on the other show no one wants to critque him because his feelings are so on the surface. Even when I don't like his performance, I want them to like it so he doesn't look so crushed. And the band doesn't either. It's like, how can one have the heart to do that to him.

he was good tonight. Way funky, and I prefered his outfit, his stage performance, his voice, his rhythm to any other performance. I think it's coz he did not have a mowhawk. It's a lot less stage and fake. he just seemed like a normal singer and not "putting on" the "Punk," look. Ty do better in INXS songs than punk songs. he's really far more poppy that I think he would like to admit. Ty Embrace yourself! Stop trying to be hardcore! In the end he staged dived. good call and cool. "This might be my last chance to be here, damn it, I am going to stage dive!" Props to that.

And of course there was Tara. She finally gave up. She just sang "Beautiful Girl," without much aplomp or umphoomph. The band pointed it out to her, and she said, "My Ticker can't take much more of this." I suppose she means her heart? Yeah, I think she very gracefully withdrew realizing and knowing that she probably would never win even if she passed another week or weeks. So she decided to go home. She was terribly graceful in her "acceptance" speech. If she showed as much stage pressen ce, charm and likability she did at that point in her performances, she would be a shoo in. Sadly, she was pretending to be a rockstar, when really she probably is one without trying.

They are slowly getting rid of the people who don't have a chance in hell and then we start watching who improves and grows. My prediction of the top five as we are right now.

JD, Jordis, Susie, Marty,

The fifth position will be duelled out by Ty and Mig. Depends of Ty can keep performing consistently, and if Mig sheds his stage performance "theatre" feel and break lose into rockstardom.


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I watch: Rockstar Inxs Week 4 Episode 10, 11

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Watching this show is making it clearer and clearer how much I miss live shows. I know this because I recorded it and then watched it on tape, then when I finished, it was replaying on Star and i watched it again. It was a bit silly but I actually wanted to watch the performances again because I had so much fun.

I feel inspired to go back to LA to hang out with my friends and my brother, go to a few shows and go shopping. I can't stand the fantastic outfits the women in this show wears and I want some. I want Jordis's top, like right now. It feels somewhat depressing to be in Hong Kong at the mo in terms of that. Everyone is asking me if I am going to see "The Tears," which seems to be suede reunited. I am very unexcited, probably less to do with it's suede but that I don't have choices.

This week, I love Susie. Actually I think Suzie just rocks. She rocked last week as well. I think she's my favorite. I love Susie. Next week I might even have to vote for her if she is that good. Jordis again  was beautiful and talented. I thought that if she had her own album with her own songs, I would surely buy it. She has a great Pacific Island Turtle on her back. It was a fantastic tattoo. I liked where it was, and I love turtles. And JD was amazing. From the minute he started, I thought he was very electrifying, by the time he was on his knees he seemed to embody a sex god, and i thought, yeah, if I was standing at his feet I too probably would be screaming like the women at the show, if he performed like that. I did wonder if that performance would go over well with men or was it just women, so when the band and Dave cooed praises I felt justified in my estimation.

Actually, it's very very late. I am going to bed. Will write it up tomorrow.

But I noticed Dave Navarro called Susie "Sister," such a dissapointment, he seemed to have curbed his use of "sweet heart," but maybe coz she was crying over her family and said something like, "I will be your sister, until we go home," to Mig.. so that was also sweet in itself.


Oh, here is my prediction.

Bottom 3. Jessica, Brandon, and Ty.

There is no way there was anyone else coz everyone preformed amazing. Even Tara and Deanna whom I have never liked but really enjoyed tonight. Marty blew me away. And Jessica at her usual (although improved). I was amazed at restraint the editors in the control room did with the angle choices. She just kept shaking her butt over and over again, and the producer kept switching cameras away from that. They could have zoomed in.

Dave said something about, "Let me see more of your personality," and she said, "Well that's it. I don't know what you want from me." And I thought boy she's a) rude, b) bland. That's really what it has been and I think Dave hit it on the head. She's boring, bland and has nothing. And it seems from what she says, it's not a lack of performance practice of skills, it's a lack of personality.


By the time I write in here tom. We would know who goes home.

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I watch: inxs Rockstar: Episode 6 and 7

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I am really enjoying watching the show, and i am really enjoy reviewing it to the most tedious details. I know it's "24hourbullshit," as the boys like to call absolutely nothing conversations that is really enjoyable, and a terrible waste of time. But honestly, its so much fun, i can't help it. It's like I am so far away from any very vibrant rock music scene... A bit sad that watching live shows of new performers have been marginalized to pulpy mass market reality tv. Bit it's all I can get over here, so it's a bit special.


I do want to say I discovered a joy in recording the show and watching it later, that way you can not only fast forward the advertizing, you can skip the existence of Brooke Burke along with any singers you cannot bear to witness.

Jordis: She was a bit boring this week. She was good and got everyone to sing. She can work a crowd and seems to enjoy her experience. Jordon needs to ditch the band, the show, and get her own record deal. (Did I say that already? Yes, but it just gets reinforced week by week.)

Susie: Oh my. She was soooooo great tonight. She sang well, her stage performance was great. (What crazy eyes and shoulder movements!!!) I loved her and her outfit. If I voted, I would have voted for her. She was my absolute favorite this week. She played the harmonica, and just rocked. If she keeps doing what she is doing she and Jordis will surely be a tough competition.

Jessica: I just forwarded through the whole thing pretty much. She bugs me with her voice, she bugs me with her pressence, she bugs me with her answers.

He was perfect for singing the Kinks. He sang "lola," which I so love. He actually looked like the lead singer of the Kinks when he did this song. I liked it, the band said he needed to "let go," or "relax" or something like that. So he took his millitary jacket off and threw it into the crowd of screaming women. I would be screaming too. I couldn't believe it. I had no idea. But Mig.. is hot... in capital letters. Actually in my scribbles while watching. I just wrote HOT HOT Whao!! Which was obviously the only words that was connecting brain to paper.

Brandon: People like him. Dave Navarro says he sings with "Heart, Power blah blah." He does. I think that's why I don't really like him. He's too wholesome for me. And i don't think he's right for INXS.

Ty: Continues to be plastic black Ken. But this week I realized he's actually got a great voice, and it's the first time I have been able to watch his whole gig. he's good when he's not prancing around. INXS said he was too "Theatrical, and they are not a Theatrical band." Good point. I also thought is Ty gay? That means he's a black, likes rock, homosexual. Oh my god. The producers would have had to invent him if he didn't exist, and what's also amazing is he can sing rock songs as well... there we go. How many steryotypes can one man break? I wonder what growing up was like for him. But really, for all my dissing previously, he did a great great job with REM's everybody's hurt.

Heather: She looked drunk. Like an aging drunk singer in the last scene of some bio-pic. The once beautiful rock goddess reduced playing small clubs. She's not ageing tho. i don't know what happenned. It was a bit freaky to watch but I couldn't keep my eyes of her. This is the first performance I have watched all through. It's just very strange. I felt bad.

JD: I said last week JD is stupid for dissing everyone. He spent the whole episode 6 sulking as people ignored him. he chose "We are the champions." and this all this annoying thing about trying to get what he wants, and then changing his mind. He is very annoying and manipulative. He's also very very arrogant. But he has some interesting ideas, like making the song "We are the Champions" into a triphop feel. The house band said the version was terrible. But I only wished to hear how terrible it was coz at least its interesting.

On his performance. Dave navarro said, "Inxs told you to not be so cocky, and I question your choice of song. You chose, "We are the champions." That made me laugh. JD The boy has problems. He was once homeless and i think you can tell why that happenned, he has difficulties expressing himself and thinking straight. But even if he's not the "best" singer, for whatever reason, I really can see him as the lead singer of INXS, he's the most poppy of the lot in that clean cut, 80s rock band kinda way.  Don't know if he has a chance, as the band has to also pick someone they like as a human being to work with. And JD doesn't get that and continues to act like a bit of a dick. I have a soft spot for him. I think it might be as shallow as he looks cute in the way i like boys to look "cute." He's also intriguing, after his song, he goe to the audience and kisses and hugs this woman who he says, "It's my sister and I haven't seen her for two years." It makes me want to know more about that story. If he doesnt' win (which he won't, due to his personality) I am sure he has the potential to be a TV personality, a bit like Puck from Real World 2, San Francisco.

What's up with the hair? Did she do that herself? I forwarded most of it as it was boring.

Daphna: She's just such an awful singer. But she's such a beautiful woman. Model gorgeous. She had this amazing white flowing dress and big funky earrings on. Both times in the last week I see her, i just think. "God, i wish I could be that beautiful and look that good in (piece of clothing) she has." But I would have to look at her on mute for long periods of time if she happens to be singing. They kicked her out. I am a little sad that I will not be able to peruse virtually in her warddrope anymore.

What's her name: That one singer who I didn't like last week. i found she's got a great voice if I don't look at her. I just don't like her moves. She sticks her tongue out, she shakes herself a lot. She's very aggressivly sexual. I am thinking am I being descriminatory because she's an older, not skinny thin woman doing this? I mean Mick Jagger does it and it's cool. Is it because of all the other factors or is it because she's just not very good at it? I don't know. I will look into myself and search (hmmmm).

Marty: I know I said something about floppy hair blond guys shouldn't sing Nirvana songs. For the first bit was very much like that. I wanted to hear the notes of the songs but not his voice, and then starting in the second verse where it goes, "I am so lonely, but that's okay as I shaved my head." He blew me away. I was so impressed. I understand why they got him to do a encore although it wasn't so good that time.

But what I really didn't understand was when he said to Dave, "I know you have an affinity to Nirvana, (that the songs are sacred and no one should do them) and that's why I wanted to sing this to kick your ass."

Like what was that about? I am sure Kurt Cobain and Dave Navarro were friends or at least contemporaries who knew each other. Why would you say something like that, to the person who lost their friend to suicide? Dave dissed marty's vocals and got booed. I think it would have been fair if he got up and punched him.

And two new things that I realized what makes me really enjoy the show.

Dave and Tattoos.

I am starting like Dave Navarro a lot. Even if he cries when contestents are kicked out. Even if he sometimes gets into little spats with contestents like with Marty. I am starting to look forward to watch the show just so I can see him. I listenned to his Camp Freddy Radio after visiting his blog 6767, and he made me crack up so much I found myself really liking him as a human being. I had an amusing impulse that maybe one day I will call up the show, so that he can call me "sweetheart."

Tattoo spotting. Suzie turns out to have some crazy crazy tattoos on her arm. I didn't see much of them, but they made her look crazy. Living in Hong Kong, it's such a sad thing not to get to tattoo spot anymore. I love tattoos. And actually since i have been watching this show, i started dressing a lot more rock chiq. It felt good actually to dress like I have a bit of personality, I forget to do that in HK all the time, it's so white washed here all the time. You become bland by default. It reminded me part of why i derive a level of happiness in being in LA that I don't get here. Personal style counts for a lot and LA has a deep rock aestetic that i used to be very much part of.

The show ends with a lot of crying. I think it's nice everyone got along so well and like each other a lot. It's so much more emotional than the other reality shows where people are just soooooo hateful towards each other.

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I watch: Rockstar Inxs Week 3 (Episode 8)

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Watching the third kick out show on live telecast... It's 9am in the morning. I am ashamed to say, that on Wed and Thursday, I wake up with a certain level of excitement thinking hmmm. "Something decent on TV first thing in the morning." Usually it's Oprah, which I am also ashamed to say, I occasionally do get a certain level of "happy" hormones while watching it. Working from home allows you to watch crap TV 24/7.

Last week they got rid of Neal. No kidding, you can't have a man who fronts your band if you can't talk to them. "Melodic" in not a hard word, especially if you're supposed to be a musician. What would he do with the song mediate? Not know what that means either? Bring a dictionary with him on stage?  Bye Bye Neal. I will miss his pressence of Jagger in da body of Richards tho. It's weird to watch but fascinating.

Martin got to do the encore. Short blond guys with floppy hair should not do Cobain. Unless you're David Bowie (singing his own song that Nirvana covered), a jazz musician, or Courtney Love one shouldn't do Nirvana covers. I don't even think Dave Gorhl does it either and he was in the band. I once went to see a Nirvana "tribute" gig with lots of different bands doing their songs. I came out of there thinking, "I never knew how truly great musicians nirvana members were because the songs sounded so bad today, and they were the very same notes being played. Every time I see covers I just think Cobain is very talented and I am very very sorry I never saw him live.

I am amazed at the (general) good taste of the audience voters. This week they voted down, Heather, Daphna, and Jessica. Of these three the order of booting should go as such: Jessica, followed by Daphna, then Heather. Heather may be boring but she's the only one I can bare to watch her sing again.

I am thinking Thursday show might not be worth watching. Why would I want to see three people who suck sing again, all the while mangling my (first-grown-up)-summer songs?

I think the band is going to want a hot chick to front their band. Why? Coz they are old, the women are hot and they can stare at her ass. They just seem like that kind of guys. They are Michael Hutchence's buddies after all. He would approve.

I am cutting down on cigarettes. Heather is so boring that I went out this morning and had my first cigarette of the day. Jessica is now singing, and I am thinking of having another one. Then again, a glass of bailey's on the rocks is feeling increasingly like a good idea. It feels right, they are partying it  in LA at the mo. This reminds me of an alcoholic mantra, "It's 9pm somewhere."

Nooooo. The band's not getting rid of Jessica!! Noooo Nooo Nooooo. And they've got rid of both the bottom two! I am suprized. I thought they would keep the pretty girls.

Now it's "Friends," when are they going to play the "behind the scenes" show on Star? That's the bit I want to watch coz I think they are going to kick, that guy's ass for saying "I don't mean to diss these people over there but..." (I just did by saying they are not fans of INXS.)

So another week passes, and we're no closer to having a "Competition," because it's so obvious how many people need to go before we're even close to any kind of intrigue. Next week they should get rid of three contestants instead of two. It would improve the show a great deal.

I just realized the TV show tagline is "These people are looking to get the most prestigious position in the world of rock and roll."

Most prestigious??

I don't think so.

You know they won't make big bucks doing this. They only get performer fees. All the royalities still go to the band and that's where all the money is.

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U2 In Milan...

Da Music Issue

This is so awfully cool. I must share...

My friend Gio went to see U2 last night in Milan Italy. He sent me a photo and a sound file from his mobile phone. That just might be one of the coolest "presents,"  I have ever gotten. Because I love u2, I love u2 live even more, I totally love Italy, and I love mobile technology. This guy rocks about as much as Bono at this moment.

(Starting from now Glutter is openly soliciting concert photos from your mobile!! haha).


Listen: 21LUG-02.AMR

I watch: Rockstar Inxs Week 2 Episode 5

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I am addicted to Rockstar: Inxs. I promise you.

Will: eliminated last week. Thank god! His cheap “sleep with me” eyes that he focused on the three woman in the front row was starting to feel like that one guy in a bar who really didn’t get the hint. I was begging him to stop stomping, followed by shaking his hips. Shiver.

Ty: I just don’t get him. I hate his Mohawk. He feels like a cheesy happy ken doll except he’s black and has a Mohawk. I hate to say this, but did he get picked because they needed at least one minority in the show? I know he’s not good when I start willing myself to like him because he’s the only minority on the show.

Tara: She freaks me out. Honestly. She seems hell bent on showing the world her couchie. Opening her legs up, unbuttoned front button and standing on the edge of the stage. No! No! No! I don’t want to see that. She screams too much. I hid under the cushion and begged people to kick her out. I can’t stand another week of hearing her because I am too lazy to get off the sofa.

Suzie: She nearly got eliminated twice last week. This week she rocked… what was the song she did? Roxanne. Oh, my. I had my jaw dropped open. She has an amazing voice. I think everyone will have to watch out for her.

Neal: He admitted he doesn’t know what “melodic” means, which is bad because that’s what he was asked to do. He didn’t pull it off, and when asked if he thought he pulled it off he said, “Totally, I made it rockin’ didn’t i?” proving he wasn’t joking when he said he didn’t know what the word meant. Inxs was not impressed. Good jeans, good legs, pretty good body but dumb.. not going to go with this band.

Mig: Mig is good. He’s really hardworking and gets the job done. You can see him being a rock opera singer. Good at job. I thought while watching the show, “I would like to see what happens to him. He could really be good.” And then one of the Inxs guys said, “I don't think we have seen the best of you yet.” Touche. He is in my top 3.

Marty: reminds me of David Spade. I love David Spade. But I don’t remember him the minute he leaves the screen.

Jordis: Didn’t know why Inxs loved her so much until tonight when I sat down and watched her sing.  She’s amazing, confident, not trying too hard, and just sings like she should as in perfect. Great eye shadow as well. I say forget Inxs. Someone just give her a solo record deal. She rocks. Everyone knows it and the band does too, “Big hair, Big Belt Buckle, Big Voice, Big Future.” If I was the kind of person who voted in these things, she would be the person I vote for this week.

Jessica: The first time I saw her, I just couldn’t understand why she could look so unattractive when she’s obviously very attractive. Maybe because all she does is show of her perfect tummy in her tight black bikinis and low cut jeans. I spend her whole set wondering if I too can achieve such perfection and how each performance seems like a replay of the last. Turned out I wasn’t the only person who thought it either.

JD: I keep thinking he fits with the band well. I like his style and shocked by his willingness to be an asshole. “While the others are learning Inxs songs, I know them because I love them,” and says this to the band and in front of his competitors, admittedly, I think its true and the band might know it as well. But JD is stupid. The others are going to make his life so miserable that he’s going to go nuts, blow up and then don’t sing well. There is so much wrong about him (Why did he keep his one hand up in a peace sign all song??) but somehow I keep wanting him to pass.

Heather: I want to like heather because I like Dave Navrraro likes her tattoos. (And he’s not half a stupid as I thought. He is compelling to watch and is like pure rockstar….he encapsulate Jane’s Addiction as well as the Chilly Peppers. Anyway, yeah this also encapsulates what I feel about heather, she just skips my mind quickly and I focus on something else.

Deanna: I liked that REM song. She kept dissing it. She pissed Inxs off for dissing it as they said, “REM is our friend,” oops. She’s just trying way to hard to be a “Rock Star” She doesn’t care about the music or the songs. She seems like a nice person, but she’s “not doing it for me,” and “I am not feeling it.” This show is going to do to these two phrases what ANTM did for “Edgy,” and “high fashion.”

Daphna: Nice earrings, scarf and I so love the flower by hair. I want a black cloth flower to pin to my head under a scarf and green eye shadow. I want that much capacity for style to get away with it like she does.. but the more important question is What would Joan Jett do? She could cry if she heard this rendition of her “I can’t stop myself from loving you.” Who does Daphna love? She doesn’t know it either. Too bad they only get rid of one person a week. I can think of a few people who need to go soon.

Brandon: Heeee..seeeeems…slllow. He seems like a good person. He seems really American. I think he might be an okay singer and a good guitar player. But he’s like a Dave Mathew’s Type band lead singer. He is not going to be the singer of Inxs. I will bet JD is right, he’s learning Inxs songs as we speak.

The horror of horrors. I think they auditioned like 15,000 people in 20 cities around the world and they came out with these 15? Five of them are already on their way of not making it. Shouldn’t these people be really really good? They are really going to be the real lead singer of INXS... (for one album and one tour anyway)

Tomorrow I find who gets kicked out.

Anyway, if you want to see the singers, hear them sing, read about the show the link is

So I am a fan of cheesy rock bands and cheesy rock talent shows. Deal with it. If you sat down and watched it, you migth realize it's really good. That is if you know the songs they sing.... (Never noticed how fast and how many words "Walk This Way," have before, although I do like it.)

For all INXS ROCKSTAR REVIEWS. Go Inxs index

For all INXS ROCKSTAR REVIEWS. Go to Da Music Issue

Glutter Radio two

Da Music Issue

never one for moderation, I went and download even more songs. I am now up to 2.8 days worth of it. Shameful. The RIAA should bust through my house and take my harddrive away just about now. You go to sleep, you go have dinner, you work and you come back and your computer is briming with great tunes... wow... once upon a time I said, "Unless I even own 40 gigs worth of mp3s, there really isn't a reason to own an ipod right?" Now I had the oppotunity of playing with one, I realized their greatness. Soooo...

Bloc Party: They remind me of the libertines (Both Britpop) because there is an honest quality to their ramblings, they have one or two experiemental tracks thrown in for good measure. Don't know if I "like" the non-wierd songs, but i think they are worthy of respect. A bit like Linkin' park. Don't know why I wouldn't really listen to them, but I feel affection towards them. In that little brother kinda of way.

Charlie Parker: This man used to sit for days and play the note "G" on his clarinet until he got the perfect note. He's still playing the perfect note to this day... thank god for recording technology.

Miles Davis: I thought if I was going to spend a lot of time listenning to chill out music and ambient hip-hop and drum and bass. I should at the very least understand why Miles Davis was first. I can see why it should all be attributed to him, but I don't always get it. His older stuff is easier to understand.

DJ Cam: Mad Blunted Jazz. It's supposed to be one of those defining acid jazz albums.. I never heard it but I had heard it a million times as well. Either it's his stuff or he influenced the things I have subsequently listenned to. Doesnt' seem like he made another album after this one. But it's worth testing out.

Foo Fighters: They have a double album. People say they are good. I thought I should understand. Dave Gorhl just seems cool to me.

DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo:
Ki-Oku Oh my.. A young up and coming trumpeter teams up with world's premier chill out DJ. This is good and perfect. This is acid Jazz. This album needs to be bought, to show support.

Herbie Hancock... He did this amazing album with Wayne Shorter that I once owned. it's so incredible. Really sparce and creates a sound scape of the mind. I lost it and I can't find it again. So his other stuff will do. He has a piano of Nirvana's All Apologise. Madness. Herbie has a new box set out. I should own that.

Mu-Ziq Mu-Ziq Mu-Ziq Mu-Ziq Mu-Ziq Mu-Ziq Mu-Ziq From In Pine Effect until now. I will always love them. They will always be chill out experimental and sometimes I  want to describe what I like  but really it's not a "sound" I like, I like them.

Radiohead: I busted out Kid A from my CD collection because I realized, although i didn't really apreciate it then, I think I am old enough to understand this album now.

Nina Simone and Billie Holiday: Both challenging lead singing ladies of the Jazz age. Prefering Ella and Sarah, these two women were too frightenning for me early on. Then one day i "got" it. Like Ella and Sarah are marble pillars, beautiful and nice to touch these Nina is like the rasping concrete poured, Billie is the foundation. She will always give it the weight to keep jazz from floating into light pop. You might get elevator jazz but it can never go that far. Eventually everyone will arrive at her feet and realize what the music is about. I would have so much like to have been in her pressence. I once sat on "her" booth in the Lennox Lounge, the place she drank at and had a whiskey in her honor. But it's not the same.

A trickle of other artist as well.

Moby, Tricky, Lemon Jell, Roni Size,

Pre Fuse 73 and Lemon Jelly

da music issue

Sometimes you just find a gem of an album and a great band. These are my favorite three I discovered through the years one is Lemon Jelly's , followed by Mu-Sic and Pre Fuse 73's vocal studies and uprock narratives. Both were quirky albums that I fell in love with instantly. And like all great secrets, they spread slowly and through the word of mouth, until you discover quite a number of people you know have bought it because somehow they found it too.

Last week, I met someone who had one of them when I played it to him. Then told another friend about it. I transfered both into my computer so I can listen to them more often. Just thought I would share.

Glutter Radio

Da Music Issue

It was time to learn how to use itunes. I only had awful stuff I never listenned to. So I went and borrowed some music from some friends online...

What I did was deleted everything I had and got brand new stuff I had never heard before to expand my horizons.

Fleetwood Mac:
I  only know the sordid stories, but I really love their music!!! I didn't know they were that good. I thought they were infamous only.

David Bowie: I really feel I should get to know his stuff better. I think he needs time to sink in.

American Idiot: Green Day.
It's got really good reviews but I just can't get into it. But I didn't like them the first time around, although I love their old songs now. But really for nostagia value. So I might be getting rid of them real soon.

I have no idea how to define them. I called them "Easy Listenning" for a while, then in the end I called it "good pop," they remind me of fleetwood mac, and probably U2. Loud, stadium pop, anthems, just catchy and fun... easy listenning stuff, but not easy listenning. I think they are supposed to be the biggest band in the world right now except I never heard of them until REALLY recently.

Pixies: I can never remember what they sound like and whether I like them. But I do... some of their songs.

DJ: Shadow... He's so great, I am going to buy his new album. He's like amazing in every way. A real artist.

DJ Krush, I loved him live,. So I am exploring his recorded stuff

The Vines: Way more rock than I envisioned. I dunno. but it's practically revival they don't sound individual to me.

The Libertines: Good band. There is a rambling quality to them that's so honest and unpretencious. Like puppies.

Beck: I am never sure what to make of him although I have all his albums. I think he's challenging, that's why I listen to him.

Jazzanova: This is absolutley the thing I love most. Except I can't buy their album in HK or couldn't. I should check them out because it's really new jazz, not trip hop, not house, not anything but new jazz...

Kruder and dorfmeister:
I bought their album about seven or eight years ago, and just thought it was this slow stuff, and couldn't understand what the big fuss was about. In fact. I slept through pretty much their six hours set. But now I am older, I realize what great talent they are. Chilld out stuff. Very similar to jazzanova. It's err. adult drum and bass!!

The Offspring: It's like a best of B sides thing. Got to listen to it. They invoke extreme emotions in me. I either love their songs or I really don't.

This has been hailed as their "Come Back" album in the UK, although other countries like it less. When I first heard it I thought it was probably the most awful thing I had ever heard, but it caught up on me. I just had it play in the background and then suddenly thought, "Whao, who is THIS?" and it was Oasis.. I think I am going to really give it a good try and listen to it a few times.

Good Charlotte: I borrowed some kid's ipod while we were wakeboarding, and I discovered them. I wouldn't say they are original, but just fun.

The Stokes:
I downloaded two of their songs. I don't get them. I am going to try and see if I do again.

The Killers: It's say they are the "new" duran duran. Gotta check that out!

So, this should keep me very engaged for a long while. I hope I will sit and listen to this and get to know this stuff. I was just thinking how it's a bit of a shame that we have so much access coz once upon a time you bought an album and you listenned to it over and over again until you knew every bit of it, and now there is so much stuff to try out one never truly listens... that or I am older and I have too much other things to do and don't have the time anymore...

I watch: Rockstar, Inxs

Da Music Issue

For All Rockstar Inxs Reviews: Index

Today was the launch the new Mark Burnett reality TV show. ROCKSTAR: INXS. The search for the new lead singer of Inxs. They put 15 people in a big mansion, then somehow people around the world end up voting. I think the original members have say as well, as they voted the first person out tonight.

Mainly, the best I can describe it, is that its like American Idol for the rock crowd. You don't have to listen to daft songs like, "Up where you belong," or "I am not a superwoman," and any of that, instead you listen to things like, "Celebrity Skin," "Teen Spirit," "Knocking on Heaven's Door," and "A little bit of my heart," and oh, and the only black person on the show sang, "Cult of Personality," by one of the few black rock band, "Living Color."

Since the time different is great. I watched it at 9am this morning while eating breakfast.

I think the people are all pretty talented. but I can't see any of them being able to replace Michael Hutchence. What hit home was that even if they "Talent Searched" 20 cities, picked the best. These people still are not up to the quality of the top lead singers like Hutchence, like Cobain, like Vedder, and that really they are extrapordinary and therefore worthy of our rememberence, and adoration.

The one let down of this whole thing is the cheese factor of it is cranked up. The minute the carmen electra look-a-like called Brenda Burch/Burke (??) came on, I knew this was not as I conceived it. This is not going to be a classy show at all. It can't be to have a bay watch type girl standing around. Before I even got over that shock, It was followed by Dave Navarro being the person who would "Guide" the contestents in the next few months. I groaned.

Navaro is quite a smart guy, I read his blog once or twice, but he's sappy americana, he's married to Carmen electra. My friend directed a movie she was in. There are some funny stories about her, both good and bad. He played in Jane's Addiction and the Red Hot Chilly Peppers but he's left both.  So Dave isn't exactly... em.. what I was hoping for. I just wanted something a bit more "serious." The whole show was too much Dave and not enough INXS. It was like he was the center of everything. I wanted to see the band, they were always hidden, and I wanted to see them a bit more.

I think Inxs is more like the elder states men by now they deserve better. Although I guess if you're running out of money, anything will do. I don't know if they are. I assume they must be. It's nearly ten years since Hutchence, "Committed Suicide," or whatever it is they say how he died. I noticed they glossed over his death very quickly, and surely didn't bring up the sordid parts of the story. Seeing his coffin was a bit creepy. I wasn't in the first world when it hapenned, I had no access to news channels or newspapers, so I missed the whole hoopla of his death really, thus never seeing his coffin.

You know what's odd as well. I forget Inxs was so long ago. They were pre-nivana, pre-grunge, pre-acid house, pre-techno, pre-dance scene, pre-rap, pre-hiphop. it was like a different landscape of music. It's... like they are historic.. like Disco, or the Rolling Stones or something.

My friend and I watched "Live Baby Live," about two months ago and i honestly was amazed by how many incredible songs that band had, and we were just saying how the band was dead, as how could the band ever find another front person. And he said, "Well, he was the only talent, the rest are useless, and there is no way they could ever replace Michael Hutchence."

I said, "Hmm. Maybe they aren't. They just haven't found someone else to head it. I would sure like to hear the songs live for once. I keep hearing that they might find someone else, but I don't think they ever would."

I decided the only way that was possible was if they invited some other lead singer from another band to do it, like a one off thing. You know award shows, or charity shows, Glastonbury... but not a long terms regroup. I keep thinking Eddie Vedder would be a good person. He of course would strip away all the "joy" of Inxs, but I think he could add the weight and seriousness that people often missed when it came to them. I think Inxs was a more serious band that people gave them credit for.

Little did we know, while we were discussing the future of Inxs, all this other stuff was in the works.

For all INXS ROCKSTAR REVIEWS. Go Inxs Reviews


for now listen....

da music issue

I only got back online today properly at my new home.

It's fantastic. I am so so so happy with my new place. It's got a balcony. It's got a spare room. It's got enough room for me to do my art and have friends over. And with all the changes I have left a lot of work undone and disorganized. I must get on with it.

In the meantime I want to present to you some fantastic, talented and really hard working individuals.

one is Wilson Tai, who has launched his limited edition CD. 050505

Wilson works his own business, takes photos, and generally just manages to be a cool individual and still finds time to do what other people find impossible which is to make a full length record. It's great and you should check it out. The site allows for quick preview. 050505

The other is of course Tszpun and his crew. Their music is always floating on the net and in my apartment.


Hong Kong

They Rocked! If you missed ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK at Rock It and Friday night at Amnesia. You missed out. The best Indie Band in Hong Kong for I don't know how long, this J-Metal Outfit rocked my world and the whole audience. I always wanted to see one of these bands, coz they are legendary even in the States for their total devotion to a damn good performance. They stole the show on Saturday. On Sunday, that's all everyone talked about (Did you SEE EES??). The drummer also got arrested at Rock It for only wearing a sock on stage. (Very funny)

They are the only Asian band I have ever seen who were not afraid to go crazy and throw attitude worth stadiums right in our faces even if it was a club of 150 - and respect from both sides were shown.

The drummer juggles, pretends to swallow his drum sticks and occasionally hits his temple with the back of them. The bassist plays over his head, below his knees, and his sweat sprayed in the audience with him shaking so much. And as the lead singer howls "SOS," "Japanese Meets Chinese in USA" and "Suicide Rock 'n' Roll," his afro never stops bouncing especially when he jumps on the amp.

"Sex, Drugs and EMAIL!"

Thank you for reminding us that “Rock and Roll Can Save the World.” Because when you are that good. It can.

Thank You.

This was the best show I have seen for a long long time.

Tacet Effect, The Academy. Live Saturday at Amnesia

Da Music Issue

Melbourne Based Band Tacet Effect will be playing Live at Amnesia this SATURDAY the 15th. Two of their previous members are Hong Kong based now, and they invited the band to play. From what I have heard, they are AWESOME. I liked one of their songs so much that I used it for one of my projects, and I probably will use it again.

The other band is the Academy, you might have seen them at Rockit. They have been at it for years, i watched some of them play in the variety shows at school camp when they were 13 and I was their prefect. :)


3/f Almaqar House
30 Hollywood Road
(Just up and left of the esculator)
Free Admission

Regurgitator Show: Hong Kong

Da Music Issue

Mvc00003I am currently in Sydney right now. So i decided to get with the city and publish some photos of Regurgitator. An Australian band who headlined Rock it Festival this year. They are really nice. I didn't even know they were the band until they got up on stage, so normal they were in the days previous. It's seldom bands let you get close, and they let me on stage to film. It was crazy to see all these people just going mad from that vantage point. It was quite an experience. And the photos came out good, I love the colors...