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With the exception of possibly another Nirvana album, it's hard to imagine a more anticipated, discussed and dissected major release than U2's "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb," out Monday. This is the band's first album in four years and their 11th. Their longevity, can be attested by their ability to make hardened rock critics gush because no matter what you might think, or even if you're not aware. There is no one out there who doesn't like U2. The test being everyone sings along (some in secret) to "With or Without You."

And even better and extra special, Glutter discovered that on NME you can pre-listen the to the album.

Listen to How to Dismantle a Atomic Bomb Now!!
(Some of the links for real media is funky, keep clicking it eventually works)

U2_how_to_dismantle_the_atomic_bomb66357"It has become clear that there has never been, and probably never will be again, a band like U2. A combination of the Beatles (hugely popular, melodic) and the New York punk band Television (innovative, uplifting), they also have the heart of the Ramones and the swagger of Frank Sinatra. In their career-spanning quarter of a century, they have never had a band member arrested for carrying a gun, or punching a photographer, or been thrown out of a nightclub or dragged kicking and screaming out of an apartment building in a a state of undress. No member of U2 has had to hide stories from a wife about a visit to a strip club. Not one of the original members has quit the band, overdosed, committed suicide, been murdered of died. Even though Bono writes the melodies and the words to the songs and Edge comes up with much of the rest of the music, the four fo them truly work out songs together and have had an equal share in the money. They've had the same manager for 27 years, which is practically unheard of in the music business.... They've had the same tour manager, Dennis Sheehand, for more than 20 years and an organization (staffed mostly by women) known for efficiency and good manners in a nasty, nasty business. And except from the brief period of time when Adam Clayton was engaged to Naomi Campbell, they have never been fodder for the tabloids. U2, the only mega-band that still makes both commercially successful and vital music, avoided the rock-star cliché from the get-go....

"They didn't pretend they didn't want to play large venues. And while every band that steps on stage really wants to be as big as the Beatles, U2 admitted it. The songs -"I will follow," New Year's Day," "Where the Streets have No Name," "I Still Haven't Found What I Am Looking For." and countless others -were always described as anthemic, with soaring melodies, and ringing guitars. They had big dreams, big ideas, and a big atmospheric sound. U2 was, and is, a band that matters.

Vanity Fair: U2's Unforgettable Fire, Lisa Robinson Nov 2004.

"Virtually everything that once made U2 the kind of band that the Teardrop Explodes or the Pet Shop Boys sniggered at, is back on How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. The lyrics address social issues with brushstrokes so broad, they make undoubted sincerity sound suspiciously like cliché: in those high-powered meetings he has with Blair and Bush, you can only hope Bono comes up with something a bit more convincing than "we need love and peace, lay down your guns".

"And yet - as anyone who has been dragged along to a ghastly sports arena protesting that they hate everything U2 stand for, then unaccountably ended up punching the air to Pride, will tell you - there is something undeniable about U2. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb may be unadventurous and melodramatic, but it is packed with disarming moments. City of Blinding Lights is shameless stuff, building from a howl of feedback through a majestic, booming piano line to a chant-a-long chorus designed to reach the back rows of some ghastly sports arena. But you would have to be pretty churlish to remain unmoved by it, as you would by brash current single Vertigo or the supercharged Motown stomp of All Because of You."

Guardian: You aren't Laughing Anymore

"We want him over the top, playing with unforgettable fire. We want him to sing in Latin or feed the world or play Jesus to the lepers in his head. We want him to be Bono. Nobody else is even remotely qualified.

When Bono sings, "You're the reason why I have the operas in me," his grief and his grandiosity seem to come from the same place in his heart. It's a reminder that what makes U2 so big isn't really their clever ideas, or even their intelligence -- it's the warmth that all too few rock stars have any idea how to turn into music."

Rolling Stones Review

The Album is Out World Wide Monday.

Listen to How to Dismantle a Atomic Bomb Now!!

Home Girl: DJ/Producer Janette Slack

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Director Doug Pray of "Hype" and "Scratch," was commissioned by Doctor Martin Shoes to make a series of short films about people who "embodied an independent attitude." One of the candidates was a young woman named Janette Slack, DJ, Producer. She is one of the 50,000 DJs currently trying to make it in the UK. Eurasian Janette grew up in Hong Kong, and as her friend put it. "Is going to be huge." Followed by me asking, "Is she good looking, coz that will help." and he said, "Yes, but she's more talented than she's beautiful, which is why she will make it." What more of an endorsement can one make?

Check out the Film:

Janette has DJed all over the world, playing a quality collection of funky and upfront music. In her native Hong Kong, she enjoyed residencies in after hour joints and playing in all its major clubs, including collaborating in the launch of a breakbeat night, Friday Funk Funktion.

Janette embarked on club tours through Canada, Australia, the US and China, from desert parties in California to the hottest spots in Montreal. Summer 2003 saw her supporting Tayo, appearances on BreaksFM as a guest on Atomic Hooligan's show, recently supporting acts such as the Plump DJs, Leeroy Thornhill from the Prodigy, Hybrid, Freestylers and the Stanton Warriors to name a few. Janette shares a monthly residency with the Disposable Breaks DJs, in London's Indigo supporting major acts.

Since completing an Audio Engineering course with distinction, in June 2002, Janette has been Label Manager and Audio Engineer at New World Music Group. Janette's production work has taken her to Spain and Sweden to collaborate with other producers and musicians, as well as teaching them how to use recording and programming software.

2004 Sees Janette go to Moscow and St. Petersburg regularly, have a summer residency in Helikarnas, Europe's biggest outdoor club, and be an integral part of the Marlboro tour of Russia. She starts residencies in Switzerland and France and will also be releasing her first three singles and her long awaited artist Album.

Mc Jin Photos (hong kong)



Jin and Boz


Signing da Poster for my little brother


Jin, Boz and manager dude           A Daniel Wu and BLT's Jason Tobin.

I really wanted to see MC Yan (previously LMF). He couldn't turn up due to some ego, drama, face thing in the "Scene", that had nothing to do with MC Yan at all... I think the whole thing affected the show somewhat. The kid is a better rapper than ever, he's got some good and intelligent rhymes, but the vibe just wasn't the same as last time. And it started 3 hours later than we thought it would, as  MC Yan couldn't come.. The audience was pretty grumpy and tired by then. A bit of a shame really. Was I tripping but did Jin not do his single, "Learn Chinese?" Isn't that the song he's famous for? Odd. Also missing from his last show was the Canto/English translation rap. That went down so well last time. It earned my respect. And the bi-lingual audience loved it. Bring it back! Hope he even comes back. In certain respects Hong Kong wasn't exactly welcoming this time round. Except the girls. (Present company excluded, thank you.)

Reminder MC Jin Plays Hong Kong this Friday

Glutter's Hong Kong Supporting da Scene.

"Jin recently won the very prestigious "FIGHT CLUB" MC Freestyle
competition where he took home $50,000USD and a brand new car. The entire
music industry was there to witness him crush other freestyle champions as
well as rappers that already produced hit singles. He's creating a
bigger buzz right now in the States after winning this competition than he
did after 106th & Park!"

You can experience the competition through audio clips or read the lyrics.

3Jin will be kicking off his Asian tour in Hong Kong November 5th 2004.
Title: The Rest is History Asia Tour 2004
Featuring: Jin Tha MC
Co-Featuring: MC Yan (previous LMF) & DJ Weezy
Date: Friday November 5th 2004
Venue: Club ING 4/F Renaissance Harbor View Hotel Wanchai Hong Kong
Price: $200 Advance / $240 Door
Time: Doors open @ 10:00PM

For venue and ticket info check back at DJ

From Mc Jin's upcoming album, The Rest is History: C'mon, So Afraid More....

More MC Jin on Glutter

Eminem Raps Against Bush..

Socio Political Rants, Da Music Issue

Bad boy, misogynist, homophobe, drug user, trash, a great great rapper/musician, makes political statement against Bush, Iraq, the War, Social Inequality in his new track and video, "Mosh". The shock rapper is growing up, reconfiguring his talent to be better placed (or Bush is just so bad, even he gets it.)

StoryThe video is animated, as black hooded masses march lock step into, not war but the voting booth.

The song has all the elements of newly politicized ranting, including the beats as it thuds heavily in the oft event you just might miss the message.

Music aside Salon says, ""Mosh," makes "Fahrenheit 9/11" look like a GOP campaign spot,"

See Eminem's "Mosh" Video

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AudioTraffic Plays Fringe Club Friday

Da Music Issue

After the success of their appearence at Rock It 2004. Where they conquered Sunday's mainstage crowd during their Sunset slot with the ease and grace all four of them possess. AudioTraffic plays the smaller, more intimate venue of The Fringe Club.

Date: Fri, Oct 29
Time: 10:30pm
Venue: The Fringe Club
(2 Lower Albert Road, Central)
Admission: HK$80 (includes one drink)
Support: AirTub

Late Night Thoughts: The Screwy Mind Fxcks of Fame

da Music Issue

Since this time last year, I wanted to do a series on fame, musings on the phenomenon. What it feels like when people you know garner a level of success in their art, and thus become famous or at least semi-famous. How at once I feel an immense joy for them, a sense of pride, but when it hits a higher level, once it's out of the word of mouth, indie level, and moves to the bigger thing, it brings on a insecurity for me that it feels like hives that is crawling on my skin. How I no longer feel the spontenaity I once had to talk to them, to shower them with my love and encouragement, and the confidence to tell other people how great they are in every way both as a person, and as an artist. Like it makes me hold back, withdraw, and feel really uncomfortable least I am construed to be "jumping on the band wagon."

I hate those words, I wish my friend never said that to me, as in "I am so sick of people calling me up out of the blue because I know they just want to jump on the band wagon, and get a bit of MTV."

And how when I heard that, I felt this awful clunk in my heart, and went, "I don't want that. I just called to see how you were. To congradulate you. I mean I don't even know who those guys are. I don't even want to meet them."

And he said, "No, you should, they are really cool people. really funny."

"Well I don't!!!" I whined, "Next time I am in LA, I just want to see you."

"Okay.... but I would have introduced you anyway. I know you didn't call to do that, I mean people who I don't even know.. I know you...right?"

"Yeah. Okay..." I said, We tried to talk for a while, but to no avail, my heart wasn't there in our conversation anymore and I hung up, pouted, and felt really bad for a really long time.

The story goes on, my feelings morph and changes, and I never wrote the series because I couldn't quite face myself and how it made me feel.

I still kinda can't.

But I have been thinking a lot about it for the last few days. A million reasons, all to do with Rockit, and being around bands, musicians, production people, security, and of course standing on the other side of the adoration for the first time, even if it's not directed at me, but experiencing it from the other side of the barrier.

It's crazy, and rockit is so so so small compared to how big it can be.

Being up on stage with 3000 people screaming. I was invisible behind a camera, and I felt like I was in a trance. I can't imagine what it does to the person who everyone is screaming for.

And how like there I was drinking, at the after party and this man leans over and said, "You know I love this! I love this, it's so nice being surrounded by talent. It's so special." and I felt a lump in my throat, and I said, "I thought we were being surrounded by friends." Well maybe not my direct friends, but friends of friends, and at least some people who were cool, who were doing something fab, and was having a good time. And that I was thinking this was special because all the people there were so normal, kinda just like people I like, with the exception they had a cool job, that i wanted to ask a million questions about. And I felt a little dissappointed at remembering maybe that wasn't the case, that the fun wasn't maybe real, it wasn't about people who got along, but about people wanting to be near fame. And I knew how weird I felt about it, because when that guy, who by all accounts is so very nice leaned on me about a minute later, I jumped back from him, really abruptly, which is so not like me, as I am always much affectionate.

And I found myself lying to someone because they were telling me how it's crap to be famous because you never know if people liked him or for all the other reasons, and I said, "Oh really? It's really like that?" When I actually wanted to say, "yeah, I know. and let me guess, some of your friends started acting really weird towards you like you are a different person now, right? because you know, I am one of those friends. And you know why? Coz suddenly I am paraniod that maybe you're thinking that of me, or at least it's crossing your mind what my intentions are and everything I say is being sized up. And then once I get that in my head, i start to act really strange, and then you start to feel uncomfortable, and it becomes a mess. And dude, I met you yesterday, you weren't famous to me at least, but now I know who you are but you were always that way but how do you think I feel when I am on the phone with someone, I was once falling in love with, and start feeling maybe he thinks that's why I called?"

But of course I didn't, because he was famous, and in my mind I was turning how that few sentence might be construed in his brain, and whether if he's gonna feel I am trying to be his friend and walk away, and I think I would be kinda insulted if he did, coz that's not my intention in the first place, I wanted to chat because it seemed had an interesting life and i like that in people... and some of my normal convo conversations suddenly sound different in this context like, "Cool, yeah, if I finish my film, I totally want new music for it." "Yeah, i will be in Sydney this X'mas," "That was a good show." "So how does that work?"

and it all gets screwy in my brain, even if I know it shouldn't, so i start to over compensate, coz really at that point I just want to run back to normal people who things don't seem so complicated yet I know that this coversation would probably be more interesting if I stuck with it and was just normal and unaffected.

Which of course by this point, it's no longer.

And then I don't know if I want to apologise or just ignore them from them on.

Which is the mess I knew I would get into.

Nothing Ever Kills the Radio…

Da Music Issue

Of all the mass media mediums, internet, television, news papers, magazines, books, DVD, VCDs, etc. etc I think my first love will always be the radio. It’s the place I first learnt to listen, to conversation, stories, news, music. I noticed how although I have hundreds and hundreds of movies and documentaries in my collection, I take so little time to watch any of them, always postponing, rather that hooking up my computer into the stereo and sitting down, candles lit, playing some archived show that was on air at some other time.

It reminds me of my childhood when I carried my small transistor over the house, my teens when I carried a walkman everywhere, and the college years of having it blast out in my apartment or driving down a highway or a freeway. My connection to the DJs their choices, the moment a favorite song comes on unexpectedly, reminding me of a time, a memory or just a skip of the heart because I loved that one song. And with the internet and some of my geographically disparate stations all a click away. I can be anywhere in the world really, when I am home.

So what I did was finally add a “listen” section on Glutter, these are my stations. These are my shows, the soundtrack to my work, writing and life.

Check it out on the left. Hope you enjoy them as much as me.

KCRW:Los Angeles, California
-From Santa Monica College (the sunny beach side college I attended for a while) The place to find the newest independent sounds and music of all genres from around the world with professional DJs. It includes archives acoustic acts of some major acts, interviews and specials on the jazz greats, art and culture segments, new electronic tracks, theatre broadcast and political debates. I honestly think this is the best station in the world with no exaggeration, and the most ground breaking one in California. Most of the shows are on demand, so click around and find how you would like to spend an hour or two of your life.

BBC World Service: from over 200 countries based in London
-Unfiltered news most of the time, from every corner of the world. The station I grew up with every morning of my life at home.

Sound Quality: Australia
-This show is defies genre and words, although it has a great leaning towards electronica, it's a mix of everything and everyone from anywhere in the world. A real grown up clubber show.

Triple J: Melbourne, Australia
-Very listenable popular genre stuff of all genres (As long as there are no phone-ins then it quickly degrades into a kiddie station)

ABC Classic: Melbourne, Australia
-Interviews with Australian Cultural keepers and their choice of Classical and Jazz Favorites

Sounds Eclectic: Republic of Santa Monica, California
-Off shoot of KCRW, with a library of the bands who play live in their studio, from Beck, to Radiohead, to Mocheeba, Norah Jones and many others, we haven't heard of but should

KZSC 88.1fm: UC Santa Cruz, California
-Another of my college radio. Always experiemental, when i was there, they had a woman with a speech impediment hosting a electronic show, a friend had one that only played women punk rock, not always good but always different and interesting

BBC - Radio 1: London
-Can't get Rodney on the Rocks on Kroq over the net, so I found John Peel, the British equivilant who breaks new bands
John Peel Passed Away Last Night.... I am so sad.....

Rhythm DJ Simon: Hong Kong, China
-DJ Simon, the unsung worker bee of the Hong Kong Scene, with a mix of electronic music from around the world

UFM: University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
-U stands for University. It's the place where I first heard Punk, Ska and Hardcore,

95B: Auckland, New Zealand
-I used to be so excited when I got into range of this station because it means I am nearing Auckland. It's a huge range of music, from semi-commercial to commercial, but the DJs don't have playlists so there are it's still got to do with knowing the music

Hip Hop Music Blog Radio
-I don't know much about Hip Hop, Jay is my guide Berlin, Germany

-Old skool Jazz, it's seriousness captured in station

Jazzanova Radio Show: Berlin, Germany
-Jazzanova is absolutely the best nu jazz collective anywhere, and the producers hosts a show over the radio of their favorite music

Jazz88 FM: New York City
-An full range of Jazz, seems only right to hear it of a New York Station

The Lion: Penn State College Radio, Philadelphia
-My friend started "State Your Face Rock Show" on his college radio and now it's huge with different DJs every day of the week, it consists of radio rock, to more independent music, right to down to interesting jam bands. You can request songs from their huge inventory over MSN.

Camera Girl

Happy Happy Joy Joy. I graduated to being a camera girl today.

The 5,6,7 (Kill Bill II fame) played. I realized that it's never too late to be a rock star, as the lovely women are in their 40s and they got the whole place rocking, and so loved. I took a photo with them, thinking maybe I could pretend to be the forth member of the band. All I need is a bee Hive, and some tight leather clothes.

So anyway, the plan is now... when my friend makes his new movie, we're going to have a 5,6,7 tribute band in there, called the 10, 11, 12s, where I get to play the lead singer, guitarist as well as the drummer. I feel like as his friend, he has a duty to fulfil my rock star dreams, as i explained to him, I have all the moves, except no voice and no talent.

Okay, Exhausted. And looking forward to moving up to the jib tomorrow.

Lates, and Rockit?


The Dolly Girl

To Listen to the Festival Online. Live Broadcast Radio 3 Sat and Sun, 11:30-10:30pm (HKT)

Turned out I was production assistant, which means, I run errands for everyone else. The most exciting part of the job description is I label all the DV tapes, hand it out to the camera people, and then collect them all, and put them in a safe place. I felt a little frazzled, as there are many cords to fix, things to grab, and the sound to check. I had such a great time.

When I finally sat down with some of my friends at the end of the evening she said, "So what have you been doing?" and I pointed out at the camera in the front of the stage, and said, "You know how that moves?" and she goes, "Yeah, I was looking at it, thinking how funny it looked going back and forth." and I went, "It's even funnier if you realize the reason it moves is that I am on my hands and knees pushing it..." "huh." She went.

It was such a good day. I love being busy at these things, and much ado was made over my walkie talkie although in reality, I hardly used it.

Uncle Joe opened, followed by King Lychee, who rocked, (I finally said "Hi" to Riz), Nude was fantastic. DJ keon and Tommy was as usual fabulouso. It's a bit sad that nearly all my favorite HK acts went on Friday as that's the quietest day. I mean, I have no idea who the rest of the non HK bands are anyway, and nor does anyone else. I wish they pushed more local talent but hey, I am not running the festival. I am the girl pushing the dolly.

And I am off to bed.

Boy robbie williams really sucks

Mobile posting. (i am so lazy i can't even get up to go to the computer) I have never never understood the appeal of robbie williams. Not good looking. Kinda creepy. Admittedly amusing. I mean i know all there english women who just love him and actually forced to watch a whole concert worth of d v d because the hostess put it on while we were eating. I had no choice. It did not sway my opinion. Anyway in my vegetative state of couch sitting i endured a whole bunch of his videos on tv. Found out i enjoyed them actually. They were weird and he is a goof ball. Kinda like the guy who might hit on you at a bar and you dont send him away because he is harmless and funny. But you know once i pulled my eyes off the screen and switched on my ears i realised he is still awful. Truely bad. Ick. A true example of image over anything and how easy it is to get sucked in.

The Beginning of History: Mc Jin's New Album and Asian Tour

Da Music Issue (Supporting da scene issue)

From Mc Jin's upcoming album, The Rest is History: C'mon, So Afraid More....

Jin05_1Mc Jin, (official Site) just about the cutest little bro rapper out there, the first asian american MC to get signed onto a major label (virgin) through ruff ryders records, appeared in Fast and Furious two and had his moment on MTV with his video, "Learn Chinese," has a bunch of new tracks from his new album, the The Rest is History (out on October 19th) online. I saw him Decemeber last year at his homecoming show and there were a whole lotta love going both ways. And this time when he rapped in Canto we the audience all understood it. Unlike the equally darling William Hung, this boy has t.a.l.e.n.t.

Jin will be kicking off his Asian tour in Hong Kong November 5th 2004.
Title: The Rest is History Asia Tour 2004
Featuring: Jin Tha MC
Co-Featuring: MC Yan (previous LMF) & DJ Weezy
Date: Friday November 5th 2004
Venue: Club ING 4/F Renaissance Harbor View Hotel Wanchai Hong Kong
Price: $200 Advance / $240 Door
Time: Doors open @ 10:00PM

For venue and ticket info check back at DJ

Check it out.

Listen to MC Jin tracks: C'mon, So Afraid More....

Rockit Music Festival, Oct 22, 23, 24 -Victoria Park Greens

Da Music Issue

Rockie_11I am so excited. It's going to be such a nice weekend. I am so looking forward to see Audio Traffic play mainstage as the second to last act. I have never seen them any where but little clubs, so this should be awesome. I have no doubt they can manage a big stage and a bigger crowd. Especially because last year they were relegated to the worse slot possible, 11am on Sunday, small stage. Horrible. But now they won the battle of the bands and will be heading to New Zealand for the competition I suppose the organizers decided to give them a chance. King lychee will be there also, and after I saw them support Korn, I am pleased I will see them again, they rocked.

Missing is Ultra Lounge (why??) and EES. Its such a shame that Electric Eel Shock could not come back because they are touring Sweden as they stole last years festival! That was what everyone could talk about for weeks.

Oh well. I have no idea who half the acts are, but it's just going to be a good few days to sit in the sun, on the grass, hang out with friends and bump into just about everyone you know but have not seen in a long time. I am so glad they are doing this again. Little festivals are the best. No hassels, no need to bring anything, you're not going to lose everyone and find you're standing there all by yourself for hours. Nice contained space, easy to manage. Chillllll.

Glutter's Music Month: October

Da Music Issue

This time last year, I started "Da Music Issue" on Glutter. It was conceptualized as a month long series. To write about all the music I love, bands and DJs I saw, recommend a few records, and also write up the reviews of Harbour Fest, where I saw Gypsy Kings, Neil Young, and Rolling Stones. I found liked it so much I just continued with it.

Anyway I have already starting to plug a few emerging acts in Hong Kong the last week already, and more stuff will be on the way. I figured tradition is good. Even if it's just on my little blog. It signifys the changing of seasons and time passing.

Here is the index of all the music related posts I wrote about in the last 12 months.

Da Music Issue Index

News: Chinese rock 'still held back by conservative public, government'

BEIJING (AFP) - With his head shaven in a mohican and wearing trendy blue-tinted sunglasses, Zhang Hui is not the kind of young man you would bump into on the street in China.

The 20-year-old student was screaming and bouncing like the rest of the crowd at a four-day rock festival in a Beijing park over the weekend.

"This is my way of letting off steam," Zhang said. "I feel so repressed -- there are just too many restrictions in our society."

"Most people can't accept our music, they are still bound by a very traditional culture," the student at a contemporary music college said.

Although Western-inspired music like rock and roll is now enjoying unprecedented freedom in communist China, rock fans say the lack of acceptance by a largely conservative society and a reluctant government is still limiting its development.

Now in its fifth year, the Beijing Midi rock music festival moved out of its music school campus for the first time at the weekend but found it had to make some compromises.

Due to noise complaints, the event was nearly aborted after its second night of performance on Saturday.

When Zhang Fan, principal of the music school and organiser of the festival made the announcement, fans protested by throwing water bottles at the stage.

After some negotiations with local authorities, the festival was in the end permitted to continue but the remaining two days had to finish by 7:00 pm.

Du Yu, an art student from Shanghai, said the incident was just another sign that rock music was not welcomed in China.

"If this was a Labour Day evening gala with some old dears singing on the stage here, do you think they would say it was a nuisance?" he asked.

He said he was not optimistic about rock music's development in China.

"Too few people listen to rock and too few understand what it is about," he said. "The education system here suppresses your thinking -- people have no personality and are not capable of independent thought."

Zhang Hui said the lack of freedom of speech in China meant the music could not flourish freely as it does in the West.

"Some of the lyrics talk about pain and the dark side of our society. This has touched a sore spot (with the authorities) and they don't want to face it," he said.

Reluctance by the state-controlled radio and television stations to promote rock and roll artists is also making it hard for aspiring groups to build up a following.

Guang Lei, a singer and poet, said it was extremely difficult to promote his music because radio stations were not willing to play radical and non-mainstream music.

"We need an open and eclectic environment which allows all sorts of music to flourish," he said. "At the moment, the more radical type is still not permitted by the regime."

The 34-year-old gave up his job as a trader in Chinese medicine to become a musician but said he has to live on his savings while trying to promote his art.

Wen Zi, 23, a singer and guitarist, said he tries to make ends meet by busking in underground railway stations and selling tie-dyed cloth on the street.

The only son of a rural family, he said his parents want him to have a stable job and a stable income.

"I am doing this because I love it but I might have to give it up one day when my parents need me to support them," he said.

"I hope there will be more music festivals like this in the future, the more opportunities there are, the better it is for us."

Download Tszpun

Glutter's Hong Kong (supporting da scene issue)

JpgimageWhen I first came home about six years ago, I used to run a listing website, and go review raves for fun and living. One of the crews that threw parties at Bar City -a bassment club in TST- was called Club Progressive, they specialized in bringing UK club acts over in Hong Kong, who in general were uninspiring, commercial and played crappy garage house. But there was always a bit of hope in the evening as at some point a DJ named Tszpun who was part of the crew would play for a while. His stuff was darker, edgier, progressive house, which although was not incredibly popular with the crowd then, was always a favorite of mine. And as the scene changed, bar city closed, I quit my job, I never heard of these people again.

Anyway, it seems in the last six years, Tszpun didn't end up working in the telephone company or anything like that. He's part of the Hong Kong DJ Training Center. He's still making music. That makes me happy. Now a more mature artist, with distribution deals across Europe, US, China and Hong Kong, he makes more chilled out stuff but that hard edge is still embedded in the sound. Which makes me happier.

Download His Music @

And if you want to see him live. He and his crew will be at Nu tonight. I will probably come out of retirement and see you there.


Real Legends: Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter.

Mobile posting.

After today i can say i saw herbie hancock play piano and wayne shorter on sax, dave holland on drums and brian blade on bass and know what live jazz should sound like. And until i found out about the concert i thought herbie was dead because he played with miles davis and miles died a long time ago. I can now also say i got into a screaming fight at the box office over herbie hancock tickets and it was worth every second of standing my ground because those last two tickets in stand by were my tickets that my friend reserved and noone elses.

And the at some point in the concert when i realised that each note i just heard was gone. That it had passed and i was not going to hear it again and it meant the music was ending one second sooner- i cried Just a little bit and was glad i was sitting on the floor and could snuggle onto my friends lap because i felt so stupid crying over the passing of something i heard and was just lost and he was so overwhelmed with the sounds too that i was sure he would understand.

Charlie parker was said to sit and play three notes over and over again for hours so he could play them perfect and when herbie played the same three notes over and over i realised maybe this was the first time in my life i heard a perfect note and it does exist.

And jazz is so beautiful and i remember harlem, the jazz clubs and joel and i walking in the snow at all hour in the morning after we heard the songs in the then smoky bars of new york with old black men in red leather jackets drinking whiskey and women in their hats looking like time had not passed and king and x was still alive. And i mourned the closing of smalls and the lennex lounge and thought of sitting on the chair billie holiday once sat, and louis armstrong played his cornet followed by miles blowing on the trumpet. And they were all there once and i was just starting to learn about who they were and what they made and how to listen. And i closed my eyes to hear the way they slipped in and out of each others instruments and remembered how i learnt to listen to that new music and drifted away one note at a time. Sparingly, under stated, and a word a jazz musician i once met told me and cannot remember. This was not hotel jazz, not the blue book jazz, not be bop, and no funk, not easily listening, not elevator, not not fusion, nor show and not the cacaphony of miles experimental sounds of the seventies.. I dont know if there is a name to describe it but it seems to me it was once new jazz as it seems sparce but maybe this is just jazz, unencumbened by hyphens or genres. It just is. Simple four men playing together making music in the way of a tradition.

And in the end we lined up to get their autographs because after the notes have played and they are gone i can still have their names on a piece of paper. And somehow my frien3 made them laugh because when i asked them to write my name and spelt it out. He said, such a simple name for such a complicated woman. And then i asked why is it then men all laugh at the same jokes. They laughed even harder. And so even legends makes fun of a women s complexity, i guess it means they are men after all just ones with great talent an ear for sounds and a work ethic that all great musicians must have.

Elton Maybe not so interesting

Mobile posting. To be honest Elton john was actually really boring. I realised i did not know his songs and the ones i did was at best okay while some i actually found quite dreadful. He looked really goofy standing up and posing on the piano. Luckily had mucho hot milano banker to com miser ate with as friends sweated and threw the arms it the air. After a few songs he leaned over to me and said. Do you like this music? And i replied -no i like punk. He nods and said -me too. And went on to discuss relative merits of neil young tom waites beatles bob dylan and the stones in terms of old men in rock .