Publications: Fiction/Essays (No Longer Updated)

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Once I saw an Elephant
Five on the Fifth: Dec 5 2019

Cultural Weekly: Nov 7 2019

Ordinary Madness, Weasel Press: 2019

McKinsey Point.
Animal: A Beast of a Literature Magazine: May 2019

Gravel Mag: April 2019

Taipei, Taiwan
Wanderlust Journal: Nov 19, 2018

Nineties Song
Litro Online: July 2018 

Stop at Red
Suitcase of Chrysanthemums
Great Weather For Media Anthology: 2018 

How I became a Chinese Mother
Miso For Life: 2012

At the Heart of the Smiley Face
PopMatters: 15 June 2004

Live Fast, Die Young. A night with the Street Racers
BC Magazine: Feb 01, 2004

Days in the DotCom Bubble
Net Slaves: March 2003 

The Raver Personality Guide
XLR8R: Mar/April 1996

Tattooed Dragons
Boiling Point Anthology: 1996

Multiple Pieces
Yummi Hussi Zine Issues: 1995-1996

Three Shades of Blue
University of Waikato Press Anthology: 1995




Great Weather for Media Tour 
Beyond Baroque. Venice Beach Oct 25 2019

Great Weather for Media Tour
Stories Books & Cafe. Los Angeles: Oct 23 2018

Great Weather for Media Tour
Beyond Baroque. Venice Beach. Oct 21 2018


Publications: On Hong Kong (No Longer Updated)

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Hong Kong Essays

It’s #MeToo and all of us: Hongkongers will not accept oppression, subjugation or sexual violence
Hong Kong Free Press: 26 September 2019

What is White Terror? The slipping of norms in Hong Kong’s flawed democracy.
Hong Kong Free Press: 2 September 2019

Hong Kong’s last stand? A gallant battle in the face of unspeakable sacrifice and overwhelming odds.
Hong Kong Free Press: 19 August 2019

Hong Kong’s third generation of democracy fighters are not just rioters, they are last line of resistance.
Hong Kong Free Press: 28 July 2019

Being polite and respectful is not an indicator of how worthy Hongkongers’ causes are.
Hong Kong Free Press: 8 July 2019

July 1, 1997: When six million Hongkongers were handed over by their colonists to a totalitarian regime.
Hong Kong Free Press: 1 July 2019

Unelected Carrie Lam compares Hongkongers to children as a tactic to disenfranchise.
Hong Kong Free Press: 23 June 2019.

I Kept My Promise to Those Who Died
Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents p46
Reporters Without Borders: 2005 

Women Not Allowed and Girls Not Wanted
Popmatters: 07 Sep 2004

Why Just a Free Tibet? How About a Free China?
Popmatters: 20 Jul 2004

Born and Banned in China
Popmatters: 11 May 2004

Live Fast, Die Young. A night with the Street Racers.
BC Magazine: Feb 01, 2004


Hong Kong Fiction

Once, I saw an Elephant
Five on the Fifth: Dec 5 2019

Cultural Weekly: Nov 7 2019

Gravel Mag: April 2019



At All Costs
#MadeofWaterHK: Nov 2019 


Highlights of The Old Fun Stuff 

Afternoon Tea with the Tai Tais (Advice Column), Feb 1997 - April 1998

Weekly Ten Hong Kong Trends. Jan - Dec 1996

Last Week in the Clubs Jan - Dec 1996

Weekly Horoscopes Jan - Dec 1996

Mid-Autumn Festival Memories. June 10. 1996

Everything You Need to Know About the Leonid Meteor Showers 
hongkong,com: Nov 10 1996

Ten Things to Do If You're Trying to Avoid Valentines Day.
hongkong,com: Feb 10 1996

Calling the Shots on CD. 
SCMP: Feb 21, 1993. 
(My first ever published article -on Interactive CDs for consoles.) 



Awards and Press: (No Longer Updated)

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In 2004, Glutter was the runner up for "Best Blog in Hong Kong" in "Asia Blog Awards."

In 2005, Reporters Without Borders nominated Yan Sham-Shackleton and her weblog “Glutter” for a free speech award.

“The Freedom Blogs Awards,” aimed to recognize and encourage self-publishing on the Internet as a tool for political change. The organization felt the nominees over the 12 month period between 2004 and 2005 made a significant impact on “Defending the Rights to Freedom of Expression,” through their writing and actions on the web."

Sixty independent writers were chosen from all over the world, and of the ten Asian Nominees, Yan was the only representative from Greater China.


Press (2019-Present)

WAT ZIJ ZEGGEN OVER... Hongkong en mogelijke invasie China
360 / Amsterdam
3 september 2019 - 14:00


Free Speech Activism (2003-2007).

Speaker: "Some People Think the Internet is a Bad Thing."
Amnesty International: 2007 London Conference (UK

Contributor: Hong Kong: "I Kept My Promise to Those Who Died" p46
Reporter Without Border's Handbook for Blogger and Cyber Dissidents (France) 
September 2005

Panelist: Round Table Discussion. 6 Questions on Internet Freedom in China
PBS Front Line: The Tank Man (USA)
August 2006

Panelist: World; Have Your Say. Chinese Censorship
BBC World Service (UK)
Feb 14th 2006

The Net Effect: China's Tech Revolution
Glutter's Story

Spectrum Magazine IEEE (US)
June 1-7th 2005
Cover Story

Chinese Bloggers Debate Google
BBC Online (UK)
Jan 26 2006

Google Defends Censorship
Red Herring (USA)
January 26, 2006

Chinese bloggers have their say about Google
On Deadline USA Today (US)
Jan 26 2006

New Blog Guide Highlights Growing Influence
Overseas Press Club of America (USA)
Nov 2005

Segment on World Bloggers and Internet Censorship
Zündfunk, Bayern2Radio (Germany)
14 Oct 2005

New Laws in China Target Bloggers
O Estado de S. Paulo (Brazil)
12 Oct 2005

Weblogs und die große Freiheit
Telepolis (Germany)
28 September 2005

Blogging + Privacy for Cyber Dissidents: New Reporters Without Borders Handbook
Indymedia UK (UK)
26th September 2006

RSF publie le "guide pratique du blogger et du cyberdissident
Tempsreels (France)
24 September 2005

Come fare un blog senza farsi scoprire
La Repubblica (Italy)
23 September 2005

Guide Aims To Help Bloggers Beat Censors (Photo) (US)
September 22 2005

Guide Aims To Help Bloggers Beat Censors (photo)
AP Wire Washington Post (US)
September 22 2005

Un guide pour aider les bloggers cyberdissidents
Radio France International (France)
22 September 2005

Entering the BlogSphere
Kyoto Journal #61 (Japan)
Sept 2005

Asia Blogs Round Up
Asia! Magazine
July Issue

Profile on "Freedom Blog Award" Nominees
Global Voices Online, Harvard University (US)
May 27th 2005

The Blog is Mightier than the Sword
The Standard (HK)
May 17, 2005 (please note quote correction)

UCSC Alum Nominated for Free Speech Award
Santa Cruz Sentinel (US)
May 4 2005

Leung Zheng Dim Discussion Point: News and Culture
"Hong Kong Blogging Culture."
Cable News Channel One (HK)
April 28 2005, 7pm

Local Blogger Nominated for Freedom Award
Chatter Garden: University of HK Journalism Dept
April 7 2005

RSF's Freedom Blog Awards Nominee
Category: Asia Reporters Without Borders (France)
April 7, 2005

Bloggers Post Hopes for Change
The Standard (HK)
April 4, 2005

Twenty Questions on Blogs, Chinese Culture and Politics
Andres Gentry (Shanghai)
March 16th 2005

New awards for freedom blogs (South Africa)
Feb 3, 2005

Blog Awards Cry Freedom
Dot Journalism (UK)
Jan 19th 2005.

Beijing's Blog Problem.
Red Herring (US)
January 19, 2005

Best Hong Kong Blog
Runner Up
Asia Blog Awards 2004

Le Planete Blog:
Nouvel Observateur (France)
No. 2087 DU. 4 Au
10 November 2004 p97

Hong Kong and the Blogging Phenomenon:
Hong Kong Magazine (HK)
Friday, August 13-20, 2004

Chinese Woman Admits to Censoring Tiananmen Massacre News (in Chinese)
May 21 2004

Writer Talks About Censoring of Tiananmen Massacre News (Human Rights Watch for China)
May 18 2004

Born and Banned in China (US)
May 12 2004

Writer Gets Site Banned
(Including Chinese Translation of Born and Banned in China) (In Chinese)
May 17 2004

Nata e Censurata in Cina
(Italian Translation of Born and Banned in China) (Italy)
April 15 2004

China Blocks Typepad, Prompts Weblog Blackout (US)
April 3 2004

Reporters Without Borders raises alarm over mushrooming Internet repression in China
Reporters Without Borders Press Release (France)
April 1st 2004

Blogs Go Black As China Blocks More Sites:
Electronic Frontier Foundation News Letter (US)
Vol. 17, No. 11
April 2nd, 2004

Typepad blocked in China:
Guardian We Blog (UK)
March 29 2004

Design and Usability Challenges in a Cultural Portal
Nielsen Norman Group
April 2001

Mooncake Productions

Rockit Music Festival Highlights
RTHK Radio 3
Nov 16th 2005

Day in the Sun
Young Post SCMP
Nov 7th 2005

Meet the Maker
Hong Kong Magazine
Nov 4th 2005

Who's Next? What's Next?
So-En Magazine (Japan)
September Issue

Da Impact on Monchhichi (page 1)

(Page 2)
Milk Magazine (HK)
vol. 205, playground-vol 78 hot item 02
June 05

Dressing Monchhichi

Fashion & Beauty Magazine Vol. 78 (HK)
June 2005

Monchhichi x dada Exhibition
East Touch V25, choco no.7 (HK)
21 June 2005

HK Reinvents Japanese Monchhichi

Oriental Daily (HK)
Fashion: Section E5
28 June 05

Monkey Star Comes to Hong Kong
Apple Daily (HK)

HK Japan Collaboration to Reinvent Monchhichi
Sun Daily (HK)